Silver Anniversary at Sea: New Castaway Club Lanyards and Gifts Debut to Welcome the New Pearl Membership Level

Today, the Silver Anniversary at Sea cruises commence onboard the Disney Wish with the remainder of the fleet following in the coming days and weeks. planDisney shared a look at the all new Castaway Club gifts and lanyards ushering in the new Pearl Castaway Club level which starts today.

Before we get into the new Castaway Club gifts, Pearl members arriving for today’s Disney Wish Silver Anniversary at Sea sailing will be joining the Platinum member check-in line.

Port Canaveral Pearl CheckIn Line

There is a new design for the Key to the World (KTTW) cards.

Castaway Club Lanyards

Castaway Club Stateroom Gifts

According to the planDisney video, the stateroom gifts will build based on the Castaway Club level. Silver members will receive a tote bag, Gold members will add a wet/dry bag, Platinum will add a beach towel, and Pearl will add a pair of stemless flute tumblers.

Here is a closer look at the stateroom gifts and the Pearl lanyard.

DCL25 Castaway Club Pearl Gifts Lanyards

One last thing, check out these new Cast and Crew Member name tag embellishment.

DCL25 Cast Crew Name Tags

What do you think of the new Castaway Club gifts and lanyards?

31 Replies to “Silver Anniversary at Sea: New Castaway Club Lanyards and Gifts Debut to Welcome the New Pearl Membership Level”

  1. MK

    I would love to see what the back of the lanyard looks like. And for the gifts are they additive? Otherwise i think guests will be unhappy they didn’t get what was in the lower tier in addition to their own.

      1. Marni

        With how DCL has handled castaway club gifts, I am surprised. If it is the normal way of the gift matching your level, gold will be disappointed. Hopefully, they do stack!

      2. Randy Parkin

        So you are saying that Pearl will get all 4 gifts? Sorry it just isn’t clear to me from the video or the word “additive”… and I know how stingy sometimes DCL is about gifts!

  2. Marden Laubacher

    i still don’t understand why this is only the summer cruises. All other Anniversary celebrations run for a whole year.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Silver Anniversary at Sea ends just before the Halloween on the High Seas cruises are set to resume. Then, there is Very MerryTime before the Marvel Day at Sea and Pixar Day at Sea resume early next year and basically run out 365-day cycle.

  3. Marc Schreiber

    They all look great; I am excited for my Magic/SSR/Wish cruises to begin. First time DCL cruisers be ready to inherit these goodies beginning on the Magic July 22, 2023. I only “need” one set unless they differ for the ships.

  4. Dave

    Hmmm. Part of me is sad to miss this with our last sailing just ending… but I don’t know how I feel about the lanyards actually. Too hard to distinguish from far away. I was looking forward to finally getting that black platinum lanyard this year.

    1. Dave

      Also, are the lanyards just one sided now? No more flipping to show ID on one side and KTTW card on the other?

  5. Rick

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say the regular silver, gold, platinum, and now pearl lanyard with a clear ouch attached for your KTTWC will be given to you still. These 25 anniversary gifts & lanyards are the celebration items. Just thinking that because the presenter said these items were “one per stateroom”

  6. Jasmine

    hate how platinum and silver lanyards look pretty much exactly alike…but besides that these are great!

  7. Sandy

    Sad the 8 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Magic May 5-13 is not included in the 25th Anniversary Celebration ?!

  8. Ken

    We just turned Platinum over the summer on the Maiden Wish. Had 3 more sailings after that on the Wish. While we loved the Inaugural Sailings tote bag, we were really looking forward to the new cooler. Our next 4 sailing are all going to be Silver Anniversary. I know there are worse things to be sad about, but those coolers look really nice.

    1. Shari

      Do we need to bring our own device to get the pictures with platinum? So I need some sort of drive for them to download the pictures on too?

  9. jlf0326

    We were on the Wish in September (b2b) We received black lanyards. We are Gold club members. Does anyone know what the black ones were?

  10. LD

    So excited for my Wish sailing in 27 days. The 25th merch looks great. Question though…I received my first Silver club gift on my last cruise, despite it being the 25th, do you get the tier stateroom gifts each time you cruise? I assumed once I got the lanyard I would not get another until the next level.


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