Disney Wish: Edge Walkthrough

Tweens sailing onboard the Disney Wish have the opportunity to hang out in a dedicated venue, Edge located on deck 5, starboard aft. Edge offers kids ages 11 to 14 a place to chill and play in a trendy hangout with counselor-led programming designed to engage the specific interests the age group.

Disney Wish EDGE

Edge, is a place to make friends and play games in a bright, colorful hangout inspired by a chic New York City loft.

A faux-grass picnic area and graphic art displays called “photo walls” provide ample opportunities for tweens to capture cool, shareable vacation pics that will be the envy of their friends back home.

Edge Video Walkthrough

6 Replies to “Disney Wish: Edge Walkthrough”

    1. Catherine

      So what do the kids do at Edge? Our first cruise coking up in February and my son will be 12. He’s not into video games is there other things they do?

      1. Clayton

        Hang out with ur friends, get way too much junk food, play board games, watch movies, make new friends, and much more


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