New Website Feature: Printable Cruise Packing Daily Wardrobe Planning Worksheet

This week, a cruise specific printable cruise packing daily wardrobe planning worksheet was added to this website. Found on each of the sail date pages for upcoming sailings you will see a button titled “Packing Worksheet” which when clicked will generate a printable to help plan out your wardrobe when it comes time to pack for your next Disney cruise.

DCLBlog Feature Wardrobe Printable Planner Sail Date Summary

This new printable worksheet evolved from a basic version we’ve used for years when it comes time to pack for a cruise. The worksheet helps us plan what we may need to pack for each day of our cruise. The original PDF version of the worksheet accommodated up to a seven-night cruise. We’d print it out and fill in the first column with our sailings scheduled ports of call each day. Next, note any planned excursions and dinning reservations at Palo or Remy. With this information in hand, we’d make a note of what we’d likely wear each day and pack accordingly.

DCLBlog Packing Wardrobe Planner Worksheet

The main difference from the original pdf in this old ‘packing for a cruise’ article is that the Ship name, itinerary, and day/port information is pre-populated, and specific each cruise.

DCLBlog Feature Wardrobe Printable Planner
Printable Wardrobe Planning Worksheet for the Disney Fantasy’s December 16, 2023 cruise.

It’s basic, and depending on feedback this may be the final version or the start of something greater. Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas for cruise specific printables.

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