It’s All in the Details: The Mystery of the Black Hull. Is it Really Black?

The debate over whether the Disney ships’ hulls are painted black or blue has been going on for years and continues today.  The mystery of the black paint was revealed in a 1998 book dedicated to the Disney Magic.

Traditionally, classic ship hulls were painted black. It was determined that black was too sinister and too depressing for a Disney ship. In order, to keep the visual look of a classic ocean liner Disney settled on a color that is 87% Black and 13% Blue.  This unique mix can cause the ship to visually change colors, depending on a number of factors including the weather, time of day, the light, and even your perspective to the ship.

Magical Skies

Here is some visual proof to help end the mystery.

Disney Cruise Line: 87% Black 13% Blue.

Compare the blue paint on the porthole to how the ship looks black at night.

The Magic's Bulbous Bow

At the end of the day if you call it blue you are only 13% correct.  The ultimate goal for Imagineering was to get that classic ocean liner look while still keeping to the Mickey Mouse color theme.  The color is intended to be black with just enough blue to give that magical quality of color changing depending on the weather, time of day, light and your perspective of the ship.  The name for this color has often been referred to as Monica Blue.

7 Replies to “It’s All in the Details: The Mystery of the Black Hull. Is it Really Black?”

  1. Cynthia Spencer

    The color of the ship’s blue/black hull, isn’t it something like Monica Blue? Thought it was named after a cast member’s skirt color?

  2. Matthew

    Yes, it is Monica Blue. Disney was trying to locate a blue color for the hull and a disney employee, Monica, was wearing blue pants but no one knew the color so Disney calls it Monica blue.

  3. Ronnie Sevin

    I was wondering if this color is close to the original paint color used on the hood of the 1969 FORD Mustang Mach 1 ? It had a mixture of blue in it also, but the don’t make it any more. Would it be possible to get the paint code for the Monica Blue Paint or is it a secret ?


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