Disney Cruise Line Internet Packages Changing to Data Packages

Within the next few weeks, Disney Cruise Line will be transitioning their Connect@Sea internet packages from per-minute plans over to data allotment plans. The new internet data packages will range from a pay-as-you-go plan to a 1GB plan. No more will you need to rush to send that email, as your time on the internet will be measured in MBs rather than minutes. Guests who select the Pay-As-You-Go Package will be able to select from predefined spending limits. From the FAQ, it does not appear that you can upgrade to a higher plan to take advantage of the higher package savings. Instead you will be required to purchase an additional package.

Disney Cruise Line Internet Data Packages – Connect@Sea

PlanData (MB)AmountPer/MB CostNotes
Pay As You Go125¢25¢Perfect for Guests who are not sure how often they will be online.
Small100$1919¢A good choice for Guests who want to check their email occasionally and then go back to enjoying their cruise.
Medium300$3913¢Ideal for Guests that want to share their vacation photos with friends right away.
Large1000$89This package covers all Internet needs. Guests can stream movies or their favorite music.

Concierge guests in Cat S, T, and V will get a free small package (100 MB). Concierge guests in Cat R will get free internet access. The new internet packages will rollout beginning in February on the Disney Magic. The schedule is as follows and is subject to change:

  • 2/3/2014  – Disney Magic
  • 2/16/2014 – Disney Dream
  • 2/26/2014 – Disney Wonder
  • 3/8/2014 – Disney Fantasy

Detailed information brochures will be will be available in each Guest stateroom, at onboard internet cafes, as well as at Guest Services.

I inquired about the data speeds with Disney Cruise Line over the weekend considering the large plan suggests that guest may stream movies presumably from services like Netflix, but I have not received a response at this time. You may say, high speed internet at sea is impossible, but the technology is on the horizon with MTN Nexus. It is noted that Internet speeds will be faster when in port when the ships can connect to high-signal land based antenna rather than satellite technology that is used at sea which sounds similar to the MTN Nexus technology.

MTN Satellite Communications Dome On The Re Imagined Disney Magic

Personally, I love this change. I’ve never bothered with the ship internet in the past because I did not want to deal with a per minute plan when the internet speed could vary and drag to a crawl while the meter is still running. This change should also do away with those who forgot to log out and incurred huge bills.  What are your thoughts on the change to a data allotment versus minutes?

UPDATE Feb 3, 2014 | The new internet service launched today on the Disney Magic. Jeff Reisdorf was kind enough to share the information that was printed in the February 3, 2014 Personal Navigator as well as the handout. As you can see, the text states improved internet service.

Disney Cruise Line Introductory Limited Time Internet Data Package Pricing

For a limited time there will be introductory prices for each data plan

Disney Magic Connect At Sea Internet Personal Navigator Feb 3 2014
PlanData (MB)AmountPer/MB Cost
Pay As You Go125¢
DCL Connect At Sea Data Plans Magic Feb 2014 Introductory Pricing

There is a browser based usage meter enabling to track how much of your data allotment remains.

DCL Connect At Sea Data Plans Magic Feb 2014 Usage Meter

Connect@Sea FAQ

Below you will find a selection of important information from the FAQ that is found in the brochure.

Q: How can I keep track of how much Internet data I am consuming?
A: Once you purchase a Connect@Sea Package, you will see an Internet meter open in a tab of your browser. This will keep track of your usage. You can bookmark this page for easy access later or go to dclguest.com to access your meter.

Q: Will I be alerted of my data usage any other way?
A: Yes, Connect@Sea will email you at different points to let you know when you have consumed 25%, 75% and 100% of your package.

Q: How does the Pay-As-You-Go Package work?
A: Pay only for the data you use. You can set a dollar limit to prevent spending more than you intend on the Pay-As-You-Go Package. And you can always add a Connect@Sea Package.

Q: Can I set a spending limit on my Connect@Sea Package?
A: The Pay-As-You-Go Package offers spending limits in several dollar amounts. Other Connect@Sea Packages come with usage limits.

Q: What if I purchase a Connect@Sea Package but use only a portion of the Internet data?
A: You will be charge for the Connect@Sea Package you purchase, even if you only use a portion of it. Unused data from a package will not be reimbursed and is not transferable between voyages or ships.

Q: What happens when I’ve consumed all the data in my Connect@Sea Package?
A: Once you have consumed all the data in your Connect@Sea Package or have reached your predefined spending limit, your Internet session will end and you will be prompted to renew or purchase a new package.

Q: Can I add on to my Connect@Sea Package?
A: Yes. You may purchase another package at anytime. If you are using a Pay-As-You-Go Package, you can choose a larger spending limit or add to another data package. Your new package will start immediately. If you are using a Connect@Sea Package and purchase another, the new packages will start when the current one is depleted.

Q: Can I use my Connect@Sea Package on multiple devices?
A: Yes. You can sign on to your Connect@Sea Package from any laptop, cell phone, or tablet with your user name and password. If more than one device is using the same package, independently or at the same time, the combined usage will be monitored on one meter.

Q. Can my family members share a single Connect@Sea Package?
A: Yes. You can share your user name and password with other members of your family or party. Multiple devices can use the same packages simultaneously, and the combined usage will be monitored on one meter.

Q: Can I set up different Connect@Sea Packages for each family member?
A: Yes. You can set up a separate account and select a Connect@Sea Package for each family member. Accounts can be created only for Guests eligible too make purchases on board the ship and will be charged accordingly.

Q: Why is the Internet slower while we are at sea but appears to be faster when we are in port?
A: Out as sea, the ship connects to the Internet using satellite technology while in ports the ship connects to a high-signal land based antenna.

Q: Is surfing the Internet at sea secure and private?
A: Yes.

19 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Internet Packages Changing to Data Packages”

  1. David Warrington

    Resize photos to good enough for most screens and/or social media and you can upload more than you can take for $39. Not bad if you’re addicted to FB, Twitter or Instagram. Hope they add more repeaters though, last time on the Magic you couldn’t sit in Cove Café to drink ‘cos it was the only place people could get a signal. Like you we never thought the time-based system worth the effort.

  2. FellowCollector

    The last 7-day cruise I needed internet access for the cheapest package was $60 for 100 minutes! Hated spending that, but had to do it for work email. Because the connection is slow, it really only brought about half a dozen emails of a paragraph long each workday. Hopefully next sailing, the $19 package will be enough data and be a big savings! Thanks for the information.

  3. Marion

    I question the ability to stream movies or radio on the ship – the speed has never been that great when we are out in the open waters, especially on a cloudy night due to the satellite service. Any chance they have any comments on that?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Just like the weather they are unable to control the satellite reception. With the new pricing structure you pay for what you use, not the time you spend. As for the speed, take a look at MTN Nexus technology that was announced in 2012.

      1. Marion

        I saw your article on it, which was great as always, thank you. 😀 I was excited until I saw that it’s being rolled out in a year to two. My last two cruises in the past year have still been doggedly slow on sending pdf’s or anything attached, and I’m looking at an upcoming Med cruise and am trying to think on how to restructure attachments. You are right, the new pricing structure is helpful, but when i’m timing out and have to send an attachment several times to make it go through, I am still a bit concerned about getting work done. Then again, I have to flip it around: I have to work. In the Med. How bad can that be, really? 😀

        1. Marion

          OK, I am on the ship as I type, and I have to say, I am very impressed with the connectivity, speed, and page load. I have been able to email, IM, upload photos, and work with web forms, throughout the bahamas. The large package was way more than I needed for a 3-nighter (used about 350 of 1,000mb) but now I know.

          I really like the flexibility, and unlike previous package, you can pay as you go, and upgrade if you need more.

  4. Robert Yetman

    I wonder if DCL will provide a ‘meter’ to let you know how much of your allotment you use, or will we have to rely on our own apps/phones to do so.

      1. Marion

        Robert, yes, there is a very lovely meter to show me how much I am using, and sometimes it refreshes and sometimes I have to reload it.

  5. Steven

    Tempted to buy the small package the next time I cruise for email and twitter. I wonder though, once the 100MB is done, is that it, or will it automatically roll into another 100MB. Would be scared of getting a very scary bill!!

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  7. Eric

    Personally I think spending this much for the cruise should include the wifi.. No charge. So add a little to each ticket to recoupe the cost of the investment but to charge this much for wifi??? Absurd

  8. LeeAnn Riggs

    We are cruising on Disney Fantasy Nov 2014. My daughter needs reliable wifi for college class papers due during our cruise. Any suggestions and has anyone cruised recently and experienced good or negative results?


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