DCL’s Enhanced Online Check-in Features Live with All New Youth Activities Registration Form

Earlier this week, Disney Cruise Line announced a few enhancements to their My Online Check-in to streamline the terminal check-in process. The most notable enhancement is Youth Activity Registration form which allows parents/authorized adults (going forward I will use parent) to provide more detailed information regarding medical and dietary restrictions involving their child’s meals and program participation as you can see below. The revised form is available even for those guests who already registered their children as long as you click the edit registration option. Just earlier this week I registered our daughter for our upcoming cruise and was able to go in after the fact and revise her registration using the enhanced form.

Right away I noticed the first difference, the ability to grant Self Check-out Privileges online. Previously, we had to set this up when we received the Oceaneer Band at the terminal or onboard.

DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 1 A new section has been added to deal with allergies and other special considerations. Parents can choose to allow their child to eat in the food provided during Youth Activities programing as well as denote special arrangements set up with the guest’s head server.DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 2

Additional questions allow parents to join in Cooking Programs and activities that my include ingredients with allergens. Additionally, there is a free text area to provide more details you wish to share with the Youth Activities counselors.DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 3

While we are on the subject of allergies, DCL has an EPI Form guests can print and complete giving the counselors permission to administer epinephrine and injector mediator or respiratory inhaler medication to a child in their care. For guests with specific medical needs DCL asks that you fill you the Special Services form.DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 4

The next portion contains information on the policies for first aid, inappropriate behavior, photography, and Oceaneer Bands.DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 5

Another new option, at least I do not recall seeing this before… You can now authorize another member of you sailing party to make changes to the registration.

Next you will find links to the debarkation authorization form and the authorization for minor to travel.

DCL’s onboard security system prohibits children under the age of 18 from disembarking the ship unless accompanied by an adult in their same stateroom. If your party occupies more than one stateroom, and you wish to authorize additional adults in your party, in another stateroom, to accompany your child ashore you need to complete the Debarkation Authorization for Minors Form. This also applies to parents and guardians occupying a room separate from their children. This form may also be used to authorize children under the age of 18 to go ashore unaccompanied by an adult.

The Authorization for Minor to Travel Form authorizes an adult (age 18 and older) other than the parent or legal guardian to retain care, custody and control of a child during the span of a Disney cruise vacation. It is required for each child traveling without a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must complete this form, naming each of the children it applies to, and it must be presented by the authorized adult at check-in at the port terminal.

Finally, there is an option to op out of secured programing for the child.

DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017 6

Below is the form in its entirety as one image file.

DCL Youth Activities Registration 2017

As I mentioned at the beginning, this enhanced Youth Activities online registration form is now available to guests even if you have already registered the child and completed your online check-in.

The other announced changes are also live on DCL’s website. In an effort to support the environment by saving paper (AKA – as well as printing and shipping costs that DCL will not pass back to the consumer) Castaway Club Members on a closed-loop cruise may select the option of only receiving luggage tag. Guests who make this selection will receive a modified version of the Guest Travel Booklet rather than the full spiral bound booklet. Thank you Marisol W for sharing the screenshot below.

DCL My Online Check In Travel Booklet 2017

Guests can now electronically accept the Cruise Contract Terms and Conditions.

DCL My Online Check In Cruise Contract 2017

The new Port Arrival Form replaces the Online Signature Form and includes information and important reminders such as bringing proper documentation, check the expiration date on passports and travel visas. Guests are encouraged to print and bring a copy of the form with them to the cruise terminal for embarkation

DCL My Online Check In Port Arrival Form 2017


What do you think about these enhancements to Online Check-in? 

9 Replies to “DCL’s Enhanced Online Check-in Features Live with All New Youth Activities Registration Form”

  1. Michelle

    I wonder if you can change your mind if you opt out of secured programming during online check-in. It seems to me that DCL could use this information to allow more kids to be booked on the ship and could result in more kids in the clubs. My son isn’t a fan of the clubs, but I’d never say never.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Michelle, I would imagine you could change your mind at any time – just like you can register a child for the secured space at any time during the voyage. As for the opting out changing the occupancy restrictions for certain ages, I doubt it, but you never know with DCL.

  2. Jenniffer

    I think it’s good – we’ll see how it actually affects check-in process at port. I think it’s also a little CYA for DCL with respect to the youth programming portion. The one thing that kept tripping me was I wasn’t scrolling to the end of the cruise contract in order to check the “I Agree” box.

  3. John Welch

    Thanks for this post. I was just trying to print out my signature forms and was wondering why I couldn’t find them on-line. 🙂

  4. Lucy

    I can’t quite figure out if I should “opt out of secured programming for my children.” I guess the problem is I don’t know exactly what they mean by secured programming. I want the kids to be able to go to the kids clubs without me. I don’t want them to get off the ship without me. Thoughts?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Secured programing relates to the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab where kids are checked in and check out. Getting off the ship is a different story. Even if they tried they would not be allowed to check off the ship without an associated guardian.

  5. Barbara Randazzo

    where can I get a copy of “My Online Check-in Port Arrival Form” to bring for embarking ? ? ?


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