Parking at Port Canaveral and the Cheaper Alternatives

When driving to Port Canaveral you have a few parking options to pick from. The easiest and most convenient option is parking at Port Canaveral’s Cruise Terminal 8, which is better known as the Disney Cruise Terminal.

Port Canaveral Parking Garage Panorama
Port Canaveral Parking Parking Area

Port Canaveral offers a gated and well-lit parking facility within steps of Disney’s cruise terminal. The parking facilities are patrolled around the clock keeping your vehicle safe, while you are enjoying your time at sea. As of June 2016, parking is $16 per day ($28 for vehicles over 20ft). However, this comes at a price and it should be noted you are charged per day you car is in the parking lot. For example for a 3-night cruise you will pay for 4 days of parking. Please keep in mind the cost can change at anytime. The cost per cruise length is as follows:

  • 3-day $64 ($112)
  • 4-day $80 ($140)
  • 5-day $96 ($168)
  • 7-day $128 ($224)
  • Preferred Parking Upgrade – $20 for length of stay.
    **(vehicles over 20 feet)
    **Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Traveler’s checks issued in U.S. dollars

Port Canaveral also offers “Preferred Parking” at the terminal. What does preferred parking provide for the extra $20? Basically, not much besides parking on the same side of the street as the terminal. Ok, it is much closer to the terminal entrance, but in my opinion, save the $20 for a few drinks of the day!

Port Canaveral offers guests to pre-pay for parking. I you do not pre-pay online you will be required to pay for parking before being granted access to the parking garage.

Port Canaveral Parking Map - Cruise Terminal 8 - Disney
Port Canaveral Parking Map – Cruise Terminal 8 – Disney
Port Canaveral Parking Garage
Port Canaveral Parking Garage

One of the more popular alternate parking options around the port are independent remote parking lots such as Park “N Cruise and Cruise Parking of Port Canaveral.  Both run a free shuttle between the port and their remote parking facilities. Both of these options will end up saving you nearly half the price of parking at Port Canaveral. Check the respective websites for current pricing. We’ve discussed this option for our last cruise to save some money, but that was about it.

Finally, there are a handful of hotels like the Radisson and Country Inn & Suites in the port area that offer free shuttle service when you stay the night before your cruise.

I have yet to try parking anywhere other than the Port primarily because of the shear convenience.  I cannot even park this close at my local mall! Needless to say, for the time being this is our preferred way of parking at Port Canaveral. We can park, roll our luggage to the baggage drop off, and be in the terminal in just a few minutes. Port Canaveral calls this “Celebrity parking” which I can attest to that it is truly a stress free experience. Parking this close eliminates the need to wait for a shuttle, giving us more time onboard enjoying the ship the first day. Then, on disembarkation day knowing that once we exit customs we will be on the road and headed home in just a few minutes puts a smile on my face.

Click over to this article to learn more on what to expect when arriving at Port Canaveral. Where do you like to park when you drive to the port?

FOR THE RECORD: We have not used alternative parking services around Port Canaveral. There is one particular service that is leveraging the comments below as customer reviews via a link on their own website. Additionally, we cannot verify the authenticity of the “reviews” below. We do not endorse any parking solution, nor do we have any financial relationship at this time with any service.

45 Replies to “Parking at Port Canaveral and the Cheaper Alternatives”

  1. Gay Purcell

    This is not so bad. I’d like to find a cheaper option but I guess this is more convenient for me and my car as well. Other options might put my car at risk for its safety and that it might be stressful and tiring for me. I would definitely go for this one to save me from worries when I am away.

  2. Neal

    Scott, the rate of $4.99/day and FREE wheel chair accessible shuttle is the standard for Cruise Parking of Port Canaveral. No gimmicks.

  3. Tina

    I just tried to reserve parking and it was 6.99 a day, someone said that seniors could get 4.99 a day but i didn’t see anywhere to get this discount

  4. Kelly

    Cruise Parking of Port Canaveral is showing $3.95 a day if you prepay on their website. A dollar more each day if you wait until you get there…

    1. Julie RW

      yep $3.95 per day when reserved online..that is a great price and the reviews sound pretty good. Our cruise is 5 days the end of Sept and we are thinking about this option. Also looking into hotels that have special rates if ee decide to sleep thir the night before the cruise and park there for theduration of the cruise. Will let you all know when we make up our minds.

  5. J B
    We booked and prepaid a month in advance. We did not arrive to the parking lot late, we got there around 11:30 am. When we got to the fenced in lot, we were told that the lot was full and that we would have to park across the street, behind the Raddisson Hotel. They had our reservation in their system and everything went smoothly, but the overflow parking at the Raddisson is NOT fenced in! We booked and paid for “100% Security Fenced Lot”, as stated all over their website. The lot we parked in was not gated or fenced at all, and I’m sure it’s not “24/7 Patrolled Security!” We did not get what we paid for. I might have been OK with it if they offered a discount, but they didn’t offer or say anything about not delivering the product described on their website. The fenced lot looked nice, but our prepaid reservation did not allow us to park there. Beware, you may not get anything like what they promise on their website!

  6. mymagic100

    We had a GREAT experience with Park N Cruise last year when we cruised for the first time. It’s a family-run business with nice people and the gates/fence surrounding it made us feel very secure leaving our car there (the lot itself isn’t covered). The shuttle service was reliable and it took only minutes to get to the Port. We’d never cruised before and were just planning to do Port parking, which I’m sure is great, too, but a friend recommended this lot to us and we’re so glad since it saved us over half of what we would’ve paid otherwise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone :).

  7. mymagic100

    P.S. I forgot to mention… I found this website when we were getting ready for our cruise last year. A tropical storm was brewing and we weren’t sure how it would affect our cruise, and this site had the best updates on the weather. So, thank you!

  8. Lisa Reeves

    I can’t recommend Park N Cruise enough. They were very helpful and friendly making the whole process very easy. The bonus of the transfer from their lot to the cruise terminal really helps and you couldn’t ask for more at better value. We’ll be using again this Oct and recommending to friends. Lisa – UK

  9. Chris T.

    Park n cruise Merritt Island….This is where we park when we cruise out of Port Canaveral!! Great prices, very safe and a short shuttle drive to the port….all included in your parking charge…no hidden charges! Check them out before you cruise and use the extra money you will save to spend on your cruise. I give them 5 STARS!!!

  10. Lisa Reeves

    I can’t recommend park n cruise enough. Friendly staff, great prices what more could you ask for. I will be using them again on my next rip and recommending to friends.

  11. Tiffany Harper

    We used Park N Cruise last October and we loved it! Great value and great experience! The staff were friendly and super helpful with luggage transport. They make parking convenient and drop you off right at the doors! Our vehicle was safe while we were gone and no waiting in line to get out of the parking lot to head back home! We will be parking with Park N Cruise again in November!

  12. Abigail

    Park and Cruise is great! I have not heard anything bad about them. We are going to be using them in December.

  13. Lisa

    Be VERY WARY of the Raddisson Park & Port service picking you up when you return from your Disney cruise. About 50 people with small children waited TWO HOURS in the hot sun for a shuttle to pick us up. Myself and several other mothers began calling almost as soon as we were at our designated area. The number we called on our return ticket would ring and ring and ring before someone would pick up and then hang up on us. That’s when I began calling the Raddison directly. First I spoke with someone in reservations, who told me the shuttles were busy taking people to the cruise line. Then I began calling the front desk. I checked my phone, I called them over 10 times (not including all the hang ups from the first number) they blamed everything from Disney telling them everyone was gone and the port was clear-what a joke! How are we gone if you haven’t picked us up!-to their drivers not knowing the route!!! It wasn’t until a DISNEY official called them that they finally sent over one tiny shuttle for well over 50 people, who by this time had been waiting in the hot sun with small children for TWO HOURS! The worst part is they had to leave a family behind who had a wheel chair passenger because the shuttle they sent wasn’t equipped! Who knows if they were ever picked up! Sure they refunded our money, but I’d like to know how something like this happens HOW DO YOU STRAND 50+ PEOPLE FOR OVER TWO HOURS AND REFUSE TO PICK THEM UP!!!???? We will never trust this service again.

  14. Marie

    ** Another update on the Radisson Park & Port. I was trying to make a reservation this morning. First I was put on hold for a very long time and I hung up. I’ve called back 3 times now and it goes straight to voice mail. The recording states they are open but, clearly too busy to answer the phone. If you can’t even make a reservation!!…. I am going with park n cruise ($8.99/day) or Cruise parking of Port Canaveral (also $8.99/day). We will use Park n Cruise based on all the good feed back here. Glad I found this blog before making my final reservation!! Thanks for all the good advice!

  15. sregan7

    Just spoke to Kate at Park n Cruise. We had a few questions before making a reservation for our upcoming Fantasy cruise in August. During the conversation she advised they are currently offering a $7.99 per day parking rate for all advanced Disney reservations made in the month of June. We’ve had a great experience with this company in the past…happy to share this news.

  16. bonnie kephart

    Well just booked at parkncruise, 5.99pr dy, I think the rates change like the rates of cruises change. Used to park at cruise parking on us1 but the construction there made them fold their business, was sorry to see them go .Lucky for us our favorite gal (JILL) did move over to parkncruise we look forward to seeing her every time we cruise, hope she is still there under new management
    we have used parkncruise before waited like you do in Disneyland, like any other theme park line, but the people were nice, even though there is confusion sometimes, ( we still use them.)
    looking forward to seeing the new shuttles, one experience with the old ones, was defective air conditioner, bad day that was, we figured out you never sit in the back, side seats get the best air flow.
    Sailing sept 7th Enchantment of the seas.
    Enjoy your vacations everyone!!!!!!
    Bonnie Kephart -Al Dibartholomeo

  17. Jimmy

    lots of honor in Cocoa has a good deal. 6 bucks a day or so. They do shuttles to the port too. I’ll link to their site in a bit. I know the owner, he’s a veteran that supports the homes for our troops charity.

  18. sarah

    I just checked that the hotels listed above do not offer free shuttle service it’s $12 round trip per person or they do offer packages for discount if you stay with them. But again it is not free.

  19. Lee Ann

    We have used Park N Cruise twice now. Great experience both times. We paid extra for valet and our van was right up front waiting for us. Totally recommend. Just a quick shuttle ride over to the port.

  20. Jean

    We parked at the “preferred” parking lot and paid $88 thinking it was secure 24/7 but it is NOT!!! When I returned from our cruise, the car had been broken into, and my entire tank of gas was siphoned dry!


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