Castaway Club Pearl Level Begins May 1, 2023

Disney Cruise Line revealed the start date for their soon to launch new Castaway Club tier, Pearl. Starting May 1, 2023, guests who’ve completed 25 sailings with Disney Cruise Line will become Pearl Castaway Club Members. However, at this time those booked on these early Silver Anniversary at Sea summer sailings are unable to take advantage of early access to activity planning and remain at the 120-day Platinum booking window.

DCL Castaway Club 20230215

The cruise line’s Castaway Club page has been updated with the Pearl level but just like they said previously, “a pearl is a valued treasure that takes time and care to take shape.”

Meaning, additional details on the new Pearl benefits will be announced at a later time. As for now, Pearl level will include a special gift, one-time dining at Palo or Palo Steakhouse and exclusive early booking privileges.

Below is a look at the updated Castaway Club Member Benefits with the Pearl level.

DCL Castaway Club Member Benefits 20230215

As we sit and wait for the exciting details to be revealed about the exclusive benefits in store for Pearl Castaway Club Members, I’m curious… What would you like to see added as a Pearl benefit?

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    1. Shari

      Yes. Everyone except those staying on Disney property and using Disney transportation to the port has to get a port arrival time. I believe the only exception is concierge. So if you are platinum arriving on your own you need to be up at midnight.

  1. Ron Lockwood

    I’d like to see status based on nights at sea. I perfer 7 night cruises… to make Platinum that’s 70 nights. for someone that does just 3 nights that’s only 30. So who’s spent more time and money on DCL?

    1. Margot

      Disney has become a brand for wealthy people and that is a tragedy. I know Walt’s been dead forever, but it would be nice to keep his vision alive and create opportunities for everyone…. So, making the status based on money kinda leaves people who may scrimp and save and book inside cabins out altogether. Maybe a different reward for spending $XX over a set period of time…? And leave the status to # of cruises. I get the point of nights vs cruises but again – you want to reward people for being loyal fans whatever they have spent?! Yes? No?
      And what about all the Floridians who can easily cruise on weekends, and they can get a discount to boot? Compare them to the people who flew to wherever to get on the ship? How would you account for that?
      I like rewards based on loyalty vs $$. Because I am not wealthy. I would like to feel that I have a chance to hit Pearl even though I am getting old and that probably won’t happen. We do book veranda, sometimes family veranda, sometimes 2 cabins for the 4 of us because we all have some sleep issues. We have done 3 nights, 4 nights, 7 nights, 10 and 11 nights. Caribbean, Bahamas, Northern Europe, Mediterranean – a fair mix. And I am aware how blessed and lucky we are to be able do that. Most of my reward is the cruise itself and feeling like Disney is safe and cares about the details. Never cruised on another line – don’t know if we ever will.

    2. Rick D.

      I’ve been saying they needed to factor the length and cabin category into the levels. Why should someone that spends the money for a 14 night veranda cruise earn the came credit as someone that takes a 3 night in an inside cabin? Yea it’s a bit of class warfare but Disney is already doing that with the parks on which resorts can get extra early park entrance.

  2. Lisa

    I’ve been Gold for a few cruises now and have never had access to “early port time”. I have to do the 30-day Online Check-In rat race at midnight like everyone else and usually end up with a late port arrival time. Also, have never seen a “private onboard reception”.

    1. S

      They changed they reception to only being for 8 night (and more) cruises awhile back – so they are fairly rare (especially considering most people do 7 night cruises). And currently, they are paused for any length cruise.

  3. Tracey Smith

    Anyone notice the platinum benefit says “dinner at Palo” not a meal at a Palo? Has it always been worded this way? Or does this mean brunch will soon be excluded?

  4. Gina

    Maybe this has already been mentioned somewhere but do we think the summer 2024 itineraries will be released to coincide with the new Pearl benefits so the new level can take advantage of early booking?

  5. Kelley

    Would love Pearl to get early boarding, free wifi and early booking for itineraries & port adventures but I’ll be happy with whatever they offer. 🙂


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