New Pirates IN the Caribbean Menu Debuts (Fall 2016)

A new Pirates IN the Caribbean menu debuted during the 5-Night Canadian Coastline cruise aboard the Disney Magic. Our good friend Heather was onboard and snapped some pictures. The menu has been transcribed from the photo below for easier reading over on the PItC menu page.

Pirate Menu B Pirate Menu A

Below is a look at the full menu including the desserts that is on display outside the restaurant shared by Rachel Hicks.

Pirate Menu B Rachel Hicks October 2016 shared the following images of the dessert and after dinner drink menu.

Pirates IN The Caribbean After Dinner Drink Menu October 2016 Pirates IN The Caribbean After Dinner Dessert Menu October 2016

We’ve heard this may not be the only menu change occurring across the fleet. If you are sailing soon and notice a change please consider taking some pictures to share with everyone when you return.

14 Replies to “New Pirates IN the Caribbean Menu Debuts (Fall 2016)”

  1. Chris

    The changes look good, but will really miss the pineapple. That was something that all three of us would double up on and skip the soup and salad. Hope that it might become an off menu item that we can request and still get:)

    1. Mason

      Yeah, I hope that it maybe an off the menu item as well. I just disocvered it on my last cruise! I am leaving soon for a cruise next week. I will try to see if it is still on there.

  2. J

    We had this new Pirate menu on the extended Disney Dream sailing last week and we actually enjoyed it much more than the regular menus the other nights; it is a big change compared to old Pirate menu, with much spicier offerings, just the way we like it.

    1. J

      Spicier in my earlier comment doesn’t mean it is too hot, just that items we tried had more flavor and hint of heat versus the more normally bland flavor profiles. Don’t worry, it is nowhere near buffalo wings level of heat.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I have a shellfish allergy, but I’ve never tried to get a dish in a rotational restaurant without the shellfish component. From my perspective, this really makes the menus limited.

      1. Mason

        Hey Scott, just to say, you can order the previous items that were discontinued. But I recommend that if you have the name of the food and you order it early on in the cruise. I wanted the pineapple from the Pirates In The Caribbean and graciously my servers talked to their supervisors and got it for me. Sill amazing btw, you run a great channel here, keep up the good work.


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