Castaway Club Updates – Cruise History Returns with Ability to Download Recent Folios

Disney Cruise Line updated their Castaway Club page brining back the historical cruise listing, and added the ability to download stateroom folios AKA your bill from recent voyages.

DCL Castaway Club My Cruises 20230531

Folios will be available approximately 24 hours after the cruise via the ‘My Cruises’ section on the Castaway Club page and can be downloaded for up to 90 days.

DCL Castaway Club My Cruises Download Folio 20230531

Additionally, guests will also have the ability to link their Castaway Club ID to their online Disney account profile after the cruise. Simply select “Link your account” under “Unlock Exclusive Member Benefits” on the Castaway Club landing page. Guests looking to link their accounts can do so by entering either their Castaway Club ID or the reservation number for their Disney cruise. The guest details, including name and birthdate, on their Disney account profile must match the information on the their Castaway Club profile or reservation in order to successfully link their accounts.

8 Replies to “Castaway Club Updates – Cruise History Returns with Ability to Download Recent Folios”

  1. Brett B.

    Glad DCL brought back the history, although we do remember all the cruises we took so far. Its just a nice reminder to jog our memory.

  2. Sarah

    I just wish they had put the itinerary name along with the dates as its nice to be able to see which itineraries were which.

  3. Jo

    So glad to see this back. It helps in making future reservations on the different ships and it also brings back happy memories.

  4. Dan Augustine

    I’ve been able to log in and see the icon showing the number of cruises and my status but not a detailed list. Maybe they are still rolling this out? My memory isn’t great so I’m really looking forward to seeing all the detail!

    1. Kate

      Yes, reports are that they are still rolling it out so everyone should be able to see it in a few days!


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