Disney Cruise Line’s Seventh Ship Previously Known as GLOBAL DREAM to be Named ‘Disney Adventure’

Today, during the Destination D23 “A Celebration of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” session of the weekends fan event held at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, Thomas Mazloum took the stage to make a few Disney Cruise announcements including the name of the Global Dream ship as Disney Adventure.

DCL Disney Adventure Logo

Disney Adventure is the seventh ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet and work is currently underway in Germany.  It’ll be the first Disney ship to sail from Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia and feature the Disney service, storytelling and entertainment everyone knows and loves. 

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  1. ktbos

    Is this the first time that the Dream/Adventure has been shown with two funnels instead of three? I thought the 3rd funnel helped drive home how much bigger the Dream/Adventure was going to be but maybe Disney prefers to not highlight it and instead keep it similar to the others.

  2. Oly

    I love Disney and i went on the Disney fantasy cruise ship two years ago and i can definitely recommend it, it was so fun, and you did not have to pay for soda! I was very pleased, Thanks Disney!
    p.s. maybe lower your prices.


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