Disney Fantasy 2017 Dry Dock Enhancements Announced

On the heels of Disney’s annual shareholders meeting which did not have any big reveals like last year, Disney Cruise Line announce the new experiences planned the Disney Fantasy first dry dock. DCL is enhancing the fleets newest ship for guests of all ages which will be available for guests to enjoy this May beginning with a 3-night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral. The 18-night dry dock will begin on April 29, 2017 when the Fantasy heads from Port Canaveral to a shipyard in Freeport Bahamas. Some of the new features the addition of two popular Disney franchises Star Wars and Marvel and new new onboard shopping venues.

In Disney’s Oceaneer Club, an immersive youth space onboard the Disney Fantasy, the new Star Wars: Command Post takes kids on a journey where they will train with heroes of the Star Wars saga and help with missions against the First Order. Here they kids will embark on an intergalactic voyage that will send them straight into the Star Wars universe! Battle the Dark Side like never before at the Star Wars: Command Post, a hidden Resistance base that transports new recruits to a galaxy far, far away—Disney’s Oceaneer Club, to be exact! Young Rebels will be thrilled to train with some of their favorite heroes from the legendary film saga… think you have what it takes? Connect to holographic models of the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing Fighter spacecraft or even the Death Star via the interactive “holotable,” a high-tech control hub that provides one-of-a-kind Star Wars adventures. Rookies beware: missions will land you in face-to-face combat with First Order Stormtroopers.

Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017 Star Wars Command Post Rendering

In addition, at the all-new Marvel Super Hero Academy, kids will learn from real-life Super Heroes the heroic values of enlightenment, worthiness and loyalty. In this innovative space children can learn the ways of the mystic arts under the mentorship of Doctor Strange, who is making first-ever appearances onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship. Here, young trainees can hone their heroics while preparing for battle with some of the most notorious villains in the Marvel Universe. Children will also interact with and open portals to different locales around the Marvel Universe, and immerse themselves in an exclusive gaming experience that will unleash their inner strength, become Avengers and discover the true meaning of super powers.

Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017 Marvel Super Hero Academy

These new Star Wars and Marvel offerings onboard the Disney Fantasy are the newest addition to a growing list of exciting innovations that allow guests to interact with these universes throughout Disney experiences on land and at sea. I’m estimating that Star Wars will take over the Nemo sub area as was the case with the Millennium Falcon on the Disney Dream and Marvel Super Hero Academy will move into the Monsters Inc area which was converted into Disney Infinity on the Dream. I just speculating, but I suspect the space on the Dream embracing the now defunct Disney Infinity platform will eventually be converted into a Marvel space.

Similar to Vanellope’s on the Dream, guests can treat themselves to a decadent indulgence at the Sweet on You, a brand-new specialty ice cream emporium featuring 20 hand-crafted gelatos, 16 ice cream flavors, 32 tempting toppings, homemade chocolate, truffles, a large selection of candy and more. The ice cream shop located just steps away from the family pool is themed after the iconic Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, and designed with charming art details. While DCL did not say specifically, they alluded to the location by mentioning ‘steps away from the family pool’, that Sweet on You will take over the arcade outside Cabanas just as Vanellope’s did on the Dream.

Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017 Marvel Sweet On You

For the first time, Disney Cruise Line will dedicate a space for an outside vendor… Well, as long as you do not count Shutters. The world’s premier jewelry and iconic American luxury brand, Tiffany & Co., will have an exclusive store aboard the Disney Fantasy. Guests can indulge in timeless collections of jewelry and luxury accessories, including the effortlessly elegant Tiffany T collection and other glamorous pieces featuring renowned Tiffany & Co. diamonds. Guest will have the opportunity to peruse Tiffany’s timeless designs and discover why their quintessential little blue box is known ‘round the globe. Adults can indulge even the most dazzling fantasies by browsing legendary jewelry collections synonymous with luxury and style.

Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017 Tiffany And Company Rendering

Tiffany & Company will be located in the Vista Gallery area off of the Atrium on deck 4 next to the Vista Cafe according to updated deck plans.

Disney Fantasy Tiffany Company Deck Plan

These additions are part of an overall commitment by Disney Cruise Line to invest in their ships, helping to deliver incredible family vacation experiences for years to come. While making these enhancements to the Disney Fantasy, crews will also perform regularly scheduled and wide-ranging maintenance that keeps the fleet in tip-top shape, further demonstrating the unwavering commitment by Disney Cruise Line to continually elevating the guest experience.

DCL was slim on the details which has been the case with the recent dry docks of the Dream and Wonder. Nothing was mentioned about adding a cover or hot tub to the concierge sun deck or any other small changes around the ship. Frankly, I appreciate the under promising and over delivering approach. It has worked very well with the Disney Dream and Disney Wonder dry docks.

The innovative new enhancements debut on Disney Fantasy sailings starting May 17, 2017 from Port Canaveral, Fla. This first sailing will visit the Bahamas on a 3-night voyage with two scheduled stops at Castaway Cay. Beginning on May 20, the ship will resume a regular sailing schedule that includes 7-night voyages alternating between the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

30 Replies to “Disney Fantasy 2017 Dry Dock Enhancements Announced”

    1. MC

      It will be interesting to see the Navigators after the refurb…hopefully they will continue some of the old but favorite activities that appeal to all

  1. Brandy

    It seems Disney is taking away to much of the fun and magic of Disney animation that we all enjoy and replacing it with what only some enjoy.
    I would think you could add more without taking away.We just took a cruise with Disney and can’t imagine loosing anymore in the kids area for the younger kids.

  2. MC

    Thanks for the info 🙂 Any thoughts on what they will take out of the Oceaneer’s Club to make room for the new stuff? Also, I wonder if they will address the vibration issues, primarily AFT…

    1. Chris

      More then likely one of those vibrations will get addressed. From what I am gathering there is actually 2 different vibration issues on the Fantasy. 1 has been there since day 1. That one involves something with the running gear, and it manifests itself more when the ship is running at or near full speed. The 2nd is more of a mechanical issue that is being reported nearly every night in the same area. To me, there is something that runs at night, that is not properly insulated from the ship. That problem is being reported as sleeping on the old shaker beds where you put a quarter in before you went to sleep. Most likely the running gear issue will get fixed as I think that’s a bad bearing in the shaft or the shaft out of tolerance. If it were a blade that was out of balance or broken, they can replace those in water while the ship is in service. In which case I would think they would have already fixed it.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        Chris, Did you ever hear about damage to one of the stabilizers during Sandy? Take it with a grain of salt, but we were told by a crew member I think in March following Sandy, that a stabilizer was damaged and could only be repaired in a dry dock. I could tell there was a difference pre/post Sandy, but I have never been able to prove or debunk the information.

        1. Chris

          I had heard that maybe once before but I haven’t seen anything to say either way.I sailed ont he Fantasy on her Maiden and the only thing I noticed was a slight vibration during certain nights on the cruise. This was at Dinner in AP and Enchanted as i could see rythmic vibrations in my water glass. The next time I sailed the Fantasy was Oct 0f 13, almost 1 year later. The vibration was still there, but I didn’t notice any difference in her ride. But, there could be any number of reasons for a ride to differ from 1 cruise to the next. Amount of fuel, and passengers, weather, currents, you name it. I cant see how they would use the stabilizers during Sandy as they are generally used under very specific circumstances. They are pretty good at controlling side to side rolling but not so much fore to aft pitching. With in reason. With the stresses that the Fantasy was under, which were within her design limits, I cant see how the stabilizers were with in there manufacturers specifications being used in the storm. Unless it was a last resort by the crew to help settle down the motion. The only other thing that comes to mind, is that if the water moving back and forth over the tunnels, may have dislodged one and damaged it.

    2. Scott

      It’s very common to experience vibration in a following or quartering sea. The problem is secondary to screw cavitation. The problem is increased If the sea state is “pushing” her. A variable pitch screw with a vortex dissaptor (which I would imagine she has) can help but not eliminate the issue entirely. Anything that is out of spec or tolerance will add to the issue. If your stateroom is above one of the shaft alleys you’re going to feel it. We were on her in February and I noticed it was a bit more pronounced than on our 3 previous cruises on her which was consistent with the sea conditions. I’m glad to see her going into dry dock. I’m sure they will look at the issue already no with some of the other minor cosmetic issues she’s beginning to have. All in all it’s amazing how well she is maintained given her operational tempo. Keep in mind she is almost continuously at sea.

  3. Kailah

    Does this mean Andy’s Room will be replaced with the new “enhancements?” The Mickey themed ice cream shop is a nice touch!

  4. Bill

    So if you buy from Tiffany’s while on the ship, do you have to declare it to customs or will it depend on where the Fantasy was when the purchase was made? Lol

    1. R. S.

      Stores are only open while sailing, so it will be considered overseas. But there are no sales tax 🙂

  5. Pamela Hopkins

    Oh, I’m sure she will, but I’m not paying $6 for ice cream and I’m not really interested in having a conversation about that on our vacation.

    I’m paying a premium for DCL programming and I’m no longer happy about what I’m getting in the kids club.

  6. Pam

    I am all for Disney Cruise Line making changes and updating the ships. Disney is the BEST at creativity and imagination and I believe that is where all the “Magic” comes from. However, what bothers me is that it seems DCL is moving away from catering to families. 1.) Their prices have gone up significantly over the past few years. These inflated prices make it so much harder for families to afford the cruises. 2.) I was saddened when DCL created the concierge level with gated only access. It reminded me of the old “class” system on the old Cunard ships. Personally, I would hate to be referred to as “steerage”. 3.) I was equally bummed when Disney added to their adult nightclubs, lounges and bars. I know that many adults enjoy these areas. But again, as a cruise line devoted to families I would rather have seen some of those areas used for additional family activities. 4.) The addition of Tiffanys on the Fantasy. To me, that is not where FAMILIES will shop! That is where the Concierge Level guests will shop, thus enhancing the division of guests by annual income even further. 5.) Again, a cost issue… I am bummed that DCL continues to add eateries such as the ice cream shops that are available for an additional cost.

    Its not that all these things are not necessarily horrible and that most cruise lines do offer similar features, but Disney is supposed to be DIFFERENT! To me, DCL is becoming more like all the other cruise lines but they add a Disney character to it and charge even more. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disney cruises! I am a Gold Castaway Club member but really, that’s not a ton of cruises under my belt. However, I am lucky to be able to even afford a Disney cruise these days. When I take the inflated cruise prices and then add the additional costs into the bottom line, it is more than I can afford.

    I love Disney Cruise Line and will definitely cruise again and again. I am just sad to see DCL moving further and further away from a cruise that families can afford. (On a side note… Scott, I was bummed when I saw one of your pictures from the re-imagined Wonder. It appears they changed out that beautiful flooring between Mickey’s MainSail and White Caps! That floor was beautiful! I loved it!)

    Scott, I must also add my continued appreciation for your postings, updates and photos! They are invaluable! Thank you!

    1. walt

      Well said. I need not say more, and yes Scott you are doing a fine job. These changes are not your fault. By the way Pam, my family and I are platinum, and have not done any other cruise but Disney.

    2. Scott Sanders Post author

      I am with you about the continual increase in cruise fares. It is not fun to get a quote for the same stateroom class for the same itinerary during the same time of they year and see it increase by a drastic amount over the years.

      I want to make one thing clear. What I am about to say is in NO way a defense DCL and their ever increasing fares. I am just sharing what I believe DCL is doing.

      Yes, DCL is increasing fares which makes it harder for families to book a cruise vacation. However, it is apparent that DCL is not losing bookings which suggests to me that they are getting families (ships are still full of kids) with deeper pockets to book cruises thus filling the ships with guests who will spend even more once onboard.

      If the increased fares had a significant impact on the bookings and the bottom line for each voyage DCL would need to adjust to stay profitable. They may sail at less then capacity, but if each stateroom is paying a certain percentage more than they can still be profitable and sail with less passengers.

      I think DCL charted a course for the theme parks which resulted int the recent ticket pricing changes at Walt Disney World. WDW introduced seasonal pricing which resulted in lower attendance during times where the tiered ticket prices were higher. This resulted in a better theme park experience by reducing park attendance while maintaining profitability. We were shocked last summer how nice and sometimes empty Epcot was compared to festivals and holiday season.

  7. David Oakland

    This August will be our first on the Fantasy and we will then have completed the “Home Run” of all 4 ships. I for one, love the additions/renovations/re-imagined, etc.. whatever you want to call it. The kids clubs and lab (my kiddos have started there making flubber but are now onto Edge/Vibe) are very very cool. I did love the original classic feel with Winnie the Pooh tree and the slide and stuff, but the creativity and keeping things current with what Disney is doing elsewhere (on land if you will) amazes me. I have loved and enjoyed all of the enhancements except one (and it’s probably just me). I used to enjoy walking through the art gallery on the Dream just to look at all the cool Disney paintings and how artists see Disney and the big kid in me would just smile – but recently (Dec 2016) we were on the Dream and a lot of that space was taken for other things. No biggie to me, I still absolutely love and adore DCL.
    I thought Vanellope’s sweets and treats was GENIUS.. my kids did enjoy the Arrrrcade, but Vanellope’s is just great. The Sweet on You I am so looking forward to simply because of the Novelty as I see classic winnie the pooh and classic Mickey in the pictures. The addition of Tiffany’s, I don’t think it’s being over the top at all, it’s another option and remember, a lot of these changes come from guest surveys and inputs…
    As for the gated concierge area, I do think that is a good idea as well, the folks that stay there pay for the extra service, so therefore I think they should feel like they’ve paid extra. I will say that as we have wanted to walk through there just to see what it was like and the different rooms what they looked like, folks are still just as polite and held open the gated doors, not really a big deal. Actually, I think it was the mistake of checking things out up there that made us take advantage of scoring an upgrade on the following cruise and we ended up staying on concierge level – but by all means, we are not Tiffanys’ type shoppers – I’m all about a hat, some t-shirts and a coffee mug to add to my collection…
    Honestly, overall, I do enjoy the “classic” feel but in Disney being Disney, I love their re-imagineering and I for one am all for it…
    Pricing – I don’t think it’s getting TOO CRAZY, is it expensive? Yes, but if you go Off-Season or knock out just a 3 or 4 day over a 3 day weekend in October, it’s not that costly at all. Matter of fact, I just priced WDW on tickets I could get for 1 day hopper through military, staying at Shades of Green resort (military) and then food for the day at WDW and it comes out to about $810.00 per day for 1 adult and 2 teens, so I will definitely argue the point that the cruise can be done cheaper then WDW and MORE RELAXING…..
    Final Note – Scott, thanks for all you do with this BLOG… always good info.

      1. Charlie Crissman

        to add a bit here – We have been a Disney Family since our family started (in 1989). I’ve been a Disney kid since birth (and a loyal WDW kid since 1971). I can appreciate the individual preferences – I really can. Our daughters, now adults and going on their last DCL cruise as unmarried women, love all things Disney, even the new things they throw at us. I can’t wait for all of those new things and look forward to many more treats and surprises from Disney. Life is good!


  8. Beth

    All I can say is that this is sad for us. My kids hate star wars and marvel and love memo and monsters inc. We scheduled on this ship for this summer because we thought there was no star wars in the kids club. Ugh. I feel like this is more for adults than kids which is why they keep adding open house hours so that adults can play. At least this is making our step away from dcl do to pricing easier. For a few years we were going on dcl twice a year but we seem to be at once every two years now. Ironically, we find we are getting more classic cruise from other lines.
    Still love your blog and podcasts though Scott. Thanks.

    1. Ben

      The “memo” area that’s being replaced is named after Captain Nemo, and not Finding Nemo. I doubt most kids even know 20,000 Leagues.

  9. Alison

    Hi Scott, love your blog thoughts on the chance some of the “surprise” enhancements that DCL keeps under wraps will include a little revamp of the La Piazza Area? Would love to see them open it up with the bar along the wall like the Dream instead of the center, and obviously the carousel Broadway lighting updated with LED.

  10. Melissa

    Honestly our family has done a cruise on the Dream and the Star Wars area was kind of cool. My daughter isn’t a fan; HOWEVER, she really enjoyed getting to try and fly the Millennium Falcon.

    I don’t completely understand why so many say Disney is not as family oriented as they use to be. Keep in mind most cruise lines have casinos on board and Disney does not. So theyhave a few bars/night clubs. So what – doesn’t every cruise ship have these? Doesn’t Disney need to have areas for adults only? I’m not a big fan of bars but having a place to go to have a drink and unwind a little certainly is nice.

    I won’t pay for the ice cream at the ice cream shop as there is the free ice cream on the pool deck. I too won’t pay for the specialty coffees at the cafe. Simply put if you don’t want to spend extra money dont! dont Paulo and Remi cost extra? Haven’t heard complaints about those but good gosh ice cream is a sin if you have to pay for it!

    Yes Disney is expensive and yes they cost more than other ships, but the service and amenities on a Disney ship far surpass other cruise lines in my book. I believe that if you pay a higher price for concierge then you deserve to have a private space for that extra money. Most other cruise lines have the very exact thing so singling Disney out isn’t very accurate. Regardless of what cruise line you choose the price for a cruise today has significantly increased. Additionally some of the things included on a Disney cruise you pay for on other lines. Add all that up and guess what it’s pretty close to the same price.

    i think the planned refurbishment of some of the kids areas as well as others is a welcome site. While some of the old classics will be missed discovering new things will be fun. We have 10 family members taking a 7-night cruise on the Fantasy in July. We are looking forward to seeing the changes and discovering new things. To me it’s more about spending time as a family and not complaining or worrying about minor things changing on the ship. Trust me kids will still find plenty of things to keep them entertained in the kids clubs and if you use the navigator you will find plenty of family activities as well.

  11. Mariam Youssef

    Any thoughts on the vibration issues on the AFT cabins on Fantacey? We will be booking a 7 nights on the Fatacey on 8/2018 and read so many bad reviews for strong vibrations on all AFT cabins…
    Should we book mid ship or forward instead? is the vibration problem for any location on the ship?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Mariam, Frankly, it doesn’t bother us, but I realize it is a deal breaker for others. I enjoy the feeling that I am on a ship and when possible choose an aft stateroom.


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