Casting Notice Points to New Frozen Musical Production Aboard the Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise Line has posted casting calls for a new opening company aboard the Disney Wonder for what could potential be Frozen: The Musical (at Sea). The casting notice originally spotted by is a little different from the usual listings. This one in particular specifically says newest onboard production and includes main Frozen characters, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristof and Olaf. While Anna, Elsa and Olaf have been integrated into shows already, the addition of Hans and Kristoff along with other language suggest the new production is Frozen centric.

DCL Casting Notice Frozen Wonder

In the notice posted on Disney Official Audition website (pdf) states that Disney Cruise Line is teaming up with award-winning New York City Director Sheryl Kaller (Mothers and Sons, Next Fall) and New York City Choreographer Joshua Prince (Beautiful, Shrek) for its newest onboard production.  Along with our Artistic and Production Director, Ed Whitlow; Disney will be hiring a repertory company of 19 performers to portray roles in each of the onboard musical theatre style productions. Rehearsal will take place in Toronto, Canada in late summer 2016 with onboard performance contract ending in late spring 2017.

It was revealed late last year, via a similar casting call that Toy Story: The Musical will be ending its run aboard the Disney Wonder after the casting notice stated closing company. An official replacement for Toy Story – The Musical aboard the Disney Wonder has been unknown. Tangled: The Musical just started aboard the Disney Magic in late-2015, but it was mentioned during the Disney Parks Blog meet up that the idea was to not repeat shows on the ships, but who knows what will happen. The other shows currently on the Disney Wonder are The Golden Mickey’s and Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic. The current casting notice features main characters such as Ensign Benson from The Golden Mickeys and Peter Pan from Disney Dreams.

This leaves the following Frozen characters for what we expect to be Disney Cruise Line’s newest show Frozen: The Musical.

Elsa: Princess who becomes Queen; fearfully plagued by powers she hasn’t yet learned to control; lives a life of isolation separated from society and those she loves, including her sister.  Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano; mix/belt

Anna: Elsa’s younger sister; persistent, daring and highly optimistic; at times reacts impulsively; longs to reconnect with her sister Elsa; readily believes she’s found her one true love in Hans. Vocal Range: Soprano; mix/belt

Hans: Handsome prince from a neighboring kingdom; debonair, charming, possible dark undertones.  5’11”and above.  Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Kristoff: Ice harvester; rugged blue-collar type; a little rough around the edges, yet endearingly awkward; not your typical Disney hero; protector and loyal. 6’0” and above. Vocal Range: Baritone

Olaf: A skilled, sophisticated comic actor.  A snowman created by Elsa’s magic; kind-hearted with a childlike innocence and honesty that makes him say the painfully obvious with positive gusto; 100% honest, 100% sincere. Song & Dance man.  Vocal Range: Tenor; must have a high “A” full voice.

9 Replies to “Casting Notice Points to New Frozen Musical Production Aboard the Disney Wonder”

    1. Jennifer

      It does, I know the Wonder will be in dry dock for a while for that refurbishment. Now that I’ve seen the video of the Disneyland production I wonder how much of it will be/can be kept at sea from a logistic POV but also since it’s a different director….

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Alex, the same repository performs in all stage shows. Main character performers are cast for specific roles and will be used in lesser roles in the other two productions.

  1. ViVi

    I hope to see Emily Ticker and Landon Summers in the production. They’ve done a fantastic job in “Tangled: the musical” on he Magic.


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