Personal Navigators: 9-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver – July 24, 2017

Personal Navigators, and other handouts from the 9-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver. The Disney Wonder set sail from Vancouver on July 24, 2017. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Zvonimir Vidak. The Cruise Director during the sailng was Carly Scott.

Map Wonder 9 Night Alaskan 2017

Day 1 – July 24, 2017 – Vancouver

Day 2 – July 25, 2017 – At Sea

Day 3 – July 26, 2017 – Ketchikan

Day 4 – July 27, 2017 – Icy Strait Point

Day 5 – July 28, 2017 – Hubbard Glacier

Day 6 – July 29, 2017 – Juneau

Day 7 – July 30, 2017 – Skagway

Day 8 – July 31, 2017 – Tracy Arm Fjord Endicott Arm

Day 9 – August 1, 2017 – At Sea

Buena Vista Theatre Movies

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  1. GT

    According to the Disney Navigator app, each dining room had different menus for the last 3 nights. The Mardi Gras standard rotational menu was served at Tiana’s Place, the Captain’s Gala menu was exclusively served at Tritons, and the “‘Til We Meet Again” menu was exclusively served at Animator’s Palate. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day, Animator’s Palate and Tritons served the standard rotational menu while the Prince and Princess menu was served at Tiana’s Place.
    On Day 8, there were people leaving Tiana’s Place with bead necklaces so whoever dined there that night had the standard rotational menu.
    The last night of the cruise at Animator’s Palate I was able to order beignets from Tiana’s Place while another person at the table had the raspberry vanilla creme brûlées that appeared to come from Tritons. That confirmed that the other dining rooms served different menus.

    Maybe they switched it up because of a longer itinerary? Or it could be so everyone gets the same condensed menu at Animator’s Palate during the animation magic night.


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