Disney Cruise Line Collaborates with Students in Eleuthera, Bahamas Supporting Junior Junkanoo Competition

Disney Cruise Line collaborated with students in Eleuthera, Bahamas as part of a collaboration with Junior Achievement Bahamas and The Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. The groups worked together to celebrate the rich traditions of Junkanoo. In addition to providing funding and donating materials to support the Eleuthera Junior Junkanoo competition, Disney Cruise Line hosted a series of virtual, interactive workshops with students and Disney entertainment professionals to exchange ideas and learn about Junkanoo and costume design.

Eleuthera Junkanoo Interactive Workshops 3

From vibrant costumes to joyful dancing and energetic music, Junkanoo is a longstanding Bahamian tradition, passed down from generation to generation, celebrating Bahamian culture.

Eleuthera Junkanoo Junior Junkanoo Costume Creation

Students spend several weeks choreographing dances and creating costumes and parade floats out of materials such as cardboard and crepe paper, to display for the community during the Junior Junkanoo competition.

Leading up to the competition, students from 10 schools across the island met virtually with Disney Live Entertainment cast members from around the globe, who specialize in costuming, cosmetology and entertainment, to collaborate on their Junkanoo costume and parade float designs. The primary and high school students shared stories about Junkanoo traditions with their mentors, while Disney mentors shared ideas with the young artists to help spark their imagination and inspire creativity.

Eleuthera Junkanoo Carlos Jimenez DCL Managing Producer

“This was a special experience for our team,” said Carlos Jimenez, managing producer, Disney Cruise Line. “It was wonderful to share our ideas with this amazing group of students to help inspire their designs, while at the same time, learn from them about Bahamian culture and the beautiful celebration of Junkanoo.” 

After weeks of preparing, the students performed at the Eleuthera Junior Junkanoo competition on March 4, displaying their parade floats and handmade costumes for their community. Caithlyn, age 10, performed in the Junior Junkanoo competition after participating in virtual mentoring workshops with her Disney mentors. She said, “My classmates and I are celebrating the Bahamian culture by enjoying ourselves and doing what our parents and grandparents did back in the day,” said Caithlyn. 

“This collaboration with Disney Cruise Line was truly incredible,” said Clara Young, program manager, Junior Achievement Eleuthera. “After working with their Disney mentors, the students were so proud to celebrate Junkanoo and present their creative costumes to the community. It was a proud moment for all of us.” 

Disney VoluntEARS from Walt Disney Imagineering, the team leading the development of a new experience in Eleuthera at Lighthouse Point, also joined the event.

“Junkanoo is at the heart of our Bahamian culture. Watching these young Bahamians learn about, celebrate and preserve our culture for generations to come is how we keep this tradition alive,” said Joey Gaskins, public affairs director, Disney Cruise Line. “Disney Cruise Line is proud to support programs, like Junior Junkanoo, that reflect the rich diversity of the world we live in. By pairing these students with our creative professionals, we can show them how their talents can be more than just a hobby and encourage these young people to dream big.” 

This initiative is part of Disney Cruise Line’s Wishes Set Sail campaign, developed to support various youth activities in key port communities in celebration of the Disney Wish’s inaugural season, and Disney Future Storytellers, The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to empowering the next generation of storytellers and innovators.

Disney Cruise Line is creating a new experience in Eleuthera at Lighthouse Point, opening in summer 2024. It will be inspired by the natural environment and celebrate the culture of The Bahamas and Junkanoo. Created in close collaboration with local artists and advisors, the vibrant island retreat will be a unique celebration of Bahamian culture brought to life with the quality and service of a Disney vacation. For more information about Lighthouse Point, you can visit lighthousepointbahamas.com

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