Disney Magic Appears to be Returning to Norway in 2016 (and Potentially Iceland or Even the Wonder)

Disney Cruise Line appears to be double dipping the Frozen fever again 2016. This comes as no real surprise following the announcement this year that the fleet will receive varying doses of Frozen Fun in 2015 with special experiences planned for the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. DCL seems to have tenative plans in place to return to Norway again next year. According public port calendars, there are multiple calls penciled next summer for Norway. I originally researched this information back in  January and already some things have already changed, or have been redacted from the public port calendars. The most notable is that the Magic was listed on the Akueryi, Iceland port calendar in 2016, but as of today is no longer listed. Please keep in mind, this information is based solely on port schedules and could be outdated or completely inaccurate.


The Geiranger, Norway schedule requires a bit of decoding because the ship name is not listed. However, a ship that matches the details of the Disney Magic for 2015 appears on the 2016 calendar. In January, the ship in question was on the schedule for June 2, July 3 and July 29, 2016.

DCL Disney Magic Geiranger Norway 2016

As of the latest update on February 23, 2015, the same ship only appears twice, dropping the late July call.

DCL Disney Magic Geiranger Norway 2016 Feb 2015 Update

The Bergen, Norway schedule requires the same Orphan Annie decoder pin used to decode the Geiranger port calendar. The ship in question is on the schedule for June 3, June 26, July 4 and July 16, 2016. Two of those dates follow calls to Geiranger which is similar to the 7-Night sailings in 2015. Unlike Geiranger, this schedule has not recently been updated.

DCL Disney Magic Bergen Norway 2016


The Akueyri, Iceland calendar specifically lists the Disney Magic on June 24 and July 18, 2016.

DCL Disney Magic Akureyri Iceland 2016

In 2015 Akueryi is a port of call on the 11-Night North Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise while Geiranger and Bergen are ports on both the 7-Night and 9-Night Norwegian Fjord itineraries. All of these itineraries embark from Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015.


What about the Mediterranean in 2016? Well, this next one is a bit of a stretch and is pure speculation, but it is plausible. The agent used by DCL for calls to Villefranche is associated with a generic TBN (to be named) cruise ship for a generic cruise line, CRUISES in August and September 2016. The one detail that does not match up is the ship capacity, but it could be rounding up of 2809 listed for the Disney Magic’s 2015 calls. Also, Medacruise Agency is associated with on other vessel for 2015-16 calls and the capacity is listed as only 52 which is not even in the same category as a cruise ship. If you have been following the blog, you will know this is not the first time ports have attempted to mask the identity of the DCL ships on their respective calendars.

DCL Disney Magic Villefranche 2016

Disney Wonder 2016 Dry Dock

I might as well continue to climb further out on the preverbal limb… I would not be surprised if the Disney Wonder is deployed to Europe in 2016. She is scheduled for dry dock in the fall according to documents from the CDC and it was mentioned in a newspaper article following the Magic’s re-imagination that other Disney ships would be visiting Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. A January report indicates the Panama Canal expansion should be completed in December of this year and operational in January 2016 well before the summer cruise season which could see the Disney Magic returning to the West Coast for the first time since 2008.

I’ve received countless emails and tweets asking me if I know when Disney is going to announce the summer 2016 sail dates. Well, I have no clue, but I will say in 2014 the announcement was made on the Tuesday, following the start of March Madness on March 25th. Furthermore, school spring break for Osceola and Orange counties begin the week of the 23rd which was also the case last year.

19 Replies to “Disney Magic Appears to be Returning to Norway in 2016 (and Potentially Iceland or Even the Wonder)”

  1. Mark

    Could it be the Wonder for the Northern Europe sailings? Seems the Magic length is no longer 294 meters……

  2. Dee

    So if Wonder does head to Europe for their summer …how about the Alaska season? I wonder what would happen there? Would Disney pass on Alaska or would Magic do Panama then Cali Coast followed by Alaska? Love to know your thoughts. Gosh I cant wait till the 2016 schedule comes out 🙂

  3. Beerman

    Watching but there are so many new ships in the sea that DCL is only a small part of my interest now. Bucket list and booking have moved on to new adventures.

  4. Dennis C

    We’ve sailed with Disney out of Alaska, Florida and New York and Disney is still our preferred cruise line but the itineraries just aren’t clicking for us over the next 18 months. A return to New York would have been welcome from a logistical and dollars and cents perspective and I’m starting to think that 2012 was a bit of a fluke (or it was just Disney showing NY a bit of love for hosting the Fantasy when it arrived in the U.S. in February of that same year).

    1. James

      I to am hoping for a DCL ship to sail from NYC (really NJ), it is not very magical to start and end your vacation with the TSA. My kids would get a kick out of riding the train from DC.

      1. Dennis C

        Dealing with airports can suck the life out of a vacation (dealing with NY area airports is never fun). Brooklyn, Manhattan or Cape Liberty would have been a treat. Heck, Baltimore and Virginia Beach would have worked, too.

  5. Mary Ann Morrison

    These are my thoughts…if the Magic sails to the West Coast, I wonder if they will do Hawaii again with the possibility of sailing to Australia from Hawaii.

  6. Frank M.

    It is unfortunate the NYC area is only a Port of Call for the Disney Magic on its way to Norway this year. It would be nice to see Brooklyn as a Home Port for a Disney ship, as it is the home port for the Queen Mary 2 when it is in NYC. The ships would look “Marvelous” docked next to each other. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that I live in Brooklyn! LOL Joking aside, the cost of airfare keeps going up. No Airfare cruising works well for the other cruise lines calling the NYC area home. It should also work well for Disney.

  7. Jax Latour

    I don’t understand how the magic and wonder could switch deployments when the reason the wonder has not been re-imagined is the is the duck tail cannot fit through the canal so how will the magic fit?


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