Disney Fantasy Itinerary Altered to Avoid Hurricane Joaquin

UPDATE: October 2, 2015 | Much calmer aboard the Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy moved within range of terrestrial AIS receivers was was visible on the MarineTraffic.com map shown below.Disney Fantasy Position Hurricane Joaquin 20151002

As you can see from the map, the Disney Fantasy is finally out of the heavier winds hugging Cuba’s northern coastline. A passenger onboard relayed the following that was shared via twitter. “Thing much calmer! Think we are good now”

UPDATE: October 1, 2015 | Disney Fantasy Sailing Close to Hispaniola – Course Set to Hug Cuban Coastline

Disney Fantasy 20151001 Joaquin Route Position

The Disney Fantasy is sailing as close to land as possible to avoid the outer bands of Hurricane Joaquin. Reports from passengers said the conditions are diminishing. Apparent wind reported via the stateroom TV were at 58mph.

Disney Fantasy Itinerary Altered to Avoid Hurricane Joaquin

The Disney Fantasy’s current 7-Night Eastern Caribbean cruise will be altered to avoid Hurricane Joaquin. As a result of an altered course the scheduled call at Castaway Cay on Friday will be spent at sea according to a tweet shared from a passenger currently onboard.

NHC Hurricane Joaquin 20150930 8PM Update

As of Wednesday night, the Disney Fantasy’s destination is set as Port Canaveral.

DCL Fantasy Hurricane JOAQUIN Port Canaveral Map

15 Replies to “Disney Fantasy Itinerary Altered to Avoid Hurricane Joaquin”

  1. Debbie Fleming

    Praying for all you aboard the Fantasy and other cruise ships out there! The King family are on the Fantasy and if anyone reading this has met them, please tell them Mike and Debbie and Glenda are praying for them to get home safe! Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with them! Thanks!

  2. Cindy Risbeck

    Thank you for the update. Please continue to update us as information arrives. Praying for a safe return!

  3. Denise G.

    I am a passenger on the Fantasy and we are scheduled to arrive at Port Canaveral at 8AM tomorrow. Debarkation begins at 9:30. Today has been great after a scary 36 hours!

  4. Darren A

    Does anyone really think that Disney is going to put a billion dollar ship in harms way with 4,000 passengers aboard? I am sure Commodore Tom knows how to steer clear of danger.

  5. Debbie Fleming

    Glad I had this site to follow during a very scary time for our friends and others onboard Fantasy. Thank you Scott Sanders for all your help and others who contributed info. Hope all make it home safe now.

  6. Katherine L.

    My husband and I just returned home late this afternoon after being on the Disney Fantasy this past week with our daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids. Thursday night the ship was really rocking and many were seasick. Fortunately, none of our family was. I woke up about 2:00 a.m. on Friday morning and the winds were bad – gusts of close to 80 mph, lightning, thunder and rain. This was my first cruise ever and I was secretly hoping we’d have a storm while on the ship, but I wasn’t hoping for a hurricane! I was never concerned about our safety however. Commodore Tom was the first ship’s commander Disney hired and he has more experience than any of them. We were always kept informed about the changing path of the storm and our altered itinerary. We did have a note on our stateroom door late Friday night that we would be arriving at Port Canaveral even later due to some ‘technical challenges’. We heard while waiting to get off the ship that one of the five engines blew while trying to make up some time on Friday night. The passengers all trying to get off the ship at the same time was chaotic and I think since they knew we’d be in later and people would be worried about missing their flights, they could have been a little more organized about prioritizing our debarkation. The people who had all their luggage with them were allowed to get off first, but then people who had flights to catch should have been separated and allowed to get off before passengers who were driving home and especially before passengers who lived in the area. The Port Canaveral cruise terminal was very organized and we retrieved our bags and moved through Customs quite easily. Our round trip ground transportation to the airport, Travelynx, was amazing . . . already waiting for us when we came out and made the trip to the airport safely, but in record time. While in line on the ship, I wasn’t sure we’d make it, but we did get to the airport and checked in a good hour before our 2:00 p.m. flight. Our grandkids were disappointed they missed Castaway Cay (they’ve been there before), but a change in itinerary is always a possibility when sailing during hurricane season. Our stateroom hostess and dining room servers were phenomenal – every request was fulfilled with a smile. Disney knows how to take care of their passengers and I was amazed every day by the level of competence, professionalism and above all . . . patience! I had heard Disney Cruise Line is the best and now I’ve experienced it firsthand. It was a wonderful adventure that we won’t soon forget! LOVED this Disney cruise on the Fantasy and can’t wait to book our next one!

    1. Sarah Rarity

      We were also on the Disney Fantasy and went through the storm. Commodore Tom and the rest of the crew were amazing and although scary we never felt in any danger. My husband and I sat by the cafe in the adult pool area with warm towels over us and cushions securing us as we watched and listened to the storm. The pool attendants continuously gave us fresh hot towels. I agree with you Katherine, Disney know how to treat their passengers and can honestly say that I would not go on another cruise ship.
      This was our second trip in a year and I am already saving for the next one. Great trip, great memories and great friends made along the way. Dan and Debbie, if you are reading this on your back to back cruise (lucky things) we hope you are having a great time xx

  7. Jen

    This was our worst cruise ever with Disney! Our assistant server in the dining room didn’t know how to do his job. At one point my husband almost got out of his chair to get himself tea that was available on the 11th deck but wasn’t in the tea boxes in the dining room. Suddenly he got his act together and the service was better the rest of the cruise. Disney please don’t put individuals out to serve customers until they can provide your superb service. The shore excursion was awful too due to all the sea weed. We couldn’t even see the beach at Orient Bay. I have had much better cruises. I hope Disney gets it right next time.


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