Update on Recent Website Issues

I wanted to take a minute to address the recent issues you may have experienced on the site including intermittent downtime. Over the last few days there have been some unexpected performance issues unrelated to site traffic. Due to this I’ve temporally disabled a few bells and whistles features to diagnose and resolve the underlying issues.

Once the issues have been resolved, features such as Today’s Scheduled Ports, Cruise Search, ship tracking maps and few others will return.

Thank you for your continued patience during this time and rest assured, the site will be back to normal. Hopefully sooner than later. In fact, it should be better than normal.

UPDATE : Saturday, February 13, 2016 | Features Restored

Website features have been restored. I really appreciated your patience while I worked through some issues. By issues, I mean cleaning up some sloppy coding on my part.

12 Replies to “Update on Recent Website Issues”

  1. Bruce

    Thank you for keeping us informed and for taking the time to improve your website. Now if only DCL would be so thoughtful and proactive.

  2. Sharon Deeter

    Love your website. My daughter is in Entertainment on the ships and I love being able to see where she is each day! Thank you!

  3. Hannah

    I appreciate your efforts. I’m just happy to find out it’s not my computer. Happy to get anything I can from you. I check on the ships daily.

  4. Becky

    How can we find a Fiag Extender group for Jan 20, 2017 on Magic? The disboards say it’s too late. Surely we aren’t the only ‘late to sign up’ first time cruisers ?


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