Potential Interior Concept Design Renderings for the Disney Magic’s 2013 Overhaul

Disney Cruise Line is definitely planning some big changes for the [Disney_Magic] and most likely the [Disney_Wonder] during their respective dry docks. So far, much of what is floating around has all been rumor and hearsay from the reports that the staterooms are being gutted and the top decks being ripped off and re-imagined.

Recently, concept renderings by Puccini Group for the California Grill at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort surfaced online under the label, Restaurant (Confidential). The same San Francisco based design firm that specializes in the concept, creation and management of successful restaurants had another interesting project, Cruise Ship (Confidential) on their Current Projects page. (UPDATE: That was quick, both references have been removed from the list of Current projects.)

Puccini Group Current Projects

It is not unheard of for company to collaborate on more than one project at a time, especially if they do quality work. Disney and Disney Aulani are both listed on Puccini’s client list. Oh, and Puccini also did the design work for Remy!

Cruise Ship (Confidential)

Just like Restaurant (Confidential), Cruise Ship (Confidential) is not a clickable link. However, the page is online if you know the URL. As with many websites, there is a pattern used by the web team and Puccini is no different. There are 3 groups of concept renderings on this page – two restaurants and a spa. If you have every sailed with Disney Cruise Line, you will instantly see the connections. Based on the image urls, the concept images have been online since June 2012.

Puccini Group Cruise Ship Confidential

Topsider Buffett (Beach Blanket Buffet) – Cabanas

The most obvious of the renderings look like a revised version of Cabanas found on the Dream and Fantasy. The buffets on the Magic and Wonder are in dire need of a refresh after the seeing how well the setup of Cabanas works on the new ships.

The most telltale sign that this is tied to the Magic overhaul are the wet Goofy and duck feet prints on the floor.

Puccini CABANA1 CRUISE Duck Feet

Based on the image names and the overall design, I would say it may even be renamed to Cabanas to create uniformity across the fleet. From these renderings, it also looks like we could be losing most, if not all, of the outside aft seating area.

Parrot Cay – Carioca’s

Another restaurant that appears to be getting a refresh is Parrot Cay. From the looks of things it will be going from a dark island themed to a Brazilian inspired restaurant.


The the tile floor looks like a Portuguese pavement and closely resembles the Copacabana promenade in Rio de Janeiro along the Copacabana beach.

Copacabana Sidewalk Rio - Google Satellite

The Vista Spa & Salon – Senses Spa & Salon

The last image depicts a room in the spa dedicated to pedicures, manicures, and hairstyling.


What do you think about these potential (and likely) changes to the Disney Magic during her 2013 dry dock overhaul?

17 Replies to “Potential Interior Concept Design Renderings for the Disney Magic’s 2013 Overhaul”

  1. lisa fitzgerald

    WHen are the Magic and Wonder going into Dry Dock ? Im actually really happy they are going to revamp the staterooms. I like these 2 boats better than the other larger too – guess its what Im used to ? Thanks for the update – Lisa

  2. Tracey

    Great job! I love the new designs. We were just on the Magic in December. While the ship is gorgeous and very well maintained, it could use a little refreshing. I can’t wait to hear what else they have planned.

  3. Snowwhitebelle

    we just got off the Wonder and an officer did say that the Magic will go in this year and the Wonder next. And they will be gutted from top to bottom but this would be awesome if they did this. The poor Wonder is in desperate need of a facelift so can’t wait to see what they look like after drydock

  4. Cruisingdisney

    Thanks for the update. A group of friends and I are going on the first sailing out of Miami after drydock. We are looking forward to seeing all the changes.

  5. mindy

    When we were on the Magic in August, many of the staff told us that they are doing an extended dry dock after the Europe sailings, in Spain. So it’s very possible this is what is being done. From what I’ve heard they haven’t released the westbound transatlantic cruises because they don’t know exactly when they will finish up….

  6. Art Houston

    Magic crew told me Feb 9-13 they were going to be working on overhaul. Lots of changes. Will miss open air seating on fan tail deck 9 topside rs.

  7. TheMitchells

    My family will be on that cruise as well! Cabanas on the Fantasy sure was a welcomed change from the cramped Topsiders on the Magic. Here’s hoping for an Aquaduck and a splash park like on the newer boats (the kids…and adults LOVED it). Room updates and rehab will be appreciated much appreciated. I hope the Magic’s far superior sail away party and overall service/food quality does not change. On Fantasy we heard the excuse “its just too big on this boat to do that” several times from staff. For example, the servers particpating in the entertainment in the dining rooms on Magic. No Magician Mickey appearance at AP on Fantasy. With that being said, the kid’s club on the Fantasy was awesome – the boys are still talking about it months later. It’s not dark and drab like the Magic’s clubs. I loved being on a boat during its first year. The “freshness” was amazing. Here’s hoping for that on Magic in October!

  8. Matt Crosby

    Just came off the Dream and loved it. Have booked an Alaskan cruise for June 2014 but many of the reviews have not been kind to the Wonder recently. Any idea when Wonder will be updated?


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