Lighthouse Point to Welcome Disney Cruise Line Guests in Summer 2024

Today, Disney Cruise Line revealed Lighthouse Point, the line’s all new private destination in Eleuthera, Bahamas will welcome the first cruise guest in Summer 2024. When exactly? Well, that will be revealed in the very near future when the Summer 2024 itineraries are announced.

Lighthouse Point is being developed in close collaboration with local artists and advisors, the vibrant island retreat will be a unique celebration of Bahamian culture brought to life with the quality and service of a Disney vacation.

“At Disney Cruise Line, we have a deep appreciation for the Bahamian community,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager, Disney Cruise Line. “We are connected in many ways, including our shared values of storytelling and hospitality. With the opening of Lighthouse Point, visitors from around the world will experience the magic of The Bahamas in a new way, one that truly celebrates its natural and cultural beauty.”

DCL Lighthouse Point D23 Expo

New details about Lighthouse Point reveal a relaxing beach escape designed with families in mind, infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry, and developed with a commitment to conservation at its core.

When guests arrive to Lighthouse Point, they’ll be greeted by distinctive, sweeping architecture in bright, saturated hues — a bold style inspired by nature and created in partnership with local artists.

The curvilinear buildings will at first appear as Bahamian shells scattered along the shoreline. Upon closer inspection, guests will discover artistic expressions of the native flora and fauna of The Bahamas and the pageantry and history of Junkanoo parades. Throughout the destination, references to playful folklore characters will evoke the warmth and charm of the local culture.

Respect for the environment is at the heart of the design. At least 90 percent of the destination’s electricity needs will be met by an onsite solar array, the pier was designed to avoid the need for dredging and elevated walkways will help limit impact on the landscape.

“Lighthouse Point is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, so our goal has always been to create designs that accentuate its qualities in an organic way,” said Kevin Thomas, creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “We’re focused on low-density, sustainable development that protects and preserves the environment, allowing the site’s biodiversity to shine.”

At Lighthouse Point, families will enjoy a day of fun in the sun as they relax on pristine beaches, embark on active adventures and discover the magic of Bahamian storytelling alongside favorite Disney characters. Much like Disney’s cruise ships and private island of Castaway Cay, Lighthouse Point will offer activities and areas for every age group.

Families can relax and play along white sandy beaches and turquoise waters at the expansive family beach on the east side of the island, which will be centrally located near market-style dining, recreation and other amenities.

A Bahamian art and culture pavilion featuring special programs and local artists will provide visitors to Lighthouse Point opportunities to learn and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of The Bahamas.

A brightly-colored, interactive family water play area will include two slides, water drums, fountains and more, along with a dedicated space for toddlers.

DCL Lighthouse Point Waterplay Area

Additional recreational activities will be available for kids and kids-at-heart, including a covered gaming pavilion; a volleyball court and gaga ball pit; watercraft and bicycle rentals; nature trails for hiking and biking; and more.

Lighthouse Point – Adult Exclusive Beach

North of the family area at Lighthouse Point will be an adult-exclusive beach — a glorious stretch of sun-drenched serenity complete with a dedicated dining area for convenient access to food and drinks throughout the day, plus six private cabanas available by reservation.

Children ages 3 to 12 will splash and play at a themed kids’ club under the care of highly-trained Disney Cruise Line counselors. It will include a splash pad inspired by favorite undersea creatures from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Little Mermaid,” plenty of shade and a dedicated dining area.

Lighthouse Point – Kids’ Club

Set away from the activity of the main family area, a peaceful beach along the south-western shore will be lined with 20 premium family cabanas available to rent, including four double cabanas that accommodate larger groups and offer massage services.

Visitors to Lighthouse Point will have the opportunity to be surrounded by the wonders of nature and get a glimpse into the efforts taking place to conserve wildlife and their unique island habitats.

A collection of new Port Adventures developed in partnership with local tour operators will take guests beyond Lighthouse Point to explore the rich culture and breathtaking beauty of Eleuthera.

Disney’s new island destination is being thoughtfully designed to provide a hassle-free experience for families, including complimentary beach essentials (towels, chairs and umbrellas and lunch) and convenient tram transportation.

DCL Lighthouse Point Dining
Disney Cruise Line’s new destination on the island of Eleuthera will be a vibrant beach retreat infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry. Guests can refuel with a variety of freshly grilled lunch offerings at the family dining spot located near the beach and water play area. (Disney)

Lighthouse Point will open for guests on select sailings in summer 2024. Details on inaugural itineraries and additional information about signature entertainment, dining, retail and excursions will be released at a later date.

17 Replies to “Lighthouse Point to Welcome Disney Cruise Line Guests in Summer 2024”

    1. John Welch

      Just my opinion, but I don’t think they’d sell CC. With more ships coming on line they need more space.

    2. Scott Sanders Post author

      No, Lighthouse Point is not replacing Castaway Cay. Lighthouse Point is allowing more private port days with the fleet expansion and more year round ships sailing from Florida. Remember, Port Everglades is becoming Disney Cruise Line’s second dedicated and year round use embarkation port.

  1. Dave

    This is so funny to me. The ships were always themed and classy with touches of Disney. And then comes the Wish which is very Disney-focused everywhere.

    Castaway Cay however is Disney fun and whimsy. And now Lighthouse Point looks far more stylized and classy and less Disney.

    They’ve flipped their products and I am not sure why when the first generation got it so correct.

  2. Margot

    Yay to another Disney destination. Frankly – it always seems so few people get off in Nassau that it would be more fun to have more “double dippers” – just my view though. I hope it’s still Disney fun with more “Bahamas” and I hope they truly were/are very eco conscious.

  3. Gina

    Any idea why they didn’t plan for more cabanas? I’m really surprised that there are only 26 cabanas.

  4. ktbos

    Wow only 26 cabanas total? For ships that have a capacity for 4000 people? So Disney is pretty insistent that the cabanas remain only available for the concierge guests, then? Just as it is now at Castaway Cay. I would have thought Disney would try to improve upon the problems at Castaway Cay and that seems like the most obvious to me.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Part of the Heads of Agreement limits how much development can be done on the property. Building additional cabanas potentially could impact the ability to build another amenity available for everyone to experience. I actually am surprised Disney just doesn’t follow the supply and demand pricing model for the cabanas and double current price and increase until they reach the point were there is some inventory available when Silver Castaway Club booking window opens. Other cruise line’s have similar offerings albeit with additional amenities for well over a thousand dollars.

  5. Steven

    Castaway cay is a 99yr lease with the Bahamian government, look back a few years when the locals and Bahamians were bent out of shape when Disney purchased lighthouse point. Disney did the correct thing by including the locals and Bahamian government in the design and finished product of lighthouse point. Disney could have to the Bahamian government to go punch sand then the Bahamian government would have made the regulation so tight Disney couldn’t even fly a kite. It’s about time the Bahamian government starts updating the ports and spending some money lord knows its a corrupt government, just look at how many ships are in port each day or even registered in the Bahamas.

  6. Jo

    Hi, this question is off topic, but wondering if anyone could tell me is there a separate check in counter in Miami for platinum guests? I know there is no longer priority boarding. We have always sailed out of Port Canaveral and are unfamiliar with the port of Miami. Thank you!

    1. Kate

      There was a separate line when we sailed from Miami last year. It was such an efficient and easy port-definitely a better experience than PC and now our preferred departure point!


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