Disney+ Day 2022: Special Offer for Disney+ Subscribers on Select Disney Cruise Line Sailings

Beginning September 8, 2022, Disney+ subscribers will be able to book a special offer for select Disney Cruise Line sailings aboard the Disney Magic, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy in early 2023. Disney+ subscribers can book a cruise with 2 full-fare paying guests and the 3rd and 4th guests will sail free in the same stateroom.

Disney Plus Day 2022 DCL Special Offer

The 2022 Disney+ Day Disney Cruise Line special offer is available for select staterooms and sailings on the Disney MagicDisney Dream and Disney Fantasy departing in between January and April 2023. The offer does not include taxes, fees and port expenses for each guest, which are due at time of final payment. The number of staterooms allocated for this offer is limited.

DCL Disney Plus Day 2022 Subscriber Special Offer Details

The following sailings are excluded from this offer:

(Notes additional blockout dates for new were added on October 4th for the Disney Magic – those are in bold. Disney Magic: Jan. 2, Feb. 18 & 23, March 13 & 27, April 1 & 6, 2023)

Disney Magic

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

If you are not already a Disney+ subscriber, you can become a subscriber and then take advantage of this offer. The Disney+ subscriber can book up to 2 staterooms with this offer and 2 full-fare guests must stay in each stateroom. The Disney+ subscriber must be the primary Guest on the reservation and must sail in one of the staterooms booked with the offer. At this time, the Disney+ offer is exclusive to guests residing in the United States and Canada.

The fine print from the flyer reads as follows:

*Excludes taxes, fees and port expenses of approximately $89-$202 US dollars per person depending on the itinerary selected (all amounts subject to change). Offer excludes suites and categories with restrictions (VGT, OGT and IGT). Offer only available to Disney+ Subscribers who are Residents of the U.S. and Canada. Disney+ Subscriber can book up to 2 staterooms with this offer; 2 full-fare Guests must stay in each stateroom. The Disney+ Subscriber must be the primary Guest on the reservation and must sail in one of the staterooms booked with the offer. Proof of Disney+ subscription required. If Disney+ subscription cannot be verified, reservation will be cancelled with applicable fees. Must be 18+ to subscribe to Disney+. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotions. Valid on new and existing reservations. Offer is subject to Disney Cruise Line Terms and Conditions. The number of staterooms allocated for this offer is limited. Stateroom accommodations for four or more Guests are limited and based on availability at the time of booking. Offer valid through March 1, 2023.

UPDATE: The special offer will only show on Disney Cruise Line’s website when you are logged into the website. Even if you click the direct link https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/special-offers/disney-plus-offer/ you will be asked to login to your Disney Account. I suspect there may be some issues if you have a Disney+ account under a different email address.

18 Replies to “Disney+ Day 2022: Special Offer for Disney+ Subscribers on Select Disney Cruise Line Sailings”

  1. Marc

    Absolutely unheard of for DCL to offer this much discount. Another example that DCL is not filling up it’s ships. If they’ll drop all the unnecessary medical restrictions they wouldn’t have to do this. We’ll wait. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. Holly

      exactly. until they drop the mandatory vaccine requirement, we won’t be sailing again. I am not subjecting my kids to a vaccine that does not work.

        1. Marc

          I tried to follow the science, but it was simply not there. I then followed the money, that’s where I found the science.

      1. luke

        Johnson AG, Amin AB, Ali AR, et al. COVID-19 Incidence and Death Rates Among Unvaccinated and Fully Vaccinated Adults with and Without Booster Doses During Periods of Delta and Omicron Variant Emergence — 25 U.S. Jurisdictions, April 4–December 25, 2021. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2022;71:132–138. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15585/mmwr.mm7104e2

    2. S

      Do you ever get bored of parroting the same trite diatribe? DCL is and has been doing just fine. And doesn’t need guests who won’t follow safety measures to help keep crew, cast members and guests safe. Additionally, it is not unheard of. DCL used to even offer kids sail free promotions.

      1. Marc

        The offer is for the 3rd and 4th passenger, not just kids. And just because they are sailing doesn’t mean they’re doing fine. Their ships are simply not at capacity at their choice.

  2. Melissa McCoy

    I can’t find anywhere how to book this promotion. Is there a code or a special link to book through where you enter the Disney+ account info?

  3. HA

    If Disney would quit mandating a vaccine that does not work they would not have trouble getting the ships full. We love Disney cruises but won’t be sailing again as long as that mandate is in place. Pretty much everyone has immunity at this point between the shots and the actual virus. Stop the madness.

    1. S

      Madness is comments like yours. The idea that a vaccinated or previously infected person can’t get Covid or get it multiple times is complete disinformation. And, you are showing a clear lack of understanding of how vaccines works. There’s been so much education on this – it’s just bizarre that people still chose to be misinformed.

      1. Jeff

        I’m not sure what your argument is here. It appears that you are admitting that vaccinated and previously infected individuals can still get and spread the virus. Since we know that to be true, the idea that only vaccinated individuals can sail in order to prevent the spread of the virus is wrong. We know that every ship that has been sailing under vaccine requirements has been reporting positive tests. The whole time. So if the vaccinated are still getting and spreading the virus on the ships, how does banning the unvaccinated help prevent the spread that is still happening amongst the vaccinated? If the argument is that being vaccinated reduces your symptoms, but does not prevent spread, then you are just talking about how people choose to fight the virus once they become infected. If the vaccine prevented the spread, then ships would have had no positive cases since they re-opened. Or if the vaccine works, then why would you be afraid of sailing with someone not vaccinated? Just because someone is not vaccinated does not mean they are infected and spreading the virus. As of right now, on all cruise lines the unvaccinated are still required to test before sailing. That’s a whole new debate on the efficacy of testing, but the fact that the vaccinated are not required to test means they are ignoring the fact that the CDC admits the vaccine does not prevent the spread of the virus. If they are going to test anyone, they should test everyone. But in any case, vaccinated or not is not changing whether people can spread the virus or not.

        I agree that Disney would sell more tickets if they dropped the vaccine requirement. Carnival saw nearly double the amount of bookings once that requirement was dropped. I predict you would see a similar result if Disney finally follows all the other major cruise lines.

      1. John

        @Dave – why the hostility to others who think differently? My wife and I are vaccinated but choose not to vaccinate our children. Unfortunately as of right now we can’t go on a DCL cruise. I’m hoping they relax the rules in the near future. There are many of us who are not Trump worshipping, anti-vaxxers who simply feel the world should be back to normal now with all of the options available out there for treatment.


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