Royal Court Royal Tea Expanding to the Disney Dream, Disney Wonder & Disney Magic

Disney recently revealed that Royal Court Royal Tea will soon be offered during three and four-night Disney Dream sailings beginning November 4, 2016. This experience which has been available for a couple years on the Disney Fantasy features a fanciful menu with a selection of herbal teas and 2 delicious courses, one sweet and one savory. Each child in attendance receives an assortment of keepsakes. Every child also receives a distinguished assortment of gifts as a keepsake of their experience.

The Royal Tea experience on the Disney Dream will be offered at 3PM on the sea day of a 4-Night cruise and while at Nassau on the 3-Night sailings. As of now, online booking is not available, but should roll out eventually. The cost for Royal Court Royal Tea is $210 for children and $69 for adults. According to DCL’s overview page, Royal Tea is designed for children between 3 and 12 and each child must be accompanied by a parent or guarding. Solo adults are not eligible for this event.

It should be noted that this experience is called Royal Court Royal Tea, however it is being held in Royal Palace. Royal Court is the name of the restaurant on the Disney Fantasy where the experience started in 2013.

UPDATE: Concierge guests book on the Disney Wonder have been contacted by shoreside to pre-book this experience after dry dock and another report suggests it will soon roll out on the Disney Magic.

Verified by the Disney Parks Blog on October 24, 2017 which included the following video.

16 Replies to “Royal Court Royal Tea Expanding to the Disney Dream, Disney Wonder & Disney Magic”

  1. Alan

    WOW $210 for kids and only $69 for adults. At that price they should bring it back to Palo as I don’t see to May kids at that price point.

  2. Mary

    Quote from above article: “The cost for Royal Court Royal Tea is $210 for children and $69 for adult”. Please tell me that $210 for children is a typo! Yikes.

    1. Lori

      I was able to book this for my 8yo and I on our 3 night Disney Magic sailing in January, but we are Silver Castaway Club members so we were able to check in before the standard check in time.

  3. Keith

    Obviously this isn’t for everyone — which is ok since there are only about 15 – 20 kids per tea party if I remember correctly.
    That said, I think my 8 year old daughter will love this — the hardest part is actually getting a seat. Our last cruise it was all booked up by the time our window opened hopefully they can add a few extra seats so people who aren’t concierge/platinum can actually book it too.

  4. Marisa

    I just took my daughter to the tea in August, we were first time Disney Cruisers, and we had no problem getting tickets. In all honesty, I thought the child’s price was fair for the experience and gifts, but the adult price was outrageous for a cup of tea, a finger sandwich, and a bite sized dessert.

  5. Jaclyn

    We are doing it this week on the Fantasy. I’ve saved up. They get a photo, autograph book, photo holder, doll, jewelry box with jewelry plus food and the time with the princesses in an intimate setting rather than just a photo op. But for that price, yes, it is just a mommy daughter thing. Dad and little brother will go off on their own.

  6. Dennis C

    $270 is pretty steep. We’re not shy about paying for a unique Disney experience but I’d love to know exactly what it is that you’re getting for $279.

  7. Leah

    Hello to all. I would just like to provide some hope to any of the moms out there who found themselves in my position where the Royal court Royal tea was sold out before they even had a chance to book. It’s my first cruise and I did not book concierge. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!! Keep checking your app Daily, every hour if you can. Get into the habit of checking because people do change their plans as the port date gets closer. I also used the law of attraction to my advantage. I sat in my closet every day and for about 15 minutes before I went to bed and imagined myself and my daughter there. I imagined the princesses that would be there, I knew the questions I was going to ask them. I imagined what the table would look like and the food we would eat, what it would taste like. I played in my head how I would FEEL sitting there actually in the tea party!! I did this for about 30 days and Wouldn’t you know 2 HOURS before the reservations were about to close I was checking the app (again) for any reservations opening and there they were!!!!!!!!! I jumped up so fast a clicked reserve and voila!!!! It said congratulations !!!! We had reservations!!!!! Not only did we get reservations to the royal court royal tea party but someone also cancelled their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique  appointment and we were able to book a reservation for that too!!! I don’t know if meditating everyday and using the law of attraction had something to do with it. But I wanted to do everything I physically, mentally and spiritually could do to get my baby these reservations. And it worked for me. I hope this inspires some mom who’s heart might have sunk when she saw that sold out bar. You can do it!!!


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