The Walt Disney Company 2023 Shareholders Meeting – Disney Cruise Line Briefly Mentioned

Today, the Walt Disney Company held their annual shareholders meeting. The live streamed event covered aspects across the company.

TWDC Annual Meeting Shareholders 2023

During an opening statement, Robert Iger briefly mentioned a couple of Disney Cruise Line’s upcoming projects. Most notably an all new private port destination, Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera, Bahamas which is scheduled to welcome guests in June 2024.

Additionally, Iger highlighted the recent news regarding the ‘GLOBAL Dream project’ which is currently under construction and transformation in to a Disney Cruise Line vessel with planned deployment in Singapore beginning in 2025.

Below is the full opening remarks from Bob Iger. For the Disney Cruise Line portion, skip to the 6-minute mark.

“Our stories have transcended generations and geographies. They’ve stood the test of time. And they’ve lived on and been reimagined through innovative new technologies and new generations of storytellers,” Iger said in remarks from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. “As we build on 100 years of creativity and forge a path into the future, I am confident that Disney’s brightest days are yet to come.”

Other than the brief mention by Robert Iger during a pre-recorded opening, that was all the coverage with respect to Disney Cruise Line with the shareholders meeting ending without any mention of the Disney Treasure which just celebrated the ceremonial keel laying last week.

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  1. CL

    Iger needs to do more house cleaning and more development improvements to get their share price out of the basement


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