A Look at the Re-Imagined Oceaneer Club & Lab Aboard the Disney Magic

The Disney Magic returned from her extensive dry dock with all new youth spaces for children ages 3-12 to explore. The Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club were completely renovated to bring the youth activities venues more in line with those aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  The Oceaneer Lab renovations were based on a nautical theme full of high-tech gear to bring out the inner-pirate. Leading up to the re-launch, Imagineer Joe Lanzisero described the Oceaneer Lab as a “mashup of Jules Vern and Pirates of the Caribbean”. The Oceaneer Club transformed into a magical library where oversized books serve as doorways into four unique spaces. There is a room for fairies, super heroes, larger than life toys, and a club fit for a mouse! To coincide with the remodel, the clunky Mickey Bands were replaced by Youth Activities Oceaneer Bands, which are yellow MagicBands with a Disney Cruise Line l ogo with a clasp to secure the band to your child’s wrist.

The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab flank the atrium lobby on deck 5. The entrance to the Oceaneer Lab remains in the midship elevator lobby. The Oceaneer Club entrance has been relocated from the corner of the atrium lobby to the starboard hallway just down from the Buena Vista Theatre. The entrance is similar to that on the Dream class ships, but with much more space allocated to prevent the congestion that often occurs in the hallway on the Dream & Fantasy. Additionally, the hallway between the Club & Lab is now open for children move back and forth between the two spaces. From time to time, when there is an open house, children will be moved to one side to maintain the secured programing.

Deck 5 Magic Wonder Kids Clubs

The hallway below is the narrow area between the Oceaneer Lab & Oceaneer Club in the floor plan above.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Club To Lab Hallway
Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab To Club Hallway Atrium Porthole

The walkway even has portholes with a view into the atrium.

Oceaneer Lab

The entrance to the Oceaneer Lab features a letter from Captain Mary Oceaneer stuck to the wall by a dagger welcoming guests with highlight of all the artifacts, treasure and technology from around the world to enjoy.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab Welcome Letter

The central area of the lab features a checker board floor with an interactive screen and comfy bean bag chairs on the back wall. The lab is wide open with distinct areas.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab

The animation area allows the kids explore their inner Ub Iwerks.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab Animation Area

There are a series of treasure chest computer stations set up with an interactive Pirates of the Caribbean game entitled Tides Of Fortune.

A set of navigator simulators gives the kids a chance to helm the Disney Magic.

The other large area of the Oceaneer Lab is a set of table for various activities ranging from crafts, games, or even special activities like a cooking demonstration just for kids!

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab Craft Tables
Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab Societ Of Explores And Adventures Seal

The nautical theme continues on the tables which feature old maps like this one below with a cool Society of Explores and Adventures logo.It is hard for us to compare the before and after of the Oceaneer Lab, as our daughter was limited to the club on our previous sailings on the Disney Magic. It is definately up there with the the lab on the new ships.

Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is the place everyone want to be, including the adults. I kid you not; the open houses always attracted a crowd. As I mentioned, the entrance is now located on the deck 5 hallway between the atrium and the the Buena Vista Theatre. The magical library theme of the club features a series of compartmentalized areas based on each story.

The open area is designed like a book shelf with a a treasury of classic Disney storybooks. The club features Pixie Hollow which is very similar to the space on the Dream & Fantasy. The space offers a plethora of princess dresses in Tinker Bell’s tea pot, and a set of computers where you can create your own unique Disney Fairy.

The Mickey Mouse Club is dedicated to the Mouse who started it all.  The World of Mickey features the iconic Mickey colors of red, yellow and black.

Along the wall, there is a large Mickey Mouse head with these cool magnetic gears and motors. Flanking the Goofy Gears, are individual computer stations loaded interactive games, including Fix It Felix Jr., which was inspired by the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

When we first shared the news with our daughter that the Disney Magic was being renovated, her first question to me was, “what will happen to the pirate ship and slide?!?!” She *loved* the slide and really misses this feature in the club on the new ships. Needless to say, she was thrilled when we showed her the renderings of the slide in the Andy’s Room inspired by the world of Toy Story. Andy’s Room is indeed larger than life with a two-story bed and Slinkly Dog slide! Slinky Dog has been stretched from the top of Andy’s bed in a spiral slide which I confirm is fun even for adults! I tried to record a POV, but it did not come out well.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Club Andy's Room Slide

Marvel’s Avengers Academy is the biggest draw for most guests older than allowed to check-in to the club/lab, or at least it was for me. This all new space is the first major use of Marvel aside from the movies. The Avengers’ Academy invites young crime-fighters into this high-tech command post used by The Avengers to plan and train for special missions.

Disney Magic Marvel Avengers Academy

During the course of the cruise, kids have the opportunity sharpen their super hero skills working towards becoming their favorite super hero by the end of the sailing.

The interactive experience is controlled by the Youth Activities counselors with an iPad.

Disney Magic Marvel Avengers Academy IPad Interface

The video screen is set up to allow young guest to Become Iron Man by virtually stepping into Tony Stark’s suit while standing next to a Mark VI prototype.

What command post is complete without a series of computers?

Other Avengers’ signature items are on display, such as Captain America’s training shield and a replica of Thor’s Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer).

The best part of having the Avengers Academy on the Disney Magic is the new meet and greet experience with Captain America!

There is also a myriad of Avengers related shirts available in the gift shops. Sorry adults, the Marvel’s Avengers Academy shirts only come in youth sizes.

Overall, the youth spaces are one of the highlights aboard the re-imagined Disney Magic. Disney did a great job enhancing the already successful design concepts featured on the Dream and Fantasy in the new Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club.

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