It’s All in the Details: The Atrium Lobby of the Re-Imagined Disney Magic

The atrium lobby of the re-imagined Disney Magic saw some major changes during her extensive dry dock in 2013. For those that may not realize that one of the staircases was removed, the Chihuly chandelier replaced and Helmsman Mickey repositioned, take a minute to look at the atrium in her previous state.

While the most drastic change was the removal of the staircase on the starboard side, there was an even bigger change… the overall color palette of the Disney Magic’s atrium had changed. The nautical palette has been replaced with one inspired by elements of the sea.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Lobby

The atrium is much brighter with the dark wood pattern that looks like a rectangular frame on the ceiling painted leaving clean sunburst emanating from the chandelier.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Ceiling
Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Name Plate And Chandelier
Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Looking Up At Mickey
Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Do Not Climb

Adding to the overall brightness, is the new chandelier which has been integrated into the ceiling rather than hanging down as a pendant which allows for better overall views of the atrium from decks four and five.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Chandelier Close Up

Helmsman Mickey has been relocated to the landing of the lone staircase and the landing outside of Lumiere’s was wrapped around and tied into the scallop design of the new carpet.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Helmsman Mickey Mouse

When the Disney Magic’s re-imagination was announced it was stated Helmsman Mickey would receive a special makeover bringing new luster to its golden hue. However, plans changed and the finish was not altered.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Helmsman Mickey Halloween

The re-imagined atrium aboard the Disney Magic is more in line with her younger sisters; the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The atrium lobbies are often full of guests in the evenings and are often the backdrop for many onboard events.  I get the feeling the removal of the staircases was done to free up more floor space for larger events like the Princess Gathering and the positioning of the Christmas tree during the Very Merrytime sailings.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Asymetrical Staircase
Disney Magic Re Imagined Asymetric Atrium

A dazzling custom-made carpet in a palette of vibrant coral, blue and aquamarine seashell-inspired design replaced the compass design on deck 3 outside of Lumiere’s. The carpet on the staircase was also changed from red to a blue.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Carpet

For those wondering… the carpet is soft.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Shooting The Ceiling

The Guest Services and Port Adventures desks were also refreshed with new metallic murals. The replacement of the Bahamian inspired murals better suit the Disney Magic as a flagship vessel that travels around the world. 

Disney Magic Shore Excursions Mural

HDTV monitors were installed at the Port Adventures desk, and during our sailings were cycling through digital posters from the various ports of call.

Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Port Adventures Desk

The mural behind Guest Services features a classic ocean liner and a compass.

Disney Magic Guest Services Mural
Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Guest Services Mural
Disney Magic Re Imagined Atrium Guest Services Mural Compass

What’s your favorite part of the Disney Magic’s atrium?

15 Replies to “It’s All in the Details: The Atrium Lobby of the Re-Imagined Disney Magic”

  1. Spencer

    Great shots! I really like the look of the new lobby.

    I’m curious- what do you do with your camera when venturing out in the ports? I have a dslr myself and have a good solution for the theme parks and on board the ship, but then for beach and water excursions I’m not sure what to do. I want to get good pictures of places we plan to go (like Trunk Bay in St John), but I don’t want to risk the camera being stolen while we are swimming or snorkeling, etc. Any thoughts?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      If an excursion is all water based I will likely leave the DSLR in the stateroom and just take our waterproof camera or GoPro. The rest of the time I carry my camera bag that I can lock each compartment with a luggage lock. I also have a wire that I can use to tether the bag to a fixed object. While snorkeling in Trunk Bay I locked my dslr in my camera bag and tethered it to a tree.

  2. Bill B.

    Every cruise there’s always a couple that have had one to many, I see you managed to get a shot of them :). Great pictures. Looks like you’re maybe using Nikon’s(?) with some pretty wide angle or fisheye lens on some of these shots. Still 3 1/2 months out for first trip on the Fantasy on it’s maiden voyage to Jamaica. Getting antsy now and especially with all this cold and snow we’re getting up here.

  3. Dan

    I always enjoy before and after shots. The Magic Atrium was beautiful before the re-imagining. Every cruise we took, the highlight was walking into the Atrium from the terminal. Having read this blog I was anticipating seeing the re-imagining. DCL did a great job in updating not only the atrium but other parts of the Magic. Scott, your pictures were great. Thanks for the before and after pictures.

  4. Marion

    The couples shot is hilarious. Did your daughter take it? I caught myself doing the same thing as Bill B – checking out the hardware. Can’t wait for my next trip to start shooting again.

      1. Edward

        Beautiful shots! I was there taking some photos when I could as well. But didn’t focus much time on photography as I wanted to since it was my first cruise and families first disney cruise. beautiful shots and love your website!

  5. Julian

    Shame about the “builder’s lights” instead of the old beautiful chandelier – poor show but at least the only negative in the refurb. The vast open deck behind Palos (part of the roof of the extended Cabanas) seems in need of a purpose

    1. Jen

      …agreed, I too wish the beautiful chandelier had remained. They mention that the removal opens up space for viewing. I would argue that Chihuly’s chandelier’s are hanging assembly/sculptures that could be more taken in on the upper decks. Much like any of Calder’s large hanging mobiles. Had I been involved in deciding renovations for the Magic I would have argued to keep the chandelier.

  6. Jen

    My family had the pleasure of sailing on the Disney Magic during its inaugural year. While the updated atrium is bright and gorgeous, I was sad to see the Chihuly chandelier go. It was one of the first things I remember being in awe of on board surrounded by the wonderful art deco decor. I have been a fan of Chihuly’s art ever since, even seeing his current exhibition next to the Space Needle in Seattle (Chihuly works out of Tacoma, WA). The magic was such a gorgeous new ship when she sailed (tip of the hat to her Italian builders). I really hope to make a return to her one day, to take in all the updates.


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