Castaway Club Pearl Level Perks Announced

The much anticipated details for Disney Cruise LIne’s Pearl Castaway Club level have been revealed following last week’s announcement the tier will start on May 1st giving guests who have sailed on at least 25 Disney Cruise Line vacations will have access to more rewards and perks. The new perks include all the perks from Silver, Gold, and Platinum along with an unlimited complimentary digital downloads package as well as priority to book cruises even earlier at four days before the general public, and will be able to book activities 123 days out from their next cruises beginning later this summer.

Complimentary Unlimited Digital Photo Package
From the moment you step aboard, our professional photographers will be on hand to capture all the magic that goes along with a Disney cruise—because the memories you make at sea are among the most precious souvenirs you’ll take back home. Benefit will be added to Pearl Castaway Club Member’s stateroom.

Disney Cruise LIne’s Pearl Castaway Club Complimentary Unlimited Digital Photo Package Onboard Benefit
DCL Castaway Club 20230223

Disney chose to name the level “Pearl” to honor the valued relationship they have formed with guests over the years and is inspired by the time it takes for a pearl to be formed in nature.

This summer, all Castaway Club members can look forward to a refreshed assortment of welcome aboard gifts awaiting them in their staterooms. As a part of this special surprise, Pearl members will receive a pair of beautiful pearlescent tumblers that are perfect for hydrating in style during their Disney Cruise vacation. Gifts will be limited to one per stateroom and are always subject to change and based on availability.

DCL CC Pearl Pearlescent Tumblers

Below is a summary from Disney Cruise Line’s website of the perks for each Castaway Club level.

DCL Castaway Club Member Benefits 20230223

Well? What do you think about the Pearl level perks?

18 Replies to “Castaway Club Pearl Level Perks Announced”

  1. Steve

    I was hoping Pearl Level would include a complimentary Palo Brunch in addition to the complimentary Palo Dinner from the Platinum Level:)

    1. Niels H

      I think its cheap of Disney not to offer some additional benefit that might cost them actual money, I was hoping for maybe a small shipboard credit. Considering the prices Disney charges, they could have given something. I’m almost Pearl and the only worthwhile benefit I see is being able to book activities sooner.

  2. JFB

    Well – I think it is fair to still give Concierge guests a small edge in activity booking window, and not surprised that Pearl has the extra day to book ahead of general public – which will likely simplify things when the inaugural sailings for the Disney Treasure are introduced. As for the digital photo download – this is an interesting one… On paper, this is a very high value benefit (like $300 on a 7-day cruise) – but is this one that Pearl members will see value? Now, I am intrigued about the new Castaway Club gifts for levels other than Pearl…

  3. Sharon

    We are Platinum, but still a handful of cruise away from Pearl. I think the perks of Pearl are nice since we generally buy the unlimited download package. I don’t think anything here motivates me to take an extra Disney Cruise to get the Peal faster though.

  4. Tom C

    We will be in the Pearl tier. Disappointed on what DCL is offering. We have no use for a photo package so this is pretty lame in my opinion.

  5. Paul S.

    DCL has always been a bit stingy when it comes to perks. I know folks who’ve cruised multiple times with Princess who get free Wi-Fi and laundry credits when they go back.

  6. MyonaL

    Agree w/Tom C. I’m almost insulted that this is the best they could do. After 40 cruises I have a plethora of photos and don’t need more. There is NO value in any of this for us.

  7. JJR

    This is simply appalling. All the hype, all the waiting and all the “a pearl is a valued treasure that takes time and care to take shape” analogy garbage, for what? Digital photos? Foolish am I for thinking DCL might actually start to show some appreciation to their most dedicated customer base with something of tangible value. This “perk”, for all intents and purposes, costs them nothing. Generally speaking, a digital photo package would be most appealing to families on their first couple of cruises (trust me, the photo excitement is gone after #4 or 5) and I’m willing to wager a hefty amount that the larger population of Pearl cruisers aren’t families and DCL knows this! As Darren mentioned, having a Wi-Fi plan of some sort would have been a reasonable expectation. But this would never happen because this would appeal to a large number of Pearl cruisers and in turn, would actually cost DCL something (I doubt they have a “no data limit” satellite package). The earlier booking opportunities only benefit DCL…the sooner Pearl cruisers are able to give DCL their money by booking voyages and activities. For me, this is truly disappointing! Scott, thanks for having a place to vent about this!

  8. S

    Unlimited photo package as the exclusive Pearl benefit is a big disappointment. This seems like the least interesting, and least expensive to DCL, that DCL could come up with.

  9. Squirk

    Just speaking for myself and my family, we place no value in the digital download package, as we have always much preferred the photos we take ourselves on our phones.

    As for the other perks? Meh. I really hoped DCL would take this opportunity to make a new CC tier something really worth striving for. But it’s somewhat smallish and incremental stuff, especially given that you are talking about people who have sailed *150%* more times than a Platinum.

  10. Jo

    What do I think of the perks. I think they stink! Absolutely no incentive to stay loyal to DCL. Our last cruise was basically a bogo one. Pay for 2 get 2 others in the stateroom for free; which worked out great with our kiddos. Will probably be our last DCL cruise. Way too much competition out there these days to cruise Disney. Even our kiddos are done. They have cruised since they were little and even they see the decline of DCl’s offerings.
    Port Canaveral has so much to offer it has past Miami in passengers. Glad for all the good memories. Grateful for all our past cruises. Have started to cruise with other lines and looking forward to making new memories.

    1. Rhonda

      Jo, we are in almost exactly the same boat. I am writing this comment from the Magic (our Disney + bogo cruise). We plan to do one more sailing on the Wish next year, but we’ve basically converted to Royal at this point. My son is 5, and he prefers the age-appropriate adventure ocean levels and activities with Royal. I never would have dreamed that he’d prefer them, but he does. My heart still loves Disney, especially the family-friendly shows, but I don’t feel that Disney tries as hard as they once did to keep us coming back.

  11. Sara

    Do we have any idea when the early onboard check in will come back? Hard to keep it listed as a bonus when it has been gone for 3 years now.

  12. CR1776

    I have to say, this is quite weak. Sure booking stuff early is good. Free WiFi, priority delivery of luggage to the room at boarding, or getting “on board booking” discounts without doing it on board would’ve been more meaningful.

    Photos are fine and if you use them it is nice, but obviously the cost is essentially zero for DCL now that everything involved is digital. Not like the huge numbers of prints etc they used to do in Shutters. (It is much easier now for sure!)

  13. CR1776

    They really needed to open up bookings to Pearl the same time as concierge to make it much of a benefit. Sometimes they are clueless.


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