First Look at the Disney Fantasy 2017 Dry Dock Enhancements

The Disney Fantasy returns to service today with new enhancements, many unannounced, following her first dock dock. We are not on the ship, and my last minute attempt to try the trendy “how many retweets do I need to get” a tour (a 3-hour tour, not a 3-night cruise) didn’t even elicit a response from DCL with a target RT number. Thank you to 30+ of you who did retweet.

So, we are resulting to the age old method of covering the changes… Social media posts and DCL’s PR photos. I will do my best to update this post periodically with additional images as they come available.

Starting out with the big changes were to the Oceaneer Club with the addition of Star Wars: Command Post and Marvel Super Hero Academy.

DCL DF Star Wars Command Post Force Training Promo DCL DF Star Wars Command Post BB8 2 Promo DCL DF Star Wars Command Post BB8 Promo

Andy’s Room was also updated.

For shoppers, Disney moved the gallery to deck 2 to make room for Tiffany & Co.

DCL DF Tiffany Co Promo

Fantasy Dry Dock Tiffany Entrance

To make room for Tiffany, the Vista Gallery was demoted to deck 2 outside Enchanted Garden. Additionally, a dedicated stroller parking area was created under the staircase.

The other announced enhancement was the addition of Sweet On You, and ice cream shop in the old arcade outside Cabanas on the pool deck.

Fantasy Dry Dock Sweet On You Entrance Fantasy Dry Dock Sweet On You Mickey Minnie Fantasy Dry Dock Sweet On You Display Case Fantasy Dry Dock Sweet On You Ice Cream Fantasy Dry Dock Sweet On You Treats

DCL DF Sweet On You Promo

Below is a compilation of social media coverage from guests boarding the ship today in Port Canaveral.

Cabanas was enhanced with hand washing stations which we recently saw added to the Disney Wonder.

A new wading pool was added with clear bottom like the hot tubs.

The concierge sundeck received sun covers and a hot tub like the Disney Dream.

Shutters was updated to full digital removing the waste of pre-printed photos in binders.

The stateroom TV on demand system was upgraded with an all new look and feel.

The Disney Fantasy will sail this special 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral before resuming her regular alternating 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean cruise on Saturday May 20th. Here is the crew photo while the Disney Fantasy was still out of water in Freeport.

24 Replies to “First Look at the Disney Fantasy 2017 Dry Dock Enhancements”

  1. Pete Gourlay

    Great update, can’t wait to sail on her again! Any word if there were any restaurant changes/enhancements?

  2. Lauren

    Can’t wait to see all the changes in person (only 8 months to go). I really love the look of the new ice cream shop.

  3. Matthew Merola

    Did they take the pre-printed photos away from all the ships? I always felt this created more chaos, especially on last night when everyone is trying to view, and purchase photos.

  4. Lisa

    I’m really sad they got rid of the glass bottom hot tub. That was one of our favorite spots. Now there aren’t any hot tubs in any public areas. I bet they replaced it with the wading pool due to the fact that there weren’t any life guards monitoring it and it becomes a liability.

    1. Catherine

      I don’t believe they removed the hot tubs. The post says, ‘A new wading pool was added with clear bottom like the hot tubs.’

      It sounds like this is in addition to the existing hot tubs.

      1. Laura

        I was informed by someone onboard that there are no family hot tubs (the wading pool took its place). It was something my daughter loved so I know she will be a little bummed but I understand the liability issue that comes with it.

      2. Ivan

        I’ve had a look at my photos of the Fantasy pre-drydock, and the wading pool has indeed replaced the hot tub near the family pool (apparent from its location right near the drink station)

    1. Marisa

      Thank you for this comment – I didn’t realize this was actually a known / recurring thing! We were on the Fantasy last year in an aft room and the vibration on the last two nights was really bad!


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