Castaway Club Adds Tiered Online Check-in Based on Membership Status

Over the weekend we noticed a change in our upcoming online check-in date and so did many guests with upcoming cruises booked. Today, Disney Cruise Line made the change official. Now you may complete online check-in according to your Castaway Club membership level. The following are the new online check-in windows:

DCL Castaway Club Benefit Overview 20230504
  • Pearl and Concierge – 40 Days prior to sailing
  • Platinum – 38 Days prior to sailing
  • Gold – 35 Days prior to sailing
  • Silver – 33 Days prior to sailing
  • All Guests – 30 Days prior to sailing

Corresponding date calculations have been added to the sail date pages on this website. For example, the October 13th Disney Wish sailing.

Additionally, the detailed Castaway Club benefit summary was updated to include the new perk as well as remove some of the “temporally suspended” notes which was previously on the onboard reception.

DCL Castaway Club Detailed Benefits 20230504

13 Replies to “Castaway Club Adds Tiered Online Check-in Based on Membership Status”


    I think this is an awesome idea used to maybe curb the awful online issues during check in

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      That page is has not been expanded to include the check-in dates. The calculations have been added to the individual sail date pages. If I get some time this weekend I will make the update to the general calculator page.

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          You can use the “find your cruise” search that is on each page of the website. When yo select a ship month and year, it will list the savings for that month. When you click on the sail date, there will be a bunch of information for that particular cruise.

          For example, click here to see October 2023 for the Disney Wish.

  2. Alan

    This is great but man I wonder how good it really is. On the June 12 sailing of the wonder I took advantage of the 40 days out. Had online check in done in about 4 min and I got a 11:45PAT and group 8. I know there are not that many pearl members in this sailing. Found it strange.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Alan, I too experienced a similar issue. 11:30 PAT and was assigned BG7 at 12:05AM. There must be more to this that we will discover over time as I cannot believe there are that many Pearl members on this cruise to push out boarding to group 7.

  3. Jo

    I think those who book hotel and ground transportation through DCL are those who get priority boarding regardless of castaway status.

    1. Alan

      Only in Port Canaveral. I have had transfers in Miami, and New Orleans and that was not the case. Only when I went out of port Canaveral

  4. CATHY

    I think this is a great idea. Disney’s website has much to be desired and perhaps this will alleviate the mad rush for check in.

  5. Lisa

    I hate how they won’t let you enter your passport information prior to check in. Adding/uploading all that information is tedious for a family of four and is what takes so long!


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