A Mid-October Look at the Disney Wonder in Dry Dock

The Disney Wonder is nearing the end of her time at the Navantia dry dock in Cadiz, Spain. While on vacation last week, Jorn Jokker was able to capture a number of interesting photos of the Disney Wonder from a public park near the shipyard.

Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Cadiz

The bow is receiving a few coats of Monica Blue before the scroll work and superstructure receive coats of Mickey Yellow and white.

Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Bow Monica Blue

Scaffolding extends around the bridge and Senses Spa & Salon.
Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Bridge

In the following photo from Jorn, you can see what appears to be a concierge sundeck being added above the Outlook Café.

Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Concierge Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Cranes Upper Deck Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Cranes 1Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Gangway

The stern awaits primer and paint.
Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Hull Pre Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Palo Verandah

I cannot recall if I shared this on the site, but below is a tweet showing the ducktail and the removal of deck 7 aft to allow the installation of another generator and the extension and transformation of Beach Blanket Buffet to Cabanas.

Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Verandah Refurbisment Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Stern Changes

A look at the new Twist N Spout slide that is being added as part of the new AquaLab replacing the Mickey Pool.
Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Twist N Spout Slide

While Jorn was taking photos, contractors were beginning to re-install the fiber optic letters on the starboard Disney Wonder name plate.Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Starboard Nameplate Wonder Dry Dock 2016 Starboard Nameplate Fiber Optic Letters

I’d like to thank Jorn for sharing these photos and I encourage you to check out his website with some additional shots of the Disney Wonder.

The Disney Wonder has about one more week in Cadiz, before she is reintroduced to the sea and sets a course on her second Westbound Transatlantic voyage across the Atlantic with work continuing into early November.

28 Replies to “A Mid-October Look at the Disney Wonder in Dry Dock”

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I am referring to an open deck area that was originally part of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The space was transformed from a public space in 2013 on the Magic and now on the Wonder.

  1. Mark Bell


    With regard to the Sundeck above the concierge lounge – on the Magic, is the sundeck on the starboard side of the lounge, rather than above it? Not saying you are wrong at all, just saying it would be a difference between the two sisters ships, wouldn’t it?

    PS Nice win by the Bucks last night in OT in Camp Randall stadium!

  2. DCL Blog Reader

    “Jorn Jokker was able to capture a number of interesting photos of the Disney Magic from a public park near the shipyard.” Make that the Disney Wonder, not the Magic.

  3. David

    Love these updates, thanks for the post. I think, if memory serves me correctly, the Wonder was our first cruise back in ’09 and we haven’t been back on it since, mostly because I absolutely love Castaway Cay, but perhaps after these updates are finished, I may have to re-look the Wonder itinerary.

    1. Nick

      David, The Wonder visits Castaway Cay. We took a cruise out of Galveston last December that called on Castaway Cay on New Years Eve.

  4. Nicholas Dellutri

    Do you think that them not adding the aqua dunk to the wonder has something to do with the Panama Canal by any chance?

    1. Chris

      No. With the new locks and the Bridge of America’s not being an issue, there’s really no reason for the Canal to be a reason. I read somewhere and I forget where, that the AquaDunk wasn’t very popular on the Magic so it may have been deleted on the Wonder.

  5. John

    I guess based on wind barrier installed on the forward deck, looks to me the Wonder will continue her Alaskan sailings for the foreseeable future. Makes you “Wonder” when the 2 new ships are home porting out of PC, if the she will be permanently in the Pacific (alternating between China and the US East Coast)…hummmm.

    1. Dennis C

      I was wondering the same. NCL just announced that their newest ship, Bliss, will call Seattle home year round with Alaska itineraries during the summer months.

  6. Ana Gaillat

    So, it seems that Vibe may become the new Concierge Lounge and they may leave Outlook alone? One can only hope…

  7. Ed

    So it seems clear from the photos that the once relatively large deck 7 area at the stern is now much smaller. But will there still be public access to this now reduced deck area or will the stern now be a closed off area? The deck plan still seems to show a deck 7 area that can be accessed?

      1. Ed

        I’m not sure why, with a ship the age of the Wonder, that DCL has now decided that they needed another generator? But I’m sure that DCL had their reasons….
        That being said, I surely hope that this generator is not run very often as the noise and vibration from it could negatively impact the quiet of the cabins located near the stern on decks 6 , 7 and 8?
        We have usually booked a cabin in the stern area, and we are certainly going to miss the stern deck on deck 7. Sad to see the deck disappear – not a positive change in our books.

        1. Chris

          I asked that question somewhere else and this is what I found out. That generator on deck 7 is an emergency generator for Cabanas. If something on the magnitude of the Carnival loss of power that happened a few years ago happened to DCL the crew and passengers would have hot food and drinking water.

          1. Ed

            Thanks Chris,

            Your explanation makes sense. But with the weight of a diesel engine and generator – maybe that is part of the reason for the added duck tail ? (I understand that the duck tail also has something to do with hull efficiency as well as added buoyancy?)

            1. Chris

              From what I understand, the generator weighs around 16 tons with its associated equipment. Not including the extra weight of the extended deck for Cabanas. Add to that the SOLAS regs changed regarding centers of gravity for ships and she was probably too close to the new rules. The ducktails do several things. 1 is to change a ships center of gravity which improves stability. Another is to improve fuel economy. What typically happens when ship moves is the stern tends to squat down, and the bow comes up. (Look at a stern pic of the ships at sea then look at one while there tied to pier) A ducktail will help keep that from happeneing. By minimizing the amount of area on a ship that makes contact with the water, the ships move easier, which means a savings in fuel. It’s also the reason that the ships true bottom paint is grey. It’s a special polymer that inhibits marine growth and helps with fuel efficiency also.

              1. Ed

                Thanks so much for your detailed and knowledgable explanations about some of the changes to the Disney Wonder!


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