DCL Enhancing My Online Check-In Process to Streamline Terminal Check-In

Disney Cruise Line is alerting travel agents about several enhancements coming to the My Online Check-In process. According to DCL, these changes are being made to streamline the check-in process at the Cruise Terminal. The notable changes are as follows:

  • The Youth Activity Registration process will now be a part of My Online Check-In allowing parents/authorized adults to provide more detailed information regarding medical and dietary restrictions involving their child’s meals and program participation
  • Guests will be able to electronically accept the Cruise Contract Terms and Conditions
  • A new Port Arrival Form will replace the Online Signature Form and include information and important reminders (e.g. Bring proper documentation, check the expiration date on passports and travel visas, etc.)
    Guests are encouraged to bring a copy of the form with them to the cruise terminal for embarkation
  • Castaway Club Members who are confirmed on a closed-loop cruise out of Port Canaveral or Miami may select the option of only receiving luggage tags. Clients who make this selection will receive a modified version of the Guest Travel Booklet.

These enhancements are scheduled to be rolled out over the next week on disneycruise.com. I’d like to thank Heather from StorybookDestinations.com for alerting me to these changes.

13 Replies to “DCL Enhancing My Online Check-In Process to Streamline Terminal Check-In”

  1. Pam H

    I think these are beneficial changes, but I’m an experienced cruiser. Will inexperienced or new cruisers like these?

  2. David Oakland

    I think it could be even better streamlined with staff throughout the terminal checking folks in on ipads and once checked in, just begin to board. Use the counters for addt’l questions/problems/upgrades/etc… just a thought. The biggest payoff here I think may be for the kids portion. The rest of it seems pretty vanilla and straight forward anyway. Thanks for this updates as always…

  3. Brenda Stefanski & Joe

    If you’ve already “checked in” for a May cruise, will you be able to update a print of a new Port Arrival Form? Thanks.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      It is unclear how the revised check-in will work, but I do know that you can go in and update your check-in information after the fact as you can see in the header image of this post.

  4. Rosaline

    What does “only receiving luggage tags” tags mean – what would you not be receiving if you chose that option?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      By choosing luggage tags only, DCL would not send the spiral bound booklet. They could just send a smaller envelope with just the luggage tags. The idea behind this is that you have cruised enough that you do not find the booklet useful. Bottom line, it saves DCL money.

      1. beth

        We are going on our first cruise in May….I didn’t know what was coming! When do they usually send those out?

      2. Rosaline

        Thanks for the reply! I’ll always opt to get anything from DCL that I can! =) I love getting the spiral bound booklet – it’s all part of the getting excited about your upcoming cruise process. °o°

  5. Constance Eddins

    I had to redone some of the check in stuff it kept saying I needed to check-in. I did not lose any of the information or my PAT time it was like I needed to reconfirm it and print our the new check form which is just one sheet with reservation #, room # and category of room. No more signature lines since you are confirming it on line.

  6. Shari

    I’d like to see DCL either allow the Port Arrival Form via smartphone or tablet, or include the form when sending luggage tags. I almost never use my printer and would need to buy new cartridges just for that form, and hope it would print well enough for the bar code to be read.


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