First Look at the 2015 Disney Magic Dry Dock Updates

The Disney Magic is out of dry dock and on her way back to Miami. Guests onboard have shared photos and provided more details on the changes that Disney Cruise Line for one reason or another decided not to share via their various public channels. The addition of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the relocation of Edge were the notable changes Disney announced in July. DCL kept the concierge lounge a secret (and understandably so,  as it is still not completed for the Transatlantic) until officially mentioning it in the Fall 2015 Castaway Club Members Magazine published earlier this month. I think the biggest news is the addition of six new stateroom in place of the original Edge on Deck 2 midship.

We inquired last week, but did not hear back from Disney Cruise Line about our request for an updated deck plan. Until one is published, or someone screenshots every part of the Personal Navigator app, we will just go with the screenshots we have below.

A few passengers were kind enough to tweet some images on Saturday after boarding the Disney Magic in Barcelona. I like to start by thanking Nikki, Phillip Montgomery, and Touring Plans via Seth Kubersky.

New Deck 2 Midship Staterooms

Potentially, the biggest unannounced enhancement (because the addition is still in progress) during the Disney Magic’s 2015 dry dock are 6 new inside staterooms on deck 2 midship in place of the original Edge. The new staterooms on the Disney Magic are: 2063, 2065, 2067, 2563, 2565 and 2567. I’ve added these staterooms to the Stateroom Explorer on the site using 2071 and 2571 as the guides. Once the rooms are added, if you happen to sail in these new rooms, please consider leaving a stateroom review.

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Deck 2 New Staterooms

I tried to book a cruise in these rooms as far out as December 2016, but I could not find a cruise on the Disney Magic where this category was available to actually select a specific stateroom. It should be noted DCL’s online ship tour feature is not update with the recent dry dock changes. However, this feature also helps guests select staterooms.

Disney Magic Ship Tour Deck 2 Not Updated

Seth Kubersky, who is aboard the Disney Magic for the Transatlantic crossing, confirmed that work is not complete on this unannounced addition to the Disney Magic.

Edge – Deck 9 Midship

Edge is now relocated into the old Quarter Masters Arcade on Deck 9 Midship. According to the report from Seth Kubersky, Edge is now decorated with a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theme which ties in nicely with the Oceaneer Lab which saw a more refreshing in 2013.

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 9 Edge

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Edge Nautilus Portholes Magic 2015 Dry Dock Edge Video Games Magic 2015 Dry Dock Edge 20000 Leagues Decorations Magic 2015 Dry Dock Edge Books Decorations

Promenade Lounge – Deck 3 Midship

It’s a dry dock miracle! The seats and bench seating in the Promenade Lounge received new upholstery. That’s right this — is not a joke anymore folks; the worn and torn leather bench seats in Mickey Mouse colors are newly upholstered along with the chairs.

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Promenade Lounge Upholstery Booth Bench Magic 2015 Dry Dock Promenade Lounge Upholstery Booth

Additionally, Seth Kubersky said the previous Internet Cafe is now a TV viewing area.

Concierge Lounge and Outdoor Seating Area – Deck 10 Midship

There is not much to see with regard to the new Concierge Lounge on the Disney Magic, as it is still in progress. Before anyone goes and says Disney missed the boat and didn’t schedule enough time — remember, they did not promote this as a dry dock enhancement. In fact, DCL quietly acknowledged the new addition earlier this month in the Castaway Club online newsletter.Magic 2015 Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 10 Concierge BBB

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Conciege Lounge Coming Soon Magic 2015 Dry Dock Conciege Lounge Sign Magic 2015 Dry Dock Conciege Lounge Entrance Magic 2015 Dry Dock Conciege Lounge In Progress

There is a separate entrance on Deck 10 for access to the Concierge Outdoor seating area.
Magic 2015 Dry Dock Conciege Outdoor Seatin Entrance

This exterior shot shows the windows of the Concierge Lounge and the covered outdoor seating area o the left.

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Exterior Conciege Lounge Outdoor Seating Entrance

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – Deck 10 Forward

Last but not least, the addition of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique could very well generate more onboard spending than the six new staterooms on deck 2 combined. This is one part of the July announcement I had completely wrong with regard to location on the ship. At that time, I said this was already done with the addition of Anna & Elsa’s boutique in the Deck 10 FWD funnel, but it turns out the location of the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located near Senses Spa & Salon on the starboard side of the ship.Magic 2015 Dry Dock Deck Plan Deck 10 Concierge BBB

Magic 2015 Dry Dock Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Entrance

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique packages and pricing are listed on Disney Cruise Line’s website.

Disney Magic Propulsion System Upgrade
One more thing… A Cadiz newspaper reported the Disney Magic would receive an upgrade to the propulsion system to improve the hydrodynamic performance to reduce fuel consumption. Once again, I asked Disney Cruise Line to expound on the upgrade, but our emails must now be automatically going to the trash bin. So, in true blogger form, I will make stuff up and show a few pictures. The upgrade allegedly will help improve the hydrodynamic performance of the Disney Magic and reduce fuel consumption. I can almost guarantee this fuel savings will not be passed along to passengers in the form of lower cruise fares so do not ask.

I’ve never tracked the speeds of the ships, but the Disney Magic has always been listed as having a top speed of 24 knots. Following dry dock, the Disney Magic was shown on the site sailing at 26 knots. Whether or not this a result of the upgrade, or simply a result of not sailing with passengers, luggage, provisions and other stuff (technical term used in the cruise industry). The screenshot below show the Disney Magic cruising at 26 knots and increases the number of images in this article making it appear longer and more detailed.

Disney Magic 26 Knots Post 2015 Dry Dock

Scouring social media during dry dock, I did find evidence to the work on the Disney Magic’s propulsion system.

There was also an amazing crew photo to commemorate the 2015 Disney Magic dry dock.

The Disney Magic will begin sailing Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries from PortMiami on September 30th. Then, she will reposition to Port Canaveral at the end of January 2016.

33 Replies to “First Look at the 2015 Disney Magic Dry Dock Updates”

    1. Tracy

      We were down the hall from the new rooms on deck 2. The doors were open a few times when we went by and there were not any virtual portholes

  1. Peter Lau

    Can you explain more about where exactly Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located? “Near Senses Spa & Salon on the starboard side of the ship”. I don’t recall there was any unused room there before. I think i remember the elevator lobby on deck 10 has a few chairs in between the staircases. Are they turning the lobby into the BBB?

    1. Tracy

      I think that BBB is in the elevator lobby. There is an elevator in the boutique beside the check in desk. I didn’t notice it until my daughter asked why there was an elevator in BBB. It is a small space with only four makeover stations.

  2. Marion

    Your comment “…Once again, I asked Disney Cruise Line to expound on the upgrade, but our emails must now be automatically going to the trash bin. So, in true blogger form, I will make stuff up and show a few pictures….” is hilarious, and yet another reason why I love your blog. Thank you for your honesty on the speculations and updates, and great reporting!

  3. Lynda Carswell

    I understand the need for a Concierge Lounge, but as someone who has zero chance of ever cruising Concierge, I’m pre mourning the probable loss of my favourite adult area on the Wonder, the Deck 10 Outlook Cafe……

    1. LeoM

      On our recent Alaska cruise on the Wonder the starboard side of the Outlook Cafe was sometimes reserved for Concierge Guests while the port side remained open to all guests. I hope they retain that configuration even if they make the starboard side ‘Concierge only’ – particularly since the piano sits on the port side anyway. But you are probably right.

  4. Hedda Lettuce

    I may be confused … but it looks as though the Deck 10 cross-over area (above pool) has been enclosed as part of Concierge Lounge? Does this also mean that portions of Deck 10 are closed to the public? It’s hard to tell by the pictures.

  5. Beth

    Hi Scott, so they kept cove cafe? And do you think (I know you will be guessing) that when they dry dock the wonder next fall the changes will be the same? I was surprised to see no virtual portholes. I thought they had already added them to the magic (obviously I have never been on The Magic). Thanks

          1. Joe

            The wiring is already in the rooms, the cable for the regular TV just needs to be extended to the porthole location. The ventilation space for the electronics wouldn’t take anymore room than it does on the newer ships.

  6. Anne

    Is Vibe still in the same location? I’m having a hard time picturing where this is. I haven’t been on the magic in a couple of years. Is this where the Outlook Cafe is on the Wonder?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I would be willing to bet that the Oceaneer Lab/Club and Route 66 will be gutted like the Magic. As well as the removal of the staircase in the Atrium. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carioca’s added to simplify the fleet’s menus. The pool deck will see some work along with the addition of a duck tail.

      1. LeoM

        I spoke with Tim Moss on a recent cruise and his highly unofficial sources told him that while the Wonder’s piano bar will receive a facelift it will continue to be Cadillac themed. As for the Parrot Cay restaurant my money is on ‘Panchito’s’ in keeping with DCL’s preference to keep sister ships identical except not…;-)

  7. james

    Comparing the first rudder/screws pic to the others, it looks like they added and extension on to the rudder to help bridge the gap between the shaft and the ruder.

    Was there a recent electrical system upgrade? I wounder if they are are now using just the trailing edge of the rudder most of the and using the keel propulsion more often.

    1. Chris

      Theres a few reasons. The fairing probably reduces the water turbidity between the props and the edge of the rudder resulting in a cleaner flow. The rudder is 2 part. Its been there since say one. Capt Tom talked DCL in adding that trailing edge, before the Magic class was built. Initially, she was supposed to have one. The trailing edge, is smaller and used for minor course corrections while at sea. Every time a ship turns, she loses speed, how much is based on the amount of turn, so the slower the turn the better off they are. That results in fuel and money saving.The main rudder is used when the ship is entering or leaving port, or when a more radical turn is needed such as high sea states or an emergency maneuver.

  8. LeoM

    Apparently it’s time for my grumpy old man voice. Many changes all of them bad…

    My Edge dwelling daughter and soon to be Edge dwelling son hated that unlike the Dream and Fantasy the tween space on the Magic/Wonder was in a pit on Deck 2. And DCL did move it out of that pit – into another pit on Deck 9. What’s wrong with some one way glass (a la Palo?).

    And we LOVED Quarter masters – there aren’t a lot of places on the ship to hang out with your kids once you’ve seen all the stage shows and movies umpteen times. And at least on the longer cruises the arcade was usually quite busy.

    I was told the Magic couldn’t have a bar on Deck 10 like the Wonder’s Outlook Cafe because it would be too top heavy. Don’t know if it was true or if the changes below fixed the problem but the Magic has finally got that bar on deck 10…that 90 percent of the ship can’t go to.


  9. Jarrod

    Carioca’s menu is amazing on the Disney Magic…I wish we could see food options like this on the Dream and Fantasy.

  10. Sarah Adams

    Sorry to hijak but I knew some answers to questions. The Vibe hasn’t moved but the entrance has so now the entrance is by the lifts through what looked like an old fire door. The old entrance was just doored off when we sailed (19th Sept WBTA) but may have had something done to it since then as the random steps to nowhere in the Vibe made now sense.

    Also the area mentioned of the old internet Cafe is actually a Soft Play area rather than a TV viewing area – does have a TV with kids cartoons on but there are blocks and soft mats etc for kids.

    No virtual portholes at all throughout the ship. The portholes in Edge however supposidly are the same technology so sometimes Nemo visits (well this is what we were told in the Adult open house they did).

    Part of Deck 10 has a barrier around it but you can still walk around the deck area. The lifts in BBB are because they haven’t actually changed the layout. The Forward lifts now all go to deck 9 only (but the button still exists for deck 10 just wont let it highlight) apart from the far left one as you look at them. This is the one that then comes out just outside of BBB. It means that if you are going to deck 10 you need to remember which side to use. Also means the exit on to deck 10 is now just on the one side too.

    Also Scott I have some photos I took of areas but not sure how to send them so let me know if you want some more for on here – especially of the soft play bit as I spotted you don’t have any of this and the walk way around the back of the Conceirge Deck 10 section. Unfortunately I did accidentally delete some photos so not got them all but got a few.

  11. Oneder

    why are they dry docking the Magic(and even the Dream) when the Wonder goes on like the black sheep of the family with no upgrades.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The reason the Disney Wonder has not been re-imagined along the lines of the Disney Magic is a direct result of the delay in the completion of the Panama Canal. Ships are required to enter dry dock on a regular basis. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are required to have an out of water hull inspection twice in a 5 year period, not to exceed 3 yrs. The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy due to fact they are a newer class of ship fall under slightly different requirements. They only require an out of water hull inspection once every 5 years until the age of 15. In water hull inspections are performed in between out of water inspection.

      Bottom line, dry docks are required based on load line certificate date of the ship. Shipyard scheduling plays a role and in the Disney Wonder’s case the Panama Canal expansion resulted in pushing back her re-imagination. In 2014, the Disney Wonder had a 10-night dry dock.

  12. jarrod

    with the Disney wonder cruising Alaska…will the pool deck be covered like most other cruise liners so that the pools can still be used? Ofcourse I am asking for when the Wonder goes in to dry dock 2016

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The arcades have been removed across the fleet. The previous arcade locations on the Magic and Wonder are now the tween club EDGE. The locations on the Dream and Fantasy are the ice cream/candy shops Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats (Dream) and Sweet on You (Fantasy).


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