Lighthouse Point: Construction Update – April 2023

Disney Cruise Line provided an update on the progress at Lighthouse Point during the 2023 Eleuthera Business Outlook held at The Hub in Rock Sound, Eleuthera on April 20th.

Eleuthera Business Outlook 2023 Lighthouse Point

Contractors have reached a significant milestone at Disney Cruise Lines’s private port development, 50% of the trestle pier has been completed. Additionally, the self sustainable utility grid, and the various buildings are on track to finish as scheduled according to Joey Gaskins, Disney Cruise LIne’s Regional Public Affairs Director for The Bahamas and Caribbean.

During the session, it was revealed that Disney Cruise Line built a tree nursery in order to relocate and replant indigenous trees instead of removing them altogether in an effort to preserve the environment. Just under 7,000 protected species have been harvested form the development area and moved to the nursery.

In accordance with the Heads of Agreement, Disney is maintaining an 80/20 Bahamian to foreign workforce as the number of employees onsite has recently tripled. This comes at a time when it has been difficult to find much of the labor necessary locally for certain aspects of the project.

In an effort to teach the necessary skills and employ even more locals at Lighthouse Point, Disney helped bring a Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute campus to Eleuthera.

Lighthouse Point is scheduled to welcome cruise passengers beginning in June 2024.

2 Replies to “Lighthouse Point: Construction Update – April 2023”

  1. Arthur Houston

    Really someone on a Princess Ship going to Princess Cay could snap a few Photos as they go around end on the Island.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I’ve talked to a couple people that saw some construction, but they had no idea it was Lighthouse Point. So, they didn’t bother taking pictures. I spend a considerable amount of a weekend watching Princess Cay drone videos on YouTube in an attempt to get a look. I did find some images on Facebook from people who went to the beach area as well as photos of the security outpost.


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