Hidden Treasure: Wall-e and Eve Painting on the Disney Fantasy

The Disney Cruise Line ships have some amazing artwork on display for all to enjoy and I am not even talking about the enchanted artwork that comes to life when when not being used to solve your case for the Midship Detective Agency. One of my absolute favorite pieces of artwork lives hidden on the Disney Fantasy (and Disney Dream). Hidden? Well, more out of the way, but I bet you can find more hidden mickeys before you locate the Wall-e and Eve painting.

Wall-e Looking Up at Eve - Disney Fantasy Artwork

The reason that the vast majority of guests will never have the opportunity to appreciate the Wall-e and Eve painting is that it is on display in the stairwell heading up to Edge, the lounge space dedicated to the tweens inside the forward funnel on deck 13. I had no idea this existed. Thankfully, we seem to spend a good deal of time enjoying the artwork in the Vista Gallery. During a discussion of the UP painting featuring Carl’s house near the waterfall the cast member asked if I saw the Wall-e painting. The “Wall-e painting?!? NO, where is it?”

At first, I was saddened; then, she told me it was in the stairwell heading up to Edge, not actually in Edge. This meant I could go see it at anytime! The painting is as tall as the stairwell and was not that easy to photograph even with an ultra wide angle lens as you can see in the previous photo lookup up at the painting. The view below is standing at the top of the stairs looking down.

Wall-e and Eve - Disney Fantasy Artwork

Considering Wall-e has been shunned in the parks (seriously, doesn’t PUSH need a vacation?), and has been reduced to the Disney Cruise Line towel boy in commercials, I cannot help but wonder if the tweens heading up to Edge appreciate this beautiful painting. I hope I am wrong.

The next time you sail on the Disney Fantasy, take advantage of the first sea day. Put on your Sunday Clothes theres a lot artwork out there!

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  1. Heath

    I was just on the Dream last month and noticed this painting in the same location on that ship too. There’s a small lounge on Deck 14 in the forward funnel called “Outlook” that’s mainly used for private functions that I was visiting. It is an incredible painting- but if you admire it too long, you’ll definitely get run over by tweens entering and leaving Edge.


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