VIDEO: Disney Fantasy Sailing Through Outer Bands of Hurricane Joaquin

Here are a couple videos Malcolm Simpkins recorded on October 1, 2015 from his verandah as the Disney Fantasy was attempting to male he way back to Port Canaveral. Malcolm reported the Disney Fantasy encountered Hurricane Joaquin’s outer wind bands which were producing 70mph winds.

We received the a similar video this of the Disney Fantasy sailing during this time from Jeremy T.

Malcom was kind enough to share a copy of the letter regarding the Disney Fantasy’s “technical challenges”. The letter did not mention any specifics, but there have been reports that one of the five engines failed on Friday.

Disney Fantasy Technical Challenges Late Arrival Port Canaveral October 2015

The following are some photos of the stateroom TV map showing the Disney Fantasy’s position October 1 – 2, 2015. The most interesting image compares the normal route sailed to the alternate route near Cuba.


14 Replies to “VIDEO: Disney Fantasy Sailing Through Outer Bands of Hurricane Joaquin”

  1. Laura

    I was also on this sailing. I was extremely impressed with how Commodore Tom and his crew handled the situation. I can’t speak for everyone else, but at no point did I feel unsafe. It was quite the experience.

    1. Magma Bros

      Me too I was also on this sailing but I had heard about hurricane sandy before so I knew we were fine. In fact I was in the front of the ship so it was rocking badly.

    2. Katherine L.

      We were on this sailing also. It was the first cruise for my husband and I, but our daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids had been on a Disney cruise a year ago. I am terrified of water and this was the reason I had never gone on a cruise before. Even during this storm, I was never afraid and never felt unsafe. No one got seasick either, even during the worst of the storm on Thursday and Thursday night. I can’t wait to go on another Disney cruise.

  2. Sonja

    Thanks for sharing this video….I have been on a DCL during October that was re-routed due to a hurricane coming up the gulf coast! Put a hamper on shore excursions that I had planned, but beats having to go through something like this! Good thing hurricane season will be over when embark on our December 18th cruise out of Galveston!

  3. lore vanden heuvel

    it was worse at night and we got sea sick. The crew handled everything very calmly and stayed positive. I was sad to have missed cast away key.

  4. Dan O

    Two things I wanted for my first cruise was to sail through a hurricane and go to Castaway Cay. Well, I got the hurricane. Commodore and crew did a fantastic job! Even after blowing up one of the main engines.
    I agree that the side views (videos) do not look that bad, but when you are at the front near the funnel pool watching the bow cut through some very large swells, Its a very surreal feeling. The permanent listing of the ship was interesting. Walking down the hallways felt like you were in some old 60s batman show or, a carnival fun house.
    This cruise was the best time we have ever had.
    No big deal about Castaway Cay, like I told my family, we will just have to keep going on a Disney cruise until we make it to Disney’s island.
    Dan O

  5. Laura

    We sailed on this very cruise during the hurricane. Commodore Tom was very professional and kept the well being of all the individuals onboard his first priority. We have sailed on 3 DCLs and this was by far extremely rocky. We still enjoyed the cruise tremendously.


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