Arthur Quinn Teases Disney Treasure Reveal with Treasure Map

As part of Disney Cruise Line’s marketing efforts for the Disney Treasure, a group of hand selected adventurers received a special delivery this week. The delivery is a promotion box for the upcoming Unlocking the Disney Treasure: Adventure Awaits Onboard Disney’s Newest Ship. Inside, there is a puzzle box which opens to reveal a treasure map with clues to the details which will be unlocked on August 30th at 11 o’clock ET.

Disney Treasure Teaser Map
You can view and download a 162.9M high resolution scan from at this link.

The map was illustrated by Francesca Baerald and reminds me of a similar mural on the Disney Wish on deck 3 that shows the various locations onboard.

Disney Wish Pictograph Deck Plan

Additionally, inside the Disney Treasure box is a letter from Arthur Quinn with important details to solve the word puzzle on the reverse.

My friend,

It’s been too long since our paths have crossed. I recall the first time we met, deep in a thicket along the Nile River basin, both of us having followed the same family of hippos unbeknownst to one another! It is one of my fondest memories, watching the hippo matriarch soak you hat to sock with river water bubbles! What a scrambled misadventure!

I have heard tale of your continued expeditions and am glad to see the spirit of adventure still alive and well in you! Which is why I am reaching out to you now. There is an important and very special adventure I just recently experienced and must share with you. It was, in a word, magical.

I must remind you, soon-to-be-dear-friend, that I am a pragmatic sort. I do not use the word magical frivolously.

Of course, you know my grandmother, Hana Quinn, the most legendary of all the Quinn Family. She who helmed mighty sea adventures, tracing the path of captain Nemo’s Nautilus, traversed the great Amazon rainforest (on foot), and spelunked down the most wondrous jewel-bedecked cave near Agrabah. My grandmother sparked the spirit of exploration in the hearts of our whole family. Well, the very special quest I allude to was discovered in her study.

Normally I’d regale you with the details of this enterprise, but I need you to experience it yourself, and corroborate my own immense enchantment.

Enclosed is a treasure map that will lead you to the priceless something I didn’t know I lacked until It was there in my arms| A treasure that must be treasured, haha!

I hope this serves to tantalize you into solving the little riddle I’ve left you on the back of this letter. My grandmother always asked if we had “packed enough” of this extra special, hard-to-measure but very important necessity for our journey, and us Quinns would laugh and proclaim the answer immediately in unison. That one word answer to my riddle and to grandmother’s question is the passcode you will use on the world wide web, where the journey will begin. A world-wise explorer such as yourself should have no trouble.

Trust me. It’ll be worth it.

Yours in adventure,

Arthur Quinn

P.S. Having trouble opening the little treasure box I’ve enclosed?

Just remember that sometimes the KEY that unlocks a great adventure is hidden just out of sight. Get a new ANGLE on the situation.

– Your adventure begins here –

Solve this riddle below and enter the resulting password at this website: REDACTED

  1. What animal soaked you sock to hat when we met? _ _ _ _ _
  2. The kid who plays with spiderwebs lives in this borough. _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. What kind of map have I sent you? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  4. The feline-shaped cave of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ can be found on the map. Another adventurer once found a magic lamp there.
  5. My grandmother went on mighty sea adventures tracing the  route of this historic vessel – you can see it on the map! Do you recognize it? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To discover the word that will open a world of adventure for you, look at the five words you found from the questions above and take:

The first letter from answer *1

The third letter from answer *2

The forth letter from answer *3 

The sixth letter from answer *4

The fourth letter from answer *5

Once decoded, the adventurer is granted access to a special video (see below) from Arthur Quinn who nearly reveals some pictures of the Disney Treasure.

There are even more hints on the exterior of the packaging material.

Disney will reveal the ship next week during a live streamed, Unlocking the Disney Treasure: Adventure Awaits Onboard Disney’s Newest Ship on August 30th at 11 o’clock ET.

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  1. MJ

    This is very exciting and until I saw the map as a whole instead of separate pieces did I realize it is an outline of the ship itself. Pretty clever idea! I am very excited for the Treasure!!


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