Disney Cruise Line Launches a Reimagined Castaway Club Compass Magazine: eCompass

A few years ago Disney Cruise Line published a less than regular newsletter called the Castaway Club Compass Magazine. The newsletter was similar to the Mickey Monitor, a quarterly publication highlighting new and  seasonal events at the Disney Parks which is mailed to Walt Disney World Annual Passsholders.  The cruise line version was never a regular publication like the quarterly Mickey Monitor.  In fact, I could never figure out how to get on the mailing list and had to settle for the online pdf copies.

The last issue of the magazine was published in the Spring of 2011, and I thought it would be gone for good.  However, it seems that Disney Cruise Line has revived and reimagined the Castaway Club Compass Magazine after a two year hiatus following last week’s announcement of the reimagined Disney Magic.  The latest incarnation looks to be a digital only edition entitled Castaway Club eCompass.

Castaway Club 2013 Spring eCompass - Cover

The inaugural edition of the Castaway Club eCompass starts off with an welcome letter from Karl Holz, President of Disney Cruise Line, focuses mostly on the Disney Magic makeover.  The Spring 2013 edition also includes some interactive surprises as you navigate through the online newsletter, including some beautiful cards by Don ‘Ducky’ Williams!

The Castaway Club eCompass can be accessed via a new dedicated website DisneyCastawayCompass.com.  Best of all the site works great on an iPad.  To access the newsletter you will need to know your Castaway Club identification number.  If you do not know your number you can locate it by logging into to the Castaway Club section of DisneyCruise.com. The number is also printed on your Key to the World card which you may have laying around from your last cruise.  If you are still unable to locate your Castaway Club number you can call Disney Cruise Line’s reservation team at (800) 449-3380 for assistance.

Castaway Club eCompass Login

The Spring eCompass shares elements from the new Reimagined Disney Magic webpage which was launched on Friday April 26, 2013.

Past Castaway Club Compass Issues

Below are links to the previous Castaway Club Compass Magazines in PDF form.

I am happy to see the newsletter make a comeback, and hope it becomes a quarterly publication and not just a temporary publication to promote the reimagined Disney Magic (and Wonder) considering the previous incarnation stopped after the launch of the Disney Dream and before the completion of the Disney Fantasy.  What do you think about the digital newsletter?  

7 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Launches a Reimagined Castaway Club Compass Magazine: eCompass”

  1. Moe

    Loving this blog 🙂

    You are now my go to site for my daily DCL fix!!!

    Keep up the good work Scott


    Mickey Moe

  2. Craig

    Thanks for the information about the new newsletter. My favorite part so far is there is a new-format 2013/2014 itinerary calendar PDF download in the “New Adventures Await” section.

  3. FellowCollector

    Scott, I think it’s been over a year since DCL put up a new eCompass. Any idea if/when we might see a new issue online? Thanks!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Hi CM, It appears Disney removed the files from the server. Thankfully, I had copies of the pdfs on an old hard drive which I have uploaded to this post. Thanks for alerting me to the links!


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