Enchanté Dinner Review with Champagne Pairing – Dessert Experience Bonus

The Disney Wish joined the fleet with an all new look separating her from the existing fleet with some things feeling completely different and other more familiar. Enchanté is one of those venues onboard the Disney Wish that is different in design, but familiar in service to Remy from the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The design of the adult-only dining area on the Disney Wish can be found on deck 12 aft above Marceline Market with the entrance tucked away in the back of The Rose, a lounge that doubles as the waiting area for both PALO Steakhouse and Enchanté.

The Rose, along with PALO Steakhouse and Enchanté are all inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Before moving into the dinner review, The Rose, from the Rose is a wonderful cocktail with a lovely presentation.

To enter Enchanté, you walk down a transitional hallway from The Rose, where the warm rich palates transition to cooler tones. On the way, you are welcomed by Lumiere.

Here is a quick look at the various renditions of the Enchanté typography.

DCL Wish Enchante Typography Evlolution Alexis Cummings WDI
Walt Disney Imagineering Graphic Designer, Alexis Cummings in Making a Disney Wish

The focal point in the hallway is the gorgeous bubbly low hanging chandler in the first area of the restaurant.

Disney Wish Enchante

However, before entering slow down and look to your right… Nice to meet you Lumiere, enchanté Monsieur et Madame Sanders!

This is not the first time Champagne bubbles have inspired Imagineers, for example, the walls behind the bars in Ohh La La on the Fantasy and Pink on the Dream both feature a bubble motif, and I’m here for it.

Beyond the chandler are display cases featuring various candelabras, breathtaking ocean views (during daylight hours obviously or at night a mirror), a wine collection with some rare bottles such as Screaming Eagle. As you can see, the restaurant is much brighter and vibrant than Remy. I do not have a photo of the second room nor, the private room as each time I’ve been in the restaurant guests were seated at the tables and in the private room.

I think now is a great time to move into our actual review of the adult-exclusive Enchanté, which is based on our dinner in November 2022. The French-inspired cuisine is crafted by 3 Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement of L’Assiette Champenoise in France as well crafting menus at Remy on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Chef Arnaud continues to make trips from France to update the menus onboard.

While Enchanté offers a brunch and dessert experience, the dinner experience will the focus of this review. However, at the end we do have a sampling of the dessert experience to whet your appetite.

For dinner service you can choose to dine a la carte, pre-fix menu, or a collection menu with 9-, 10-, 13-courses depending on how you decide to keep track. If you choose the latter, the experience is a time commitment and there is a lot of food – I highly recommend arriving famished. Additionally, there is a wine experience for the Passion pre-fix menu and a Champagne journey to accompany the Collection.

For our inaugural Enchanté dinner, we both chose the 9-course Collection menu with Emily adding the Champagne Journey. Most of the items from the collection menu can be found in some aspect across the dinner and brunch offerings with some changes here and there to fit in with the overall collection experience. As we typically do at Remy, we let our server know our dietary requests (such as no shellfish for me), and let the experience play out at our table.

The bread service is something to write home about, as the journey to the plate begins with the dough creation in France baked onboard, as well as the accompanying French butter and Fleur de sel.

A small spoonful of sea salt yields a mighty punch of seasoning to the bread and butter – highly recommend to go all in on the bread, but be warned, the courses will continue to arrive at your table.

Amuse Bouche Trio

A tartlet (duo) trio was the first dish to arrive at our table each with a unique flavor profile with one outlier.

Wish Enchante Dinner Tartlet Trio

The herb and shallots, and shaved Comté cheese tartlet with cauliflower and vinegar duo offered an even keel flavor hitting the savory herbaceous and cheese notes, but neither were complex enough to warrant a “wow, I’d love another one” level.

The falafel hors d’œuvre was our favorite of the trio with a potent punch of lemon in the gel on top.

Wish Enchante Dinner Tartlet Falafel

Amuse Bouche Miel

Our next dish was Miel or Honey Amuse Bouche featuring a lemon sauce with a beeswax honeycomb gaufrette. The airy lightness of the lemon sauce was created using a siphon technique.

Wish Enchante Dinner Amuse Bouche Miel

The dish arrived at the the table in a bowl with a gaufrette-like honeycomb made of rice flour on a separate plate to maintain the crisp texture and both garnished with edible flowers for an elevated presentation.

Wish Enchante Dinner Amuse Bouche Miel

The combination of airy lemon creme and the crispy honeycomb offered a lovely starter for the evening with occasional bursts of flavor for one of the verjuis balls. It was delicious.

Wish Enchante Dinner Amuse Bouche Miel


Our next course was another trio, this time tomato 3 ways. The Tomato Awakens, is a savory tomato with peppers and kalamata olives topped with edible flowers and herbs. The tomato was slow cooked overnight in butter for about 12 hours.

Wish Enchante Dinner Soil Grown Tomatoes 12 Hour Confit

Tomate! Part Deux was a homemade focaccia with a tomato vinaigrette. While the focaccia by itself was forgettable, but the vinaigrette was incredible.

Wish Enchante Dinner Soil Grown Tomatoes Focaccia Tomato Vin

T-O-M-A-T-E 3 was the familiar offering carried over from the tomato course in Remy. The offering is simply tomato water with two tomato water ice spheres which when I first encounter this years ago, I was bewildered by the fact the juice was not red. Makes sense, when you pour a glass of Chardonnay, the wine is not green.

Wish Enchante Dinner Soil Grown Tomatoes Tomato Water

Bollinger Special Cuvée NV

Live and let the Champange journey begin with a pour of Bollinger Special Cuvée NV to accompany the Tomate course.

Wish Enchante Dinner Bollinger Speial Cuvée NV
A golden colour, distinctive of black grape varieties; very fine bubbles. A beautiful aromatic complexity; ripe fruit and spicy aromas; hints of roasted apples, compote and peaches. A subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity; bubbles like velvet; pear, brioche and spicy aromas, notes of fresh walnut. – Bollinger


The secret agent portion of our experience continues with Belgian Osetra Caviar (not Zukovsky Beluga). The dish was a combination of a vodka shallot sour cream, creamy potato siphon and a smoked Haddock jelly garnish.

Krug Caviar pairing

To pair with the caviar, Emily was served Krug Grande Cuvée 169ème Édition. According to Krug, the 169th edition is a blend of 146 wines from 11 different years ranging from 2000 to 2013. The final composition of this edition is 43% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay and 22% Meunier.


Our next course derives from the Chicken dish from the brunch menu sans chicken. Melt in your mouth cloud like gnocchi were presented with the additional of a table side addition of an airy Poulette sauce. A simple dish, excellently prepared and delightful.

Wild Halibut (Flétan)

Next up, wild Alaskan Halibut cooked a la plancha yielding a lovely top crust plated with a variety of onions: onion gratin, a slow cooked cipolini onion and a pearl onion finished with a shellfish glaze . We were actually served two variations with one prepared without the pearl onion due to my shellfish allergy. The dish was then given a few spoons of a Noilly Prat Vermouth sauce. The flavors paired well together and it was a lovely dish. I strive to get the crust on fish when I prepare it at home.

Dom Pérignon Brut Vintage 2010

The next Champagne to arrive and pair with the Halibut was a 2010 vintage Dom Pérignon Brut.

Wish Enchante Dinner Dom Perignon 2010
The luminous sweetness of tropical fruit – green mango, melon, pineapple – instantly shines. It then cedes to more temperate notes, the tingle of orange zest, the mist of a mandarin orange. The wine breathes, revealing its freshness. The bloom after the rain. A tactile sensation of peony, jasmine and lilac.
The wine immediately imposes its ample presence, full and massive. A sappy sensation dominates as the tactile is rapidly overtaken by the aromatic. The body unfolds: generous, firm and controlled. Then it contracts, letting the wine vibrate with spices and pepper. The energy is sustained to a scintillating, saline finish. – Dom Pérignon

For our next course, we each received something different based on our dietary preferences in a bit of a land and sea theme.


Starting off on land, I was presented a stripling of Wagyou Beef cooked a la plancha with an artichokes à la barigoule and dollop of artichoke yogurt. Then table side, a beef jus was added.

Wish Enchante Dinner Wagyu Beef

Maine Lobster

The Maine Lobster is listed on the menu as an Homage to My Father in reference to Chef Jean-Pierre, Arnaud’s father. According to the recipe for Blue Lobster in the book Best of Arnaud Lallement, lobster is a childhood favorite of Arnaud’s originating in 1978 following a fishing trip with his father and a friend. Upon returning they felt like having lobster, but at the time did not know how to cook it. They made do with what they had on hand which has resulted in a family recipe. The Maine Lobster is joint with a potato ravioli with lobsterman and sage. The dish is finished at the table with a lobster bisque sauce. Emily loves lobster and this dish was amazing.

Wish Enchante Dinner Maine Lobster

Taittinger Prestige Rosé

To pair with the lobster course, Taittinger Prestige Rosé arrived at the table.

Poularde Fermière (Chicken)

Our next offering was a young chicken accompanied by a vegetable confit and finished table side with paulette sauce. From what I understand, this is the same chicken that would accompany the gnocchi on the brunch menu.

Wish Enchante Dinner Poularde Fermière

Chariot de Fromage (Cheese Cart)

Another welcomed carry over from the Remy experience, is the cheese cart with the following selections:

  • Brie de Meaux – a cow’s milk French brie with a white mold from raw cow’s milk. Texture is subtle with delicate aromas of cream, butter, and hazelnuts.
  • Camembert – a cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. Camembert is soft almost creamy with a delicate salty taste and pairs well with bread or with fruit or nuts.
  • Comté – a cow’s milk cheese that has been produced since the there of Charlemagne (over 1200 years ago). Comté has an ivory-colored paste scattered of holes the size of a hazelnut with a complex, nutty and caramelized flavor.
  • Délice de Bourgogne – a cow’s milk triple créme cheese from the Burgundy region of France with rich flavors and buttery with a creme fraiche-like tang, and notes of lemon and mushroom.
  • Fourme d’Ambert –a cow’s milk mild blue cheese that is one of the oldest cheeses in France. Fourme d’Ambert is a creamy cheese with a delicate fruity flavor and mushroom overtones.
  • Mimolette – an hard orange cow’s milk cheese which is slightly salty with notes of butterscotch and hazelnut aroma.
  • Neufchâtel – a soft-white rind cow’s milk cheese from Normandy popularly sold in the shape of a heart. The cheese has a grainy texture with a mushroom, rich, nutty and slightly yeasty flavor.
  • Ossau-Iraty – a sheep’s milk cheese that is creamy and buttery with flavor of nuts, fruits, and herbs.
  • Pont-l’Évêque – a very rich and soft cow’s milk cheese with a creamy and full-bodied flavor
  • Roquefort – a sheep’s milk blue cheese dating back to 79 AD. The soft, creamy Roquefort has a complex taste and pairs well with nuts and figs.
  • Saint-André – a dense, buttery and rich triple creme cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. The taste of the cheese if a more intense version of Brie with a tangy rind.
  • Saint Nectaire – a cow’s milk cheese from cows grazing in the mountains of Auvergne. The cheese has flavor of nuts and fruits with a hint of salt and spice.

A selection of dried fruit and honeycomb were included. As we were enjoying the cheese course, we decided we needed a little pick me up to press on.


Our journey was nearing an end with the arrival of our raspberry dessert – a honey flavored blanc-manger served with fresh raspberries, a beeswax foam and raspberry sortie. The raspberry compote combines with the blanc-manger was delightful, but the real treat was the sorbet and beeswax foam.

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial

To complete the Champagne pairing, Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial was served over ice as intended the folks over at Moët & Chandon.

Wish Enchante Dinner Moet Ice Imperial
A dense color – deep gold with amber highlights. An intense, fruity bouquet with a powerful aroma of tropical fruits (mango, guava) along with sumptuousness of stonefruits (nectarine) and an original note of raspberry – Moët & Chandon


Our other dessert was a Chocolat Croquant accented with gold leaf with a side of sorbet. The bar itself reminded me of an offering from Pompidou’s Patisseries Dessert Experience at Remy.

Petits Fours

Just when you’ve reach your limit, the petits fours arrived. This evening we were treated with Olive Oil Chocolate domes which were quite unique and refreshing Lemon Drop which packed an incredible punch of lemon in a single bite.

Wish Enchante Dinner Lemon Dome Olive Oil Dome

Adult Fruit Roll-Ups! No, not adult as in alcoholic; more along the lines of ‘this is not a snack in our packed school lunch.’ The apricot pâtes de fruit were a lovely way to end the evening.

Wish Enchante Dinner Apricot Fruit Roll

The coffee tartlet was fine, but at this point we would have preferred to just take this and the remaining olive oil domes, and lemon drops back to our stateroom to enjoy later which we’ve been able to do our our previous Remy dinners. Not sure what changed or if this was also stopped at Remy, but we felt bad knowing these would go to waste.

Wish Enchante Dinner Tart

Culinary reviews food can be subjective and our Enchanté dinner review is no different. More than likely, one of the reasons you are still reading this review is to see if I think Enchanté is worth the money we spent (yes, we paid; our experience was not comped). Sorry, folks, this is not a question I will answer, as this is also highly subjective and depends on a number of factors.

In general, there are foods I shy away from in my day to day life, but when I’ve been to Victoria & Alberts, Remy and now at Enchanté, I leave my inhibitions at the door and will try anything brought to the table. A lot of the courses are complex in how they are prepared and presented which I can appreciate given the time I spend in my own kitchen. Do I need edible flowers meticulously placed with tweezers on my plate or perfectly placed dots of a reduction as garnish? Absolutely not, but it certainly elevates the plate and I appreciate this level of dedication to a craft. With this mindset, the overall experience and the culinary journey is more enjoyable. And that my friends is why I had an enjoyable dinner at Enchanté and will be returning; just probably not the full Collection 9-course menu unless this will be my only meal on the cruise due to the sheer quantity. What I really want to do sometime is an a la carte experience where we share a bottle of wine or Champagne, order the cheese course and the bread service. This coupled with some time in The Rose sounds like a lovely date night. Overall, Emily and I truly enjoyed our date dining experience.

If you have any questions about our experience, I would be happy to answer them.

A Look at the Enchanté Dessert Experience

As an added bonus, we have a look at at the offerings from the Enchanté Dessert Experience which was $60 per person in December 2022. This is not a review, just sharing pictures of the offerings courtesy of Siren Chudgar who shared the experience was very well done with personalized service. There is an additional wine pairing available which at the time was $28/person. Coffee and espresso were included in the tasting at no additional cost.

Echanté Dessert Experience Menu

Apple Tatin

Crème Brûlée Beer Pie

Lemon Meringue with Aloe Vera

Strawberry Sorbet/Jam/Coulis


Echanté Dessert Experience Paris Brest

Chocolate Mille-Feulle

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