Clues as to the Whereabouts of the Wonder in October 2014 — Dry dock??

This week’s itinerary announcement filled in the remainder of the 2014 calendar for the Disney fleet – except for the [Disney_Wonder]. The last cruise that you can book on the Wonder is a 4-Night Bahamanian Cruise with back to back days at Castaway Cay, which ends on Friday October 10, 2014. Originally, I had speculated the Wonder would undergo an overhaul following her Alaskan cruises based on an some port calendar information, or lack there of until November 2014 when she appears in Grand Cayman. Well, it looks like I placed the Wonder’s dry dock on the wrong end of the speculated itinerary gap.

We now have a new perspective on the Wonder in the later part of 2014. The Wonder will sail East through the Panama Canal and arrive in Port Canaveral on September 26, 2014. Once in Port Canaveral she will embark on two 5-Night Bahamian cruises followed by a 4-Night Bahamian cruise ending on October 10, 2014.

At this point, I would suggest she would head out for her major overhaul which would last approximately 5 weeks.  Previously, Disney Cruise Line has used BAE Shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia.

The calendar below starts in October 2014 with the last bookable 2014 sailings on the Wonder.  The itinerary shown in blue beginning in mid-November is based solely on the weekly appearance of the Wonder on the Grand Cayman port calendar.

Wonder Calendar October - November 2014 Calendar Known Dates (Feb 2014)


November 2014: Dream, Fantasy and Wonder

There are a few interesting things going on in the middle part of November 2014 that have not been highlighted yet, or even really mentioned by Disney Cruise Line. The previous speculation has been confirmed, and we now know the [Disney_Fantasy] will indeed be sailing exclusively in the Eastern Caribbean alternating between 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy – Itinerary B (St Thomas) and Itinerary C (St Maarten) beginning November 15, 2014. At about the same time the [Disney_Dream] alters her sailing from Sundays and Thursdays to Mondays and Fridays simply by breaking the 3-Night/4-Night alternating pattern with three consecutive 4-Night itineraries. The November 13, 2014 sailing is one of the Double Dip sailings I mentioned earlier as a unique 2014 sailing.

The calendars below show bookable sailings for the Dream and Fantasy in November and December 2014.

Dream Fantasy Calendar November - December 2014

With the Fantasy continuing to sail on Saturdays to the Eastern Caribbean, and the Dream shifting a day, Port Canaveral will then be available on Sundays. This would give the Wonder the opportunity to sail on 7-Night Western Caribbean cruises, and would fall in line with the weekly appearance on the Grand Cayman port calendar beginning on November 19, 2014 when it returns from dry dock.

4 Replies to “Clues as to the Whereabouts of the Wonder in October 2014 — Dry dock??”

  1. nystrom4

    I got an email showing the wonder doing my sailing on OCT 31 2014 in place of the magic. Not happy about this unless it goes into dry dock before then. Looking for the new and improved magic but if the wonder gets that update as well. I am all for it as long as it happens before I sail.

  2. Kathy

    I live in Norfolk and love to see a Disney Ship in Dry Dock. You can see it perfectly when going over the Bridge before the Downtown Tunnel. To be able to have that view every day for a month or so is great. I hope she will be here at has been a while since we have had a Disney ship here. When the Magic was due the last time, they did the major reconstruct instead so they didnt send it here. 🙁 .


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