Tropical Update: Hurricane Sandy – October 24, 2012 (11 PM Update)

5 AM Update

Tropical Storm Sandy continues to strengthen and is now producing maximum sustained winds of 70 mph moving north at 14 mph. Additional tropical storm watches have been for the south east coast of Florida.

NHC 5-Day TS Sandy 10-24-2012 5AM

Yesterday’s tropical update sparked a lively discussion. So, I thought I’d put a link to the Disney Cruise Contract.

I sympathize with those of you traveling; however this is the risk you take when cruising during hurricane season. While Disney can control many things, they as well as other cruise lines are unable to control Mother Nature.

8 AM Update

TS Sandy is still moving at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph. She will be making landfall in Jamaica this afternoon into the early evening. Sandy will continue moving towards Eastern Cuba on overnight and emerge in the Central Bahamas on Thursday.

Additional strengthening is expected and more than likely Sandy will arrive in Jamaica and Cuba as a category 1 hurricane.

The mountainous region of Eastern Cuba will help weaken the system to a storm tropical storm. As a result the Government of the Bahamas has changed the tropical storm watch for the Northwestern Bahamas to a tropical storm warning. This area under the warning includes Castaway Cay and Nassau.

The forecast models are in agreement for the next few days.

11AM Update: Hurricane Sandy

Sandy has continued to gain strength this morning and is now a Category 1 Hurricane moving north-northeast at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph.

A the previous tropical storm warning for the Northern Bahamas, including Nassau and Castaway Cay, has bee upgraded to a hurricane watch. The tropical storm watch along Florida’s east coast has been extended north of Port Canaveral.


2 PM Update: Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is just 30 miles off the southeastern coast of Jamaica moving north at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph.

NHC 5-Day Hurricane Sandy 10-24-2012 2PM

The probability of tropical storm force winds around Nassau and Castaway Cay have increase to around 60%.

NHC 5-Day Hurricane Sandy Wind Probs 10-24-2012 2PM

5 PM Update

Hurricane Sandy has reach Jamaica with 80 mph winds moving across the island at 14 mph.


Hurricane warnings are now in effect for Central and the Northern Bahamas. Parts of the east coast of Florida are now under a tropical storm warning. Port Canaveral is still under a tropical storm watch.

8 PM Update

Hurricane Sandy is now between Jamaica and Cuba moving at 14 mph with 85 mph winds. Sandy will most likely continue to strengthen as she makes her way to Cuba the weaken over land. Once she is back over open water she will restrengthen as she moves through the Northern Bahamas as a hurricane.

11 PM Update

Sandy has strengthened over the last few hours as she is approaching southeast Cuba at 13 mph with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph. Sandy may become a category 2 hurricane with winds exceeding 96 mph by the time she makes landfall in Cuba. It also appears at this hour that Sandy will remain a hurricane as emerges from Cuba into the Bahamas.


Altered Itineraries

According to other cruise lines have already altered their scheduled Bahamian calls over the next few days; including Carnival Pride, Carnival Glory, Norwegian Jewel, and the Norwegian Sky. The Carnival Glory will be skipping Freeport on Friday for Port Canaveral.

Disney Cruise Line has yet to make any itinerary changes. Disney Cruise Line has posted an itinerary change for the October 25th Dream sailing. The Dream will no longer visit Castaway Cay, and the day at Nassau has been moved to Friday (weather permitting). It does not look promising for the [Disney_Fantasy] at Castaway Cay on Friday.

14 Replies to “Tropical Update: Hurricane Sandy – October 24, 2012 (11 PM Update)”

  1. Dave

    They can’t control the weather….understood. But they can control leaving port when there is a hurricane approaching. You pay to go to certain ports of call….if it is known before that it won’t happen there is no reason to sail and put all of these passengers on a ship for 3 days at sea! Bottom line is it is about MONEY!
    I did not pay to go on a mystery cruise as someone eluded to earlier.

    1. Drew

      I am not sure what people really want Disney to do. If they did cancel a cruise, I am sure there would be even more unhappy people. There are people that have been at Walt Disney World this week, people who have flown down and traveled to be here. The bottom line is you can’t please everyone. It is an unfortunate situation. Make the best of it. Maybe they could give cruisers some type of credit on a future cruise. But cancelling while the port is open is probably not even an option for them.

  2. JC

    I can completely understand the disappointment of those sailing on the Dream this Thursday. You do have to acknowledge that this is no different than being stuck somewhere in an unexpected snowstorm after a long business trip. You’re very lucky that DCL will keep you safe and provide you with the closest facsimile of the trip you booked as is possible – in all likelihood at a discount. If there was natural disaster, disease epidemic or government coup that closed a port and prevented you from visiting, would you hold them accountable? I totally sympathize with the disappointment, I really do, but try to keep first world problems in perspective.

  3. Sara Werner

    I guess when planning I knew there could be rocky water, I just didn’t expet them to sail if there were actual named tropical storms and hurricanes. After this week, I understand they never cancel. Safe sailing everyone!

  4. Sara Werner

    Scott, We were told by our travel agent that they would probably sail south around to the Gulf. Any truth to that? Would Disney take that route? Is it at least an option?
    Also, thanks for all your info. I am glad I found this site. It has been helpful to us.

  5. Nancy

    I just spoke to a friend of mine who is a Captain in the Bahamas. I think we should all prepare for some very rough seas. I feel for all the children that will be on board. I think there will be quite a few seasick children and for that matter adults. Especially adults who think that alcohol will take care of their seasickness. Eat light, not heavy greasy food and keep hydrated.
    Is anyone on the blog going to be on the cruise?


  6. les shirley

    My daughter is currently on the Fantasy cruise with friends. I have not heard from her but the Disney website states they will forgo the Disney Island stop and spend a day at sea. Is it safer at sea?

  7. Trish

    We are due to go on this cruise today with my 5 year old. Both my daughter and I get motion sickness hence we booked a three day cruise to try out the experience. Tried to cancel last night but told we had to forfeit $2000 (the cost of the cruise)! Did not take the ship insurance as we thought we were covered by Amex – turns out we are not as we have already left the UK (don’t understand as flights and cruise were booked separately). We are actually quite scared to be cruising in the midst of a CAT 2 hurricane. Why would a ship set out to sea under such conditions?

  8. Stemeals

    It is unfortunate that Disney does not allow you to reschedule or cancel the cruise all together. We were stuck on the Disney Dream during hurricane Irene. Not only was it a terrible experience, but the Disney company certainly did not care. Although we did make it to Nassau, we were the only cruise ship that made it there that day. All of the other cruise lines were smart enough to change their plans. We sailed through 28 foot swells for many many hours. Not only were many of the passengers very sick, but so too were many of the crew members. Many of the services, including room service, were almost nonexistent because there were not enough well crewmembers to provide the services. Although I never felt that we were in danger, it certainly was not enjoyable. Best of luck… And once again try to reschedule the trip.

  9. Trish

    We are back in the UK from the Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas aka The Dream Cruise to Nowhere (25-28th October). What a shame that Disney Cruise Line were adamant that we could not reschedule our first cruise experience without forfeiting 100% of the cost, knowing very well the dangers and discomfort of sailing behind Hurricane Sandy. Whilst we are huge Disney fans, travelling regularly to WDW,this trip has left us feeling let down and betrayed by Disney.

  10. Trish

    Here’s an update on the insurance: Amex were unable to cover us because the cruise was not cancelled.. I compared the Allianz Global Assistance Disney ship insurance ( with the Amex platinum insurance and its almost exactly the same. However Disney said that had we taken the ship insurance which would probably have followed the same stance as Amex and not covered the cancelation, Disney would have covered it (following the rejection from the insurance company). They were unable to offer the same for the Amex insurance. This was not made clear at all at the time of booking.


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