Disney Wonder Re-Imagination Potentially Confirmed for Late 2016

The Disney Wonder’s recent dry dock in Freeport was nothing like the Disney Magic’s re-imagination leaving many wondering when the Wonder will receive her renovation. Shortly after her January 2014 dry dock, the Disney Wonder was inspected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) earning a score of 91/100, the same as in 2013. Typically, these inspection reports are not very interesting, but this latest report appears to be the first real clue aside from the latest hearsay on when the Disney Wonder will be reimagined. The inspection report and the corrective action statement both indicates the Disney Wonder will be renovated in September/October 2016 according to a statement from a crew member to a CDC inspector.

CDC Inspection Report
Disney Wonder – CDC Inspection Report – Feb 2014
CDC Corrective Action Statement
Disney Wonder – CDC Corrective Action Statement – Feb 2014

I would normally classify this as rumor, but given the source of the information I am giving it much more validity. While the CDC report has narrowed down the timeframe of the Disney Wonder’s re-imagination, the location is still unconfirmed. I have a feeling we will learn when the Disney Dream will head to dry dock in 2015 before we learn of the location of the Wonder’s re-imagination. Previous speculation, based on a newspaper article, suggested the Disney Wonder would sail to Europe for an extensive dry dock in Cadiz, Spain. This may still be the case, which would result in the Disney Magic sailing to Alaska.

9 Replies to “Disney Wonder Re-Imagination Potentially Confirmed for Late 2016”

        1. Dennis

          I really hope they are going to Alaska in 2016. I guess I have to keep looking to see when the rest of 2016 comes out on the Disney Cruise site. We are DVC members and it’s about the only way we can do an Alaska cruise.

  1. Eric Levitt

    Alaska is a BIG money maker for DCL, they wouldn’t skip a year. My guess is that they will hold off on re-imagining the Wonder till after the Panama Canal is finished with the new Larger Lock project , because now even the magic is too long to go through the locks. I can’t imagine that they would do a South American sailing just to reposition one of the other ships

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  3. Philip

    I just got back from a cruise on the Fantasy. The Cruise Director confirmed the Wonder will go to dry dock to “re-imagining” in Sept/Oct of 2016 and will begin sailing from Galveston for Nov cruises afterwards.


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