It’s All in the Details: The Atrium Lobby of the Disney Magic

I thought it was time to visit another lobby, and planned to focus on the Dream with Admiral Donald.  However,  I’ve already shared the Disney Fantasy twice with the most recent decorated for Christmas.  So, I felt it was about time to showcase one of the classic ships with the [Disney_Magic], who is celebrating her 15th birthday this year.

Disney Magic - Atrium Lobby

There are so many wonderful Art Deco design elements that converge to welcome passengers as they step inside the lobby of the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic - Welcome Aboard

Once onboard, passengers will be greeted by the bronze statue of Helmsman Mickey on the steps in front of Lumiere’s.  The Helmsman Mickey is based on the eight foot tall Man at the Wheel statue  at the Fisherman’s Memorial in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  There is an exact copy of the statue at Tokyo DisneySea at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

Helmsman Mickey

The Disney Magic’ Helmsman Mickey Statue sits out front of Lumiere’s and welcomes passengers aboard in the Atrium Lobby on deck 3.

Helmsman Mickey's View
Disney Magic Atrium Chandelier

The chandelier was handcrafted by the world renowned  glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, to compliment the Art Deco design of the Disney Magic.  Chihuly also created the chandelier for the Disney Wonder.

Unfortunately, Chihuly’s work of art will be removed from the Disney Magic when it goes in for dry dock beginning September 7th.  It will be missed, but the new design should be easier to dust.  Helmsman Mickey will remain, but will be relocated to the port side, and the starboard staircase will be removed.

9 Replies to “It’s All in the Details: The Atrium Lobby of the Disney Magic”

  1. Carrielyn

    Any idea what will happen to Chihuley’s sculpture? I’m from Tacoma where he calls home and it makes me sad to think it’ll just be stored away somewhere.

  2. Sherri C.

    I too will miss the beautiful Chihuley sculpture when we sail the Magic on the Sept 2014 WBTA 14 night cruise. I understand the need to update after 15 years – but I hope the sculpture will find a new home where many can continue to appreciate it’s beauty!

  3. Bill B.

    Not to get off topic but did anybody else notice that the Magic first pulled Bow into to Port Canaveral yesterday and then later in the day I noticed it was turned around with the Bow facing out to sea as you would normally see it. That was a first for me and was just wondering if anybody could add any insight as to why they did this.

  4. Ted Amick

    The Mickey Mouse sculpture, the specially designed chandelier and the dual stair cases on the Magic are signature items which make this ship so special. Its a HUGE HUGE mistake to change this room and I would hope that Castaway Club members will strongly respond to these intended changes. The Magic is a very special cruise liner and any change that is proposed which will not severely impact on its grandeur and status that makes this ship so special among Disney Cruse Line fleet. This is the ship of Mickey Mouse!

  5. Max

    Actually, I’m happy the Chihuly chandelier is going away. I don’t consider his work to be art, rather it is more of a decoration; somewhat on par with the Thomas Kinkkade “paintings”. It’s about time that DCL recognized how tacky the Chihuly is and got rid of it. I think trashing this eyesore will go a long way in truly making the Magic a magical ship. Perhaps DCL can sell it to Carnival.

  6. Ted Amick

    It’s a series of megaphones in all the colors of the rainbow. Each is saying ” welcome to the Disney Magic” This exemplifies all of the people of the world who are most welcome to come aboard and be happy.

    The chandelier represents a “call” to the people of all nations to join Mickey for a great cruise to magical places!

    God Bless the Magic!

  7. John murnane

    As a silver member I think the staircase should stay, get rid of the chandelier but keep the staircase

  8. Cristy

    Think everyone has an opinion but Disney is going to do what they think is best. Personally not a huge fan of the chandelier and have heard that it maintaining it has been an issue. The lobbies on the classic ships have always felt a little cramped to me. I welcome a refresh.

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