Disney Dream Experimenting with Palo & Remy Brunch Offerings in Nassau

According to a report over at TouringPlans.com by Erin Foster, Disney Cruise Line is running a trial of sorts aboard the Disney Dream by offering guests the opportunity to experience Remy Brunch and Palo Brunch on the 3-night and 4-night sailings while in Nassau. Usually, Palo & Remy brunch are only offered aboard the Disney Dream while at sea on cruises longer than three nights.

Remy Brunch - Wine Room

The reports mentions that some guests have been able to book these new brunch offerings via DCL’s online planning center, while others are not see this as an option. However, if you are booked on a cruise aboard the Disney Dream during next few months and you would like to try brunch at either Palo or Remy keep checking the online planning center. Touring Plans does mention that this may very well be an onboard only booking. Keep in mind this is a trial and it could change at anytime.

11 Replies to “Disney Dream Experimenting with Palo & Remy Brunch Offerings in Nassau”

  1. Jackie

    We were able to book Palo brunch on Nassau day for our upcoming 4-day cruise on the Dream, which sails on 1/12! We were thrilled because the at sea day was fully booked, but we had our choice of times for the Nassau day.

  2. Michelle P

    I hope it works and they move the Palo brunch to the other ships!! I see more and more people staying on board in Nassau – it would be a great option to have!

  3. Dennis C

    We’re on the Dream for a three day cruise from 12/26 – 12/29. Several weeks ago brunch at Remy’s and Palo unexpectedly appeared as an adult dining option for 12/27 while docked in Nassau. I stumbled upon this, it was not announced that brunch would be offered on this cruise and I suspect that brunch at both restaurants is initially being offered to those who have sailed with Disney before. We have an 11:30 reservation on 12/26 at Remy’s and as of last week most reservation times were still available.

  4. Jess

    I will be sailing on the Dream 12/5-12/8 3 night and was able to book Palo brunch for that Saturday! Heard it on a forum I belong too and booked it about 2 weeks ago already.

  5. Rollys Mum

    Palo and Remy brunches were offered on Nassau Day on our 3 day Dream sailing leaving 11/28. I booked Palo, though the website seemed to have some technical difficulties.

  6. Scott

    I love this idea as we’ve been to Nassau many times now and would rather stay on the ship – which I think is becoming a trend among guests. Disney obviously realized that Nassau is becoming a tired port for many, so this is a way for them to take advantage and gain some additional revenue they were not previously getting.

  7. Teresa

    Is this still available on the Dream for 4/3 cruises? My next one is Sep 7th, but it will be a 5/4…however, I have a 4/3 upcoming in Nov and a 5/4 in Feb on the Magic… (yes, we try to go every 3 to 4 months…) DCL is our home away from home!


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