Disney Magic 2013 Refurbisment Teaser

It is no secret that the [Disney_Magic] will undergo a major ship-wide refurbishment in the Fall of 2013.  At this time there is only speculation as to what upgrades she may receive.  However, Darren McBurney, the Magic’s cruise director, did provide somewhat of a teaser. …

We are known for creating firsts in the industry
•Darren McBurney on the upcoming refurbishment

We should start to see details emerge in the next few months as plans become finalized and work begins behind the scenes.

What would you like to see upgraded, or added to the Magic?

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  1. Ted Amick

    Every sleeping room to be upgraded to the Disney Fantasy quality and more hi-tech including free wifi throughout. Completely repainted and refurbished from top to bottom, end to end. Refinish all wood rails on the entire ship. All new seats in the theaters. New carpets throughout the entire ship. Completely all new night clubs the same quality of the Fantasy. Enlarge the Adult pool for swimming. Fantasy pools are like big plung pools which do no permit swimming. Completely change Animators Palate to Fantasy quality, ELIMINATE Parrot Cay and develop a completely new restaurant. Keep Luminers but enhance and upgrade. . Better shops with specific quality clothing to each Disney Cruise Ships.. and lastyly bring back the live bands and singers for sail away party and nightly dancing. Eliminate all Disc jockeys.. they only should be at tackly land side weddings and anniversarys. More interaction between the Officers and Castaway Platinum members.. Officers dining with members would be great.. AND MORE TWO AND THREE WEEK CRUISES TO MORE EXOTIC PORTS… we have had enough eastern and western carribean and circling the Med.

    How’s this for a good start… any other suggestions????

  2. Pam from Sparks, NV

    I completely agree with Mr. Amick! We sailed on the Fantasy in May and I agree that there should be no reason as to why Disney could not make these upgrades. I think that the only thing that might have been left out of the list is an upgrade of Shutters to match the quality of the new ships. This is a desperately needed change! But, great list!!

    1. Ted Amick

      The new Shutters is absolutely perfect.. sorry I missed it.. they have really taking pictures to a new level of Disney perfection. Regarding Aquatubes.. I would leave that for the Fantasy and the Dream.. I am really hoping the new Magic will go to many exotic new spots and will be aimed to the season traveler wanting a 2-3 week and beyond experience.. please make the Magic the pride of the High Seas…this could be very exciting…

  3. Dawn

    I agree with Ted. Please change the theming of Parrot Cay. Animator’s Palate has gone from my least favorite restaurant (on the Wonder) to my favorite rotational dining restaurant (on the Dream and Fantasy).

  4. Jon

    I would like see a smaller sleeker version of the aquaduck that could would work with the current structure. The mini-golf n the top deck would be nice as well. Upgrades to the adult district. Upgrade palo to fantasy version. Change parrot cay to an exclusive magic restaurant. Add magical portals to the inside cabins. Free wifi. Upgrade animators palate with the turtle talk technology along with animation magic from fantasy. Remove twice charmed and replace it with Mickey and the magical mirror from Disneyland.

  5. anonymousCM

    I just found out from my friend on the development team what is getting redone. I obviously can’t give away details, but it’s a lot of stuff. Pretty much the whole ship. Oh and quack quack…


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