Disney Dream Deck 14 Outlook Lounge

Disney Dream - Outlook Deck 14

Outlook Lounge on Deck 14 of the Disney Dream (pictured) and Disney Fantasy is a quite retreat, and often overlooked by most passengers.

What’s your favorite, public spot on the ships to sit and relax in a quiet environment?

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  1. Michelle P

    We found the Outlook last July – we had a great time. it was deserted on a sea day and we had a family photo session! For quiet time, I love the seating outside the Cove Cafe (or upstairs in the Cove Cafe on the Wonder). A great view and yummy treats!

  2. Karen

    We went up to the Outlook back in May and it was empty except for some office chairs and a white board. I’m glad to hear they are using it now as a lounge and that it’s another nice quiet place to relax 🙂

      1. Karen

        Oh sorry! I just realized that picture was from the Dream. We were on the Fantasy. Is that Outlook also a lounge now?

  3. JC

    We love this spot! Also the very quiet outdoor areas on either side of Meridian, the bar/lounge adjacent to Palo & Remy. AWESOME.

  4. Donald Walker

    This place is hard to find!!! I KNEW it was there, but took me three attempts on different occasions to find it. Granted this was on a shakedown cruise just before the maiden voyage but most of the crew didn’t even seem to be aware of its existence. Some told me it wasn’t operational and some gave me directions to a different bar. I think I stumbled upon the room with the whiteboard and office chairs as well. They sometimes allocate that space for private meetings. I ended up taking the stairs up past the teen club to get there. (Was worried I was going somewhere I shouldnt as again, there was absolutely no signage at the time). I only figured out the elevators when leaving. I think only one elevator in the bank of six or whatever goes there, and there was no signage of which one it was. coming down was easier because there was only one elevator on deck 14. lol. Overall, I preferred Meridian. Outlook is very secluded in terms of finding it, but when you sit there you are sort of just out in the open in a small room with just you and the bartender. Great view, but didn’t have a comfy vibe the way the outlook bar on the Wonder does. As I recall, the chairs werent the comfy sink into me and relax type of chairs. It had a modern feel to the place. I’m going on Fantasy again in a few weeks and will try it again. Last time was at night so the view didn’t amount to much. Might be nicer during the day and maybe the less than comfortable feeling I got from the place would be different on a different day.

  5. Donald Walker

    Ok, just got off my cruise on the Fantasy, and of course every time I tried to go to Outlook it was either closed for a private function, or the one time it wasn’t, the door was unlocked but it was deserted (still some glasses of leftover wine on a table so I guess the event had just recently ended). For anyone reading this looking for the way to get there, it is quite easy once you know how but quite difficult if you don’t. Go to the midships elevators and the only elevator that goes up there is the middle elevator on the starboard side. So if that is the elevator that stops for you, just press 14 and go up. When you get off, Outlook is the door on your right. More likely, that is not the elevator that will come for you, but its still easy. Just go up to the highest floor your elevator will take you to. It will either be deck 11 or deck 12. If deck 11, get off and press the up button to call a different elevator (only 4 go to deck 12). When this elevator drops you at deck 12 get off and press the up button again. This time only 1 elevator of the three still goes up (the starboard aft one in the midships bank), and it will take you to deck 14 where outlook is. Alternately (because there was a couple of times from my first cruise that the 14 button on the elevator wouldn’t activate if you pushed it), from deck 12 you can take the stairs on the STARBOARD side of the ship from inside the elevator landing that go to the Edge tween club. Stairs aren’t that noticeable unless you are looking for them, but they are there, it just looks like a doorway from the elevator landing but its a public stairway. Stairs go up to deck 13 (tween Edge club) and the continue on up to Deck 14, Outlook. Happy hunting!

  6. Donald Walker

    Oh and FYI if Outlook is closed for a private function, they put a sign on the door saying so (“Private Function”) so if there is no sign, feel free to go in.

    1. Donald Walker

      It had irregular hours last time I was on the fantasy (which admiddely was a couple of years ago) and appeared to be closed more often than it was open. I’d just walk up and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasnt open though during bon voyage though.

  7. Diva 120

    I am set to go on the Fantasy again in August (CANNOT WAIT), but I am realizing just how much ground I DIDN’T cover on my first trip on 2013! Thanks All!

  8. stephanie

    I can’t believe we didn’t see this on our 2012 cruise. Will look for it next week. But in answer to the question – we LOVE Meridian. Great drinks, awesome castmembers, usually completely empty!

  9. jjomartin78

    My wife and I went on a cruise on the Fantasy in 2012. During this cruise there were several things listed for this room on the itinerary. Most of the time it was music related and there was a bar in service there during these scheduled entertainments. I can only assume they stopped using it for such things due to the level of difficulty people had finding it. As mentioned in a previous reply the only elevator that goes all the way up to deck 14 is located mid ship. You have to look for the elevator that actually has a 14 listed as a stop on it. This is the only elevator that goes to deck 14. You could also take the stairs, or take any of the mid ship elevators as high as it will let you go and then take the stairs. The radio studio is also on this deck. If I remember correctly there is a restroom right there as well. I could be wrong about that last part though.

  10. Disney Echo

    If you look at deck plans of deck 14 you’ll also see a large greyed-out area. I just watched a crew member’s vlog and she mentioned deck 14 contains a crew member-only lounge so I assume that is what is in the grey area.

  11. Donald Walker

    The Outlook bar faces forward. Is it open with any more frequency these days? Last time I was on the Fantasy it was closed every time I tried to go.
    Facing aft (which is likely what you can see looking up from the mini golf is an equipment filled room used for broadcasts when they have media people doing reports on board. I never saw anyone using it but I peeked in once when the door was ajar for some reason. The other grayed out areas on deck 14 are pretty small. I’d be surprised if there was a crew lounge there. A significant chunk of that grayed out area is actually taken up by the area where the bartender works in Outlook and if I recall, there was a room off to the side of where the bartender stood where presumably they kept bar supplies and could actually take up all that grey area if it continued around the corner. The rest of the grayed out area doesn’t appear to have any windows and would collectively be about the size of one of the medium sized bathrooms on the Fantasy. Its certainly a crew only area but I’d be very surprised if it was a crew lounge, just because of the VERY small area, no windows (why put it up there if not for the view) and Disney’s general desire to separate crew recreation areas from passenger areas.


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