Disney Treasure: A Sneak Peek at Inaugural Season Castaway Club Gifts

In an email from Disney Cruise Line, legendary explorer Arthur Quinn shared a sneak peak at new Castaway Club treasures which he stumbled upon within a talking treasure chest.

Check out what bounty of treasures await you this inaugural sailing season including a look at some of the Disney Treasure Maiden Voyage graphics! That last part is key, as I suspect the video used Maiden Voyage assets for the productions. If you recall, the Disney Wish featured similar items with a limited version labeled for the Maiden and a wider release for the Inaugural Sailings.


Castaway Club members at the silver level will receive an adventuring sea bag or backpack depending on what you choose to call it.


Castaway Club members at the gold level will receive the sea bag and a wet dry bag.


Castaway Club members at the platinum level will receive the sea bag, wet dry bag, and a beach towel with game pucks.


Pearl tier will receive a travel accessory bag to go along with all the other treasures including the sea bag, wet dry bag, and a beach towel with game pucks from the previous levels.

See you on Wednesday night at the Cave of Wonders with the rest of the talking treasure chests, but enough about that.

7 Replies to “Disney Treasure: A Sneak Peek at Inaugural Season Castaway Club Gifts”

  1. Jacquie

    thank you. your article says Inaugural Season, (which covers the first year of sailing), but the merchandise says Maiden Voyage, which is just the first sailing… please elucidate.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        I added a sentence in the article to explain along with a link to two other images. Frankly, the wording in the email and such references the Inaugural Season, but then there is the Maiden Voyage imagery and mention specially the towel.

  2. Lisa

    As Gold status on the inaugural season of the Wish (sailed in Feb 2023) I just got a luggage tag so I have a feeling this stuff is just for the first voyage

  3. Jennifer W

    I think these are fun. When we sailed on inaugural on the Wish I feel like they just changed where it said Maiden Voyage to Inaugural Season. The Maiden had extra stuff, but as Gold we got a bag and a luggage tag that said Inaugural Season, so maybe similar.

    These pictures did make me think – how fun would it be if they had similar gifts but did a different version on each of the ships so if you went on another sailing on another ship you maybe got a gift specific to the ship. It would be fun to have different ship versions vs. multiple of the same. Hey, a girl can dream…

  4. Ryan

    Thinking the Nightingale’s Bar on Treasure will be Cave of Wonders as mentioned in the video and it would fit with the lobby theme


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