Revised Deck Plans Reveal Additional Disney Fantasy Dry Dock Details

Earlier this month, Disney Cruise Line updated their ship deck plans for the fleet. In doing so, DCL revealed a few additional enhancements not previously mentioned in the dry dock announcement. I do want to preface the following by saying this is technically speculation based solely on the updated deck plans.

Deck 11

Looking at deck 11, it looks like the Disney Fantasy will also be getting a juice bar in Senses as the deck plan no longer mentions this as a Dream only area.

Fantasy Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 11 Juice Bar

Below is a look at the Senses Juice Bar that which was added to the Disney Dream in 2015.

Senses Juice Bar Disney Dream

The deck plan also confirms, albiet not pictured above, Sweet On You in the arcade space just like Vanellope’s on the Disney Dream.

Deck 4

Fantasy Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 4 Tiffany Shutters Planning

Deck 4 looks to have a number of changes. First, Shutters Portrait Studio will be added near the port side midship elevators. Rather than adding the Disney Vacation Planning Center off the Vista Gallery space, it looks like the desk regular desk will remain near the Connect@Sea and Port Shopping area off the Vista Cafe seating area.

Speaking of Vista Gallery, the gallery space will be the new home for the Tiffany & Co boutique.

Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017 Tiffany And Company Rendering

Deck 2

Fantasy Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 2 Vista Gallery

With the arrival of Tiffany & Co, the Vista Gallery will be knocked down a couple pegs to deck 2 in the area outside Enchanted Garden.

It will be interesting to see if the Midship Detective Agency enchanted artwork that is currently in the Vista Gallery will remain inside the new Tiffany’s or if it will be relocated to keep out the riffraff.

While the notable Dream class deck plan changes dealt with the Disney Fantasy’s upcoming dry dock changes, the deck plan for the Classic ships was also updated to highlight the staterooms that will be converted to concierge level rooms later this year.

10 Replies to “Revised Deck Plans Reveal Additional Disney Fantasy Dry Dock Details”

  1. Anne

    Why would you even think of using the term keep out the riff raff on this post? I am highly insulted …. how dare you call customers on board the Disney Fantasy riff raff? Are you kidding me? First of all that is NOT DISNEY LIKE AT ALL!!!! We pay thousands of dollars to cruise on our favorite ships… and are loyal to the Disney Brand of cruising. Just because people are participating in a fun, family oriented onboard activity such as the detective agency enchanted art work how can you justify calling Disney Cruise Line customers RIFF RAFF???? What they added a Tiffany and co to the ship so now those who aren’t shopping in there are Riff Raff???? What kind of blog is this? I used to love reading this blog but I am extremely disappointed in your choice of words!!!!!!! Remember Disney cruise fans …. very vocal, passionate Disney cruise fans are reading…..

    1. Riff Raff

      My goodness, Anne. Obviously this was meant as a humorous statement. Maybe you should take a minute to relax and think about why you would be insulted by the term ‘riff raff’ when thinking about your habit of going on incredibly expensive, aspirationally priced cruises.

    2. K L

      “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
      Seriously though anne – take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. There is no need for your manufactured outrage here.

  2. Sarah T

    I see that they are putting Shutters Digital where the traditional Shutters location would be. Does this mean there will no longer be prints available to look at and purchase? I believe I have heard that the Wonder no longer prints photos.

  3. Dawn Pozzi

    I fully understand the Riff Raff comment….I cruise Disney exclusively…but I can’t afford ANYTHING in Tiffany’s…lol….I’m probably the Riff raff they want to keep out!!


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