Disney Cruise Line Quietly Increases Prices for Adult Dining Across the Fleet at Palo, Palo Steakhouse, Remy, and Enchanté

Disney Cruise Line quietly increased pricing at the adult restaurants across the fleet effective today for new dining reservations. Dinner and brunch at Palo and Palo Steakhouse have been increased $5 to $50. For Remy and Enchanté the base dinner price increased $10 to $135. Disney Cruise Line’s website does not show pricing on the individual restaurant pages, but does mention “additional fees apply.'”

DCL Adult Dining Price Increase 2 20230711
Disney Wish Adult Dining New Pricing as of July 11, 2023

For guests with existing dinner reservations which were made prior to today’s increase will be charged the price at the time they booked. New reservations booked today and moving forward will be at the new pricing.

Pricing was last updated in April 2021 for adult dining ahead of the relaunch and the debut of the Disney Wish.

6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Quietly Increases Prices for Adult Dining Across the Fleet at Palo, Palo Steakhouse, Remy, and Enchanté”

  1. Steven

    If these restaurants were still ‘all you care to eat’ I might be able to see the justification for the increase in price. However, DCL now provides a limited menu with a higher price tag. I’m glad I dined at Palo’s years ago. I will not be dining at these restaurants going forward.

  2. Jo

    The last time we ate at Palo we considered going a la carte. Our server informed us that there would be an 18% charge on top of the price of each item. We said, “No, thank you” and went with the fixe menu. It was nothing to write home about.

  3. Shari

    I wish they would bring back the brunch buffet. We still go be cause we are pearl and get it free but I miss the all you can eat aspect of the buffet. I know they will keep bringing you food as long as you want it just isnt the same.

    1. RedHead0186

      No, I was just saying the other day it isn’t the same. And while brunch is all you can eat, they bring you full-size portions of everything! So I can never eat more than one item before I’m too full, which is always a bummer. I know I could just eat a few bites and then order something else, but that is just wasteful and I’m not a fan. At least with the buffet you got smaller portions so you could try something (and go back for more if you liked it). Next time we’re going to try to be strategic by ordering dishes we all want to try and then sharing them, so we hopefully get to try more things.

  4. Chris

    Iger has his hands full. Prices across all entertainment venues are overpriced for the value. He even has admitted it.
    This latest move will drive more people away, than it attracts. Stop nickel and dimeming everyone all the time.


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