Disney Magic Itinerary Altered to Avoid Hurricane Joaquin

The Disney Magic’s current 4-Night Bahamian cruise will be altered to avoid Hurricane Joaquin. The Disney Magic will seek calmer waters in the Western Caribbean by visiting Key West on Thursday, October 1st instead of the scheduled day at Castaway Cay. Then, on Friday October 2nd Cozumel, Mexico.DCL Magic Hurricane JOAQUIN Key West Map

The Key West port calendar does not have the Disney Magic in port on Saturday as previously scheduled. As a result, we have update the website to show a sea day for the Disney Magic to make to Miami from Cozumel.
NHC Hurricane Joaquin 20150930 8PM Update

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  1. Karina

    por favor podrian darnos precision sobre la situacion del 3-nights bahamian cruise disney dream.
    no tengo forma de comunicarme con mis familiares que estan en el crucero, y necesito saber como estan, preocupada por el hurricane Joaquin.
    muchas gracias

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      This is the final day of the Disney Dream’s 3-Night cruise. She is on her way back to Port Canaveral and will arrive early on October 1st.
      Google translation below:
      Este es el último día de crucero de 3 noches del Disney Dream. Ella está en su camino de regreso a Puerto Cañaveral y llegar temprano el 1 de octubre.

  2. James

    Any word on the Dream? I’m heading out tomorrow, don’t care if we miss Nassau but hoping we get to Castaway on Saturday.

      1. James

        Thanks for the response. Heading out to PC in a few hours. I’m guessing a 3 day cruise all on the high seas is ahead of us! I call DCL last night and they didn’t have any updates

      1. Rosaline

        I was supposed to be on the Fantasy right now, but we rebooked to next year because we went to WDW in June. Kinda glad we didn’t make the cruise this year now! I imagine the seas are a little choppy and I’d really be sad about missing Castaway. Of course, cruising in hurricane season is always a gamble!

  3. J

    I’m surprised that Disney Fantasy did not head straight back to Florida in the interest of passenger safety. I guess the almighty $$ is in play.

      1. Laura Hancock

        J – Take a look at the radar. Heading “straight back to Florida” would entail going straight through the eye of a category 4 hurricane. That doesn’t seem in the best interest of passenger safety. Do a little research before you spout off about the almighty $$.

        As Scott said, they are trying to get back as safely as possible by staying as far away from the storm, close to land at all times, and still getting passengers back relatively on time to make flight commitments, work commitments, etc. I think DCL is doing the best they can with the circumstances.

  4. Sarah Maskell

    Does anyone know where Disney Magic is now ? I have family onboard and they are due to fly home to UK tomorrow from Miami. Thanks


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