Disney Revises October 25, 2012 3-Night Dream Itinerary Due to Hurricane Sandy – Fantasy to Miss Castaway Cay Too

Disney Cruise Line has just posted on their website a revised itinerary for the October 25, 2012 3-Night Bahamian Cruise on the [Disney_Dream]. Unfortunately, Castaway Cay has been dropped from the itinerary, and the day at Nassau will depend on the weather. Originally, the Dream was scheduled to call on Nassau on Friday, and Castaway Cay on Sunday.

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Tropical Weather Update


We are currently monitoring Hurricane Sandy very closely as it moves north through the Caribbean towards The Bahamas.

As this time, the October 25, 2012 Disney Dream sailing will depart Port Canaveral as scheduled. However, given the predicted path of the storm, we realize that the ship’s itinerary will need to be altered as the storm passes through The Bahamas.

Unfortunately, the storm is expected to produce tropical storm and hurricane force winds near Nassau and our private island, Disney’s Castaway Cay for most of the day on Friday and early on Saturday.
The revised itinerary is as follows:

Thursday, October 25 – Port Canaveral, Florida
Friday, October 26 – Day at Sea
Saturday, October 27 – Nassau (pending weather conditions)
Sunday, October 28 – Port Canaveral, Florida

The safety and security of our guests is always our top priority. If necessary, our Captains are always prepared to alter the ships’ courses or itineraries to navigate away from inclement weather.

I just got word from a friend on the Fantasy that they will also not be going to Castaway Cay this week.

I will continue to update the today’s Tropical Update post with the latest on Hurricane Sandy.

9 Replies to “Disney Revises October 25, 2012 3-Night Dream Itinerary Due to Hurricane Sandy – Fantasy to Miss Castaway Cay Too”

  1. Florida

    My family is setting sail on the Dream tomorrow (Thursday 10/25/12). Already disappointed that Sandy will dampen our opportunities. However, my biggest concerns are our safety, staying healthy enough (sea sickness) to enjoy what’s left of the trip and not being able to have enough of the Disney cruise experience left that we are accustom to. I have read that Sandy is now at sustained winds of 110 mph (Strong Cat 2) and has stretched outward bands to 140 miles. What type of experience can be expected on this cruise? I mean REALLY? Potentially not porting at all, rough seas, closed top deck activities (pools, eateries, Auqua Duck, fireworks, etc) and potentially canceled shows? Bummer that Disney is actually sailing. Tried to reschedule last minute, but just did not work to any advantage. We are trying to stay positive, getting tougher as this hurricane continues to strengthen and grow.

  2. Stemeals

    It is unfortunate that Disney does not allow you to reschedule or cancel the cruise all together. We were stuck on the Disney Dream during hurricane Irene. Not only was it a terrible experience, but the Disney company certainly did not care. Although we did make it to Nassau, we were the only cruise ship that made it there that day. All of the other cruise lines were smart enough to change their plans. We sailed through 28 foot swells for many many hours. Not only were many of the passengers very sick, but so too were many of the crew members. Many of the services, including room service, were almost nonexistent because there were not enough well crewmembers to provide the services. Although I never felt that we were in danger, it certainly was not enjoyable. Best of luck… And once again try to reschedule the trip.

  3. Marta Droesch

    My daughter and her family just came off the Disney Dream. I had no idea where they were and when I called Disney Cruise line THEY could not tell me where they were. My daughter said it was a horrible three days. Her six year old vommited all over the ship before she could get him back to the room because the seas were so rough. They were not allowed on deck, the pool was closed most of the time, she did not sleep at all on night because everyone was so afraid. Disney is refusing to even give back the port charges! Is that legal? They never went into a port. Disney offered 25% off the next cruise. Are they kidding, who wants to cruise with a line that knows is full of young children but doesn’t care about their safety and also giving these families the vacation they deserve. They put their their lives in danger. Disney has shown themselves to be money hungry barbarians!

  4. Ari

    We had 15 people on this cruise. The 1st night we detoured down the florida coast to the keys, made for a long night traveling the edge of the storm (could see west palm and miami as we passed by). We turned west past the keys around breakfast time and the seas finally let up and there was even a couple of spots of sun, this is when disney decided to still try and reach Nassau and turned directly back into the storm – true insanity. We spent the next 2+ days/nights literly inside the storm, much of the ship was closed, and the outside was sealed due to 60+ mph winds. Needless to say Nassau was cancelled and the trip back to port was horrendous. Why we didn’t just stay towards the gulf and at least enjoy the ship and the sun is beyond me and even the crew appeared to have no idea why the decision was made to head for nassau. Like most we were given the 25% off vouchers – but still (and never) have been provided any other compensation or reasoning for putting everyone through what happened?

  5. Christina

    I too was on this cruise, with my 71 year old grandmother who had never been on a cruise. We planned this trip for her in a concierge level room so she could experience all Disney has to offer. We begged them to let us change to another date when we saw the impact Hurricane Sandy was expected to have, and were told that there was no way to reschedule, we would lose all of our money…but rest assured the ship would be in no danger because, and i quote, “would you drive your brand new rolls royce into a storm?”. That comment alone disturbed us and made us feel like our safety came second to protecting their ship. However, we boarded and e made the best of it with promises of Nassau on the third day. Our port excursions totaling over 350 dollars were billed to my credit card on the first day on the ship. Then at the last minute, literally 13 miles from nassau we were told NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. ENJOY ANOTHER DAY AT SEA! By this point as Ari above sad, we sailed directly into the rear end of this massive storm, which is now going down in history as the worst storm to ever impact America. I am sooooooo disappointed in this trip and the horror of that last night back to port. I was thrown out of bed twice when the ship , im assuming, went up on its side in what must have been 30 foot waves, as our balcony on the 12th floor was getting sprayed. The safe door slammed so hard it broke, our crystal wine glasses shook and rumbled in the case, and when i called guest serviced to please send someone for the safe, no one ever came. I literaly crawled on the floor to pack my suitcase. I have never experienced sea sickness, but the dizziness from that night hasnt fully went away yet, 2 days afterwards. The 25% off was a slap in the face. And to add insult to injury, I contacted by email JOSEPH PARIS with the DIsney Cruise Line complaint department, only to recieve a generic “sorry but hope you enjoyed all the cruise had to offer” email response (which im sure went to everyone whohas complained). Upon recieving this, my mother called and was actually put through to him. This man basically insulted us beyond belief by saying that we were trying to scam a free cruise out of them, which wasnt happening and we needed to just take advantage of their “generous” offer of 25% off a future cruise, and that we got room and food, what more did we really expect. We are beyond livid!!!!! I knew in a matter of days there would be more disappointed guests writing of their experences. Most of all I am so sad my grandmother had to see this horrible horrible side of Disney Cruises and the ugly, greedy way they handled it. If anyone wouldnt mind emailing me at princesschristina2525@yahoo.com i would love to hear about other experiences, and perhaps send a large complaint letter in to them again. If for nothing else to let them know how disappointed we all are.

  6. Andi

    I am so glad we did not board the ship! We were also supposed to go on this cruise but I made a decision that we were not going to do it as after numerous calls to Disney they were not able to tell us what their plan was to avoid Sandy. I have talked to a supervisor who basically scolded me and told me that next time if I try to reschedule or cancel then buy trip insurance else it is my personal decision to sail or not. It was supposed to be my daughter’s birthday cruise and she was very disappointed that we did not go. We, of course, lost the entire money paid for the cruise. I am very disappointed with Disney. They handled every question and the whole hurricane issue unprofessionally and made me feel all they were concerned about was the money. Reading these posts makes me feel I made the right decision and don’t think want to do a Disney cruise ever.

  7. Stefanie Williams

    We too were aboard the Disney NIGHTMARE! It was myself, husband, and four small children. We were all sea sick, and could barely enjoy dinner due to the waves. Aqua duck- closed, pools- closed, top decks- closed, what fun it was to stay in our staterooms. We were able to get one family picture at dinner, but other than that, never got to see the characters- due to being so sick. We too were given the 25% off coupon, but like everyone else… WHAT A JOKE! I would love to go in on a letter, so let me know what you need. So disappointed, it needs to be made right!

  8. Emma Ruth

    To all of you who were on this 3 night cruise, just count yourself luckly that you were not on the Carnival cruise that lost all its power due to a fire and had to be towed very very very slowly back to shore, be thankful that you had power.


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