What NOT to Pack for a Disney Cruise – The Importance of Reviewing the Prohibited and Restricted Item Policy

I think it is time to discuss a topic that is often overlooked when planning for a cruise vacation, the cruise line’s prohibited and restricted items policy. Specifically, items such as surge protectors, irons and steamers, drones, weapons, firearms and ammunition, illegal narcotics, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

DCL Prohibited Restricted Items Policy

I am not going to include a copy of the current policy because it is a dynamic list that is subject to change at anytime, and I feel it is extremely important review Disney Cruise Line’s page for prohibited or restricted items before you head out to embark on your next cruise. At the very least, having contraband could delay your boarding, but it could be come much worse depending on the items in your possession with could potentially result in being denied boarding, or even legal penalties.

After reviewing the information on the prohibited and restricted items, I highly recommend double or triple checking your luggage including all compartments, pockets, or nooks and crannies and remove any items from your checked and carry-on bags before arriving to the terminal.

Cruise Luggage

Think for minute about the bags you use when traveling, do you use them for all the time? Have you ever discovered something completely random in your bag? This is especially important if you are traveling with a bag that you use regularly to carry anything that may be on prohibited items list.

Late last year, a passenger received a lifetime ban for having CBD gummies in her luggage as she was embarking on a Carnival Cruise at PortMiami. In the last couple of;weeks, there have been multiple stories making the rounds of tourists being arrested in Turks & Caicos when security discovered ammunition in bags of tourists; one at the airport with four rounds of hunting ammo, and another when officials found two bullets in a tourist’s backpack as he was about to board a cruise ship.

While Turks & Caicos is not a port of call for Disney’s ships, this does highlight the severity of not thoroughly checking your luggage for items such as ammunition and CBD which may be prohibited in areas you may be visiting while legal where you live.

Some smaller prohibited items, such as ammunition and medical marijuana, can be accidentally left behind in a personal bag from a previous use. While some items may be legal where you reside or medically prescribed, several of the prohibited items are illegal in the ports of call. If found, you could be arrested and subject to legal penalties such as the examples linked above. Other items, such as surge protectors, irons, and steamers, pose a fire hazard and are prohibited onboard.

In my case, I often cruise with a bag that I use all the time for carrying my computer.which includes a small power strip. I am well aware that power strips are prohibited, but since it lives in my bag, I never realize it until security checks my bag delaying embarkation as well as having to remember to stop on the final morning to pick it up from the confiscated items area in the terminal. Ultimately, you are responsible for complying with the policy’s of the cruise line as well as the destinations you will be visiting during your vacation. 

DCL Port Canaveral Confiscated Item Receipt
DCL Confiscated Item Receipt

Disney Cruise Line breaks down their policy into two main sections: Prohibited and Restricted. The categories are fairly straightforward with prohibited and to a lesser extent restricted which would apply to a variety of items including but not limited to alcohol, electronics, food, household items, and sporing equipment.

Guests found in possession of prohibited and/or restricted item in their bags or luggage when arriving at the terminal, as well as their entire traveling party, will be required to undergo additional screening and may be denied boarding depending on the item found.

Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to seize and secure any item deemed to be dangerous or pose a security or safety risk. Attempting to bring these items on board will also delay the delivery of luggage to your stateroom.

Easily in the list of top 5 cruise related planning questions is, “what should I pack for my cruise?” There are countless articles, and videos online sharing one’s thoughts on what to pack for a cruise. However, these articles on packing for a cruise often overlook, or gloss over the prohibited and restricted items polices. Even in our ‘Packing for a Cruise‘ article and podcast episodes, I simply referenced Disney Cruise Line’s FAQ page on prohibited and restricted items.

I hope the takeaway from this article is that everyone take the time to review Disney Cruise LIne’s list of Prohibited and Restricted Items, then check bags, luggage, pockets, etc while packing for the cruise so that everyone can have a vacation experience without any delays or legal trouble.

3 Replies to “What NOT to Pack for a Disney Cruise – The Importance of Reviewing the Prohibited and Restricted Item Policy”

  1. Barry

    I made this mistake once on my Disney Alaska cruise. I had packed a travel iron which got confiscated during bag check when boarding the ship but retrieved it on disembarkation. It caused a little confusion when I did not find the receipt right away, but it all worked out. Lesson learned!

  2. Kate

    Thank you! This is such an important message and, like you said, one people often overlook. So many times I see questions like “can I bring ______ on my cruise?” Oftentimes that question can be answered by reading the prohibited/restricted items list.

    It’s also important to note that different cruise lines can have different policies. Once shouldn’t assume that just because they brought it on another cruise line that they’ll be able to bring it on DCL (and vice versa).

  3. John Garcia

    And don’t believe claims of “cruise-approved” products sold on the internet. It might be “approved for one cruise line, but not for another.


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